Australia is one of the largest countries of the world. Formerly under the British Empire, the country ended the British involvement in the government of Australia in 1986. Australia’s political system is a federal constitutional parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The role of the head of the state of the country is divided between the monarch of Australia and the Governor General. The Prime Minister is vested with executive powers and is the highest government minister of the country. Commissioned by the Governor General of Australia, he holds the most powerful political office in Australia. Talking about political parties, the country has two major political groups that usually form the government both federally and in the states - the Australian Labor Party and the Coalition which comprises of the grouping of the Liberal Party and its minor partner, the National Party. Ever since the Constitution of Australia came into being, the country has had prominent political heads and leaders who have played a dominant role in the nation’s advancement and progress. And while talking about Australian leaders, one cannot but fail to mention the name of Sir Robert Menzies, the longest-serving Prime Minister whose contribution cannot be fathomed. Read on this section to get a list of Australian political leaders and their contribution to the country’s political, economic and social landscape through their biographies.
Scott MorrisonScott Morrison
13 May 1968
Prime Minister of Australia
Bob HawkeBob Hawke
09 December 1929
23rd Prime Minister of Australia

Julia GillardJulia Gillard
29 September 1961
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Harold HoltHarold Holt
05 August 1908
Former Prime Minister of Australia

John Howard John Howard
26 July 1939
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull
24 October 1954
Journalist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Lawyer,
Tony AbbottTony Abbott
04 November 1957
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Paul KeatingPaul Keating
18 January 1944

Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam
11 July 1916
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Pauline HansonPauline Hanson
27 May 1954
Former Member of the Australian Parliament
Robert MenziesRobert Menzies
20 December 1894
12th Prime Minister of Australia

Peter GarrettPeter Garrett
16 April 1953
Member of the Australian House of Representatives
John CurtinJohn Curtin
08 January 1885
14th Prime Minister of Australia

Henry ParkesHenry Parkes
27 May 1815

Penny WongPenny Wong
05 November 1968
Australian Senator
Don DunstanDon Dunstan
21 September 1926
Former Premier of South Australia

Enid LyonsEnid Lyons
09 July 1897
Anthony AlbaneseAnthony Albanese
02 March 1963

Tanya PlibersekTanya Plibersek
02 December 1969

Peter DuttonPeter Dutton
18 November 1970
Politician, Police officer
Julie BishopJulie Bishop
17 July 1956
Jurist, Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Kristina KeneallyKristina Keneally
19 December 1968
Josh FrydenbergJosh Frydenberg
17 July 1971
Politician, Investment banker

Kevin RuddKevin Rudd
21 September 1957
Politician, Diplomat

Chris BowenChris Bowen
17 January 1973

Quentin BryceQuentin Bryce
23 December 1942
Teacher, Lawyer
Bob KatterBob Katter
22 May 1945
Richard Di NataleRichard Di Natale
06 June 1970
Politician, General practitioner, Public health

Christopher PyneChristopher Pyne
13 August 1967
Politician, Lawyer

Barnaby JoyceBarnaby Joyce
17 April 1967

Peter CosgrovePeter Cosgrove
28 July 1947
Military personnel
Kim BeazleyKim Beazley
14 December 1948
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher

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Jacqui LambieJacqui Lambie
26 February 1971
Politician, Soldier

Mark LathamMark Latham
28 February 1961
Politician, Trade unionist

Bill ShortenBill Shorten
12 May 1967
Politician, Lawyer, Trade unionist

Annastacia PalaszczukAnnastacia Palaszczuk
25 July 1969
Cory BernardiCory Bernardi
06 November 1969
Politician, Rower

Malcolm FraserMalcolm Fraser
21 May 1930
Bill HaydenBill Hayden
23 January 1933
Diplomat, Politician

Nick XenophonNick Xenophon
29 January 1959

Mathias CormannMathias Cormann
20 September 1970
Alexander DownerAlexander Downer
09 September 1951
Economist, Diplomat, Politician

William McMahonWilliam McMahon
23 February 1908
Politician, Diplomat
Daniel AndrewsDaniel Andrews
06 June 1972

Wayne SwanWayne Swan
30 June 1954

Michaelia CashMichaelia Cash
19 July 1970

Andrew PeacockAndrew Peacock
13 February 1939
Diplomat, Politician, Lawyer

Jeff KennettJeff Kennett
02 March 1948
Politician, Advertising person
Marise PayneMarise Payne
29 July 1964

Sonia McMahonSonia McMahon
01 August 1932

John HewsonJohn Hewson
28 October 1946
Economist, Politician

John GortonJohn Gorton
09 September 1911
Sussan LeySussan Ley
14 December 1961
Politician, Aviator

Joseph LyonsJoseph Lyons
15 September 1879
Politician, Teacher, Trade unionist
Bronwyn BishopBronwyn Bishop
19 October 1942
Politician, Solicitor

Billy HughesBilly Hughes
25 September 1862
Politician, Diplomat

Jay WeatherillJay Weatherill
03 April 1964
politician, lawyer
John McEwenJohn McEwen
29 March 1900
Politician, Diplomat

Greg HuntGreg Hunt
18 November 1965
Ben ChifleyBen Chifley
22 September 1885
Politician, Diplomat, Railroad engineer

Peter CostelloPeter Costello
14 August 1957
Economist, Politician, Lawyer, Investment banker

Bob CarrBob Carr
28 September 1947
Politician, Diplomat
John BatmanJohn Batman
21 January 1801
Explorer, Farmer

Frank FordeFrank Forde
18 July 1890
Politician, Diplomat
Brendan NelsonBrendan Nelson
19 August 1958
Politician, Diplomat, Physician

Stanley BruceStanley Bruce
15 April 1883
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Chris WatsonChris Watson
09 April 1867
Politician, Trade unionist

Bob BrownBob Brown
27 December 1944
Politician, Physician
Campbell NewmanCampbell Newman
12 August 1963
Civil engineer, Engineer, Politician
Peter LalorPeter Lalor
05 February 1827

Joe HockeyJoe Hockey
02 August 1965
Statesman, Diplomat, Lawyer

Arthur CalwellArthur Calwell
28 August 1896

Andrew FisherAndrew Fisher
29 August 1862
Politician, Diplomat, Trade unionist
George BrandisGeorge Brandis
22 June 1957
Politician, Lawyer

Neville BonnerNeville Bonner
28 March 1922

Neville WranNeville Wran
11 October 1926

Eric AbetzEric Abetz
25 January 1958
Lawyer, Politician

Arthur FaddenArthur Fadden
13 April 1894
H. V. EvattH. V. Evatt
30 April 1894
Politician, Diplomat, Writer, Lawyer, Judge

Marie BashirMarie Bashir
01 December 1930
Engineer, Psychiatrist, Physician, University
Earle PageEarle Page
08 August 1880

Sarah Hanson-YoungSarah Hanson-Young
23 December 1981

Ninian StephenNinian Stephen
15 June 1923
Politician, Judge
Peter SlipperPeter Slipper
14 February 1950

Isaac IsaacsIsaac Isaacs
06 June 1855
Judge, Politician, Barrister
John ForrestJohn Forrest
22 August 1847
Explorer, Politician

Joseph CookJoseph Cook
07 December 1860
politician, diplomat, trade unionist

Lucy TurnbullLucy Turnbull
30 March 1958

Darryn LyonsDarryn Lyons
19 August 1965
Warren TrussWarren Truss
08 October 1948

Colin BarnettColin Barnett
15 July 1950
Economist, Politician
Robert FrenchRobert French
19 March 1947
Judge, Barrister, Solicitor

Mal BroughMal Brough
29 December 1961
Andrew RobbAndrew Robb
20 August 1951

John BannonJohn Bannon
07 May 1943
Jamie BriggsJamie Briggs
09 June 1977