Astrologically, August 22nd individuals fall under the sun sign Leo but characteristically, due to their Leo Virgo cusp birth date, they have traits of both the zodiac signs. While the former makes them confident and outgoing, the latter is responsible for their sometimes reflected introvert behaviour. Another conflicting characteristic feature of those born on this date is their mix of logic and instinctive feeling. These individuals may think from the heart but when it comes to taking decision, they follow the advice of their mind. However, what stands strong for these individuals is their concern and compassion for loved ones, associates and themselves. They are quite sensitive but at the same time sensible too. Though these people are practical and fun loving, their unwillingness to concede to errors cannot be overlooked. Other negative traits of these people are their dominant, egoistical and inflexible manners.

James CordenJames Corden
41, British
Dua LipaDua Lipa
24, British

Kristen WiigKristen Wiig
46, American

LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball
18, American
Basketball Player

Layne StaleyLayne Staley
34, American

Tori AmosTori Amos
56, American
Musician and Singer
Giada De LaurentiisGiada De Laurentiis
49, Italian, American
Chef, TV personality, Writer

Deng XiaopingDeng Xiaoping
92, Chinese

Ray BradburyRay Bradbury
91, American
Claude DebussyClaude Debussy
55, French

Trey GowdyTrey Gowdy
55, American
U.S. Representative
Valerie HarperValerie Harper
80, American

Cindy WilliamsCindy Williams
72, American

Keith PowersKeith Powers
27, American
Model and Actor

Rodrigo SantoroRodrigo Santoro
44, Brazilian

Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker
73, American
Honor BlackmanHonor Blackman
94, British

Roland OrzabalRoland Orzabal
57, British
Musician, Singer

Rick YuneRick Yune
48, American

Henri Cartier-BressonHenri Cartier-Bresson
95, French
Photographer and Painter
Jennifer FinniganJennifer Finnigan
40, Canadian

Karlheinz StockhausenKarlheinz Stockhausen
79, German
Mats WilanderMats Wilander
55, Swedish
Former No 1 Tennis Player

Jack DunphyJack Dunphy
77, American

Aparna NancherlaAparna Nancherla
37, American
Stand-up Comedian
Dakota GoyoDakota Goyo
20, Canadian

Jey UsoJey Uso
34, American
Ricardo HurtadoRicardo Hurtado
20, American

Denton CooleyDenton Cooley
96, American
Heart Surgeon

Jimmy UsoJimmy Uso
34, American
Paloma JiménezPaloma Jiménez
36, Mexican
Model. Wife of Vin Diesel

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Elisabeth Bergner Elisabeth Bergner
88, British
Laurel CoppockLaurel Coppock
49, American

Morgan AdamsMorgan Adams
22, American

Alyssa FamilyFunPackAlyssa FamilyFunPack
13, American

John Edward Thomas MoynahanJohn Edward Thomas Moynahan
12, American
Bridget Moynahan's Son
Liane ValenzuelaLiane Valenzuela
33, American
TikTok ( Star, Viner
Richard C ArmitageRichard C Armitage
48, British

Kaelyn PannierKaelyn Pannier
16, American

Sarah MagusaraSarah Magusara
18, Australian
TikTok Star

64, Indian
James GunnJames Gunn
46, American

Bill ParcellsBill Parcells
78, American
Coach, American football player

Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeAdewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
52, British

52, American

Ty BurrellTy Burrell
52, American
Carl YastrzemskiCarl Yastrzemski
80, American
Baseball Player

53, American
Rapper, Musician, Singer
David ReimerDavid Reimer
38, Canadian

Israel BroussardIsrael Broussard
25, American

Leni RiefenstahlLeni Riefenstahl
25, German
Film director, Actor, Photographer, Film producer,
Howie DoroughHowie Dorough
46, American

Cory GardnerCory Gardner
45, American
Federico MachedaFederico Macheda
28, Italian
Association football player

Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.
78, American

John Lee HookerJohn Lee Hooker
83, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician,

Colm FeoreColm Feore
61, Canadian, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Steve DavisSteve Davis
62, British
Snooker player
Kay CannonKay Cannon
45, American

Steve KroftSteve Kroft
74, American
American journalist

David ChaseDavid Chase
74, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer

James DeBargeJames DeBarge
56, American
Alexander BogdanovAlexander Bogdanov
54, Russian

Ross MarquandRoss Marquand
38, American
Debbi PetersonDebbi Peterson
58, American

Artem DzyubaArtem Dzyuba
31, Russian

Lutz Graf Schwerin von KrosigkLutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
89, German
Politician, Jurist, Diplomat, Economist
Stephen IrelandStephen Ireland
33, Irish

Alan YangAlan Yang
36, American
Beenie ManBeenie Man
46, Jamaican

Courtney GainsCourtney Gains
54, American
Film actor

Giacomo BonaventuraGiacomo Bonaventura
30, Italian
Association football player
Keiko KitagawaKeiko Kitagawa
33, Japanese
Actor, Model, Fashion model, Film actor

Kidd KraddickKidd Kraddick
53, American
Radio personality
Diana NyadDiana Nyad
70, American
Journalist, Squash player, Motivational speaker

Arthur M. SacklerArthur M. Sackler
73, American

Frank MarinoFrank Marino
65, Canadian
musician, guitarist

Diana SandsDiana Sands
39, American
Cecil KellawayCecil Kellaway
82, British
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor, Television
Mosharraf KarimMosharraf Karim
47, Bangladeshi

Ananda CoomaraswamyAnanda Coomaraswamy
70, Sri Lankan
Art historian, Philosopher, Mythographer

Samuel Pierpont LangleySamuel Pierpont Langley
71, American

Rifaat al-AssadRifaat al-Assad
82, Syrian
politician, military personnel
Ashfaq AhmedAshfaq Ahmed
79, Indian
Philosopher, Literary critic

Max SchelerMax Scheler
53, German
Philosopher, Anthropologist, University teacher,

George HerrimanGeorge Herriman
63, American

Mitchell LangerakMitchell Langerak
31, Australian
Australian footballer

Sylva KoscinaSylva Koscina
61, Italian
Actor, Model
Geoffrey HorneGeoffrey Horne
86, American
Stage actor, Film actor

David DellingerDavid Dellinger
88, American
Willem ArondeusWillem Arondeus
Poet, Writer, Painter

Julius J. EpsteinJulius J. Epstein
91, American
Dale HawkinsDale Hawkins
73, American
Rock singer
Ivry GitlisIvry Gitlis
97, Israeli

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 22

Without a doubt, individuals with an August 22nd birthdate are the most unique and distinctive of all. This is due to the fact that they fall on the cusp date and thus are strongly influenced by both the zodiac signs, Leo and Virgo. Additionally, planets, Sun and Uranus, influence their characteristic profile. August 22nd natives are both introvert and extrovert. They have a highly intuitive mind with analytical temperament.  However, influenced by Virgo, these people battle constantly between logic and intuition while forming an opinion or taking a decision. They are sensitive, sociable and compassionate but can be idealistic, critical and picky too. Overall, these individuals are blessed with patience and perseverance and are practical, responsible and organized folks with an interesting disposition.

General health condition of those born on August 22nd is stable and fit. They are not prone to illness or sickness. However, suffering from allergy, having a nervy stomach and tension and headache are common for these individuals. Including 30-minutes of workout in the daily schedule is important for those born on this day to build stamina and maintain body shape and physique. Indulging in health drinks and mood-enhancing food products is also vital for those born on this day.

Financial condition of August 22nd born natives is a tricky affair. Though they do not face problem earning money, it is the handling part which becomes difficult for these individuals. People born on this date are prone to frivolous spending and can get impulsive with money. As such, financial security remains a questionable feat for such people. However, with time and age, these individuals tend to get careful with money.

August 22nd individuals do not face much trouble while picking a career as they are mostly guided by the parental occupation. Such people are seen to take up the profession of their parents and get into family business or any related business, while thinking of long term employment. Since inquisitiveness and creativeness are a part of the personality traits of August 22nd individuals, they seek variety and challenges in their chosen work field.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Leo individuals with birthday falling on twenty second day of August are lucky in matters of relationship. They share a cordial and loving affiliation with their family, friends and associates. On the romantic front, these individuals are affectionate and passionate with a desire to please their soul mate. They seek for a partner with whom they can build a strong rapport and who equals them intellectually and ambitiously. When committed to someone, these people are fiercely loyal and expect the same in return. They place fidelity at a high platform and thus do not indulge in the frivolities of teasing and like. They adhere to the needs, demands and desires of their loved ones before their own. August 22nd born learn the knick knack of parenthood slowly and steadily.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, Electric White, Multi-Colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 13, 24