Turn the pages of history and you may be shocked to know the appalled state of women in society back then. Unlike the present times, women of the yesteryears were mere objects of home, untitled, bereft of civil and constitutional rights and deprived of any freedom. Had it not been for the women’s rights activist, we would not have Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Indra Nooyi, Melinda Gates, Anna Patricia Botin or Taylor Swift at their top spots today! Talking of women’s rights activists, American women’s rights activist have played a pivotal role in the women suffragist movement. Be it 19th century civil rights leader Susan B Anthony or Amelia Bloomer, leader and strategist Alice Paul or first American woman Nobel laureate, Jane Addams, each of them committedly fought for social equality to give women an equal status in the society. It was for the efforts of these valiant women that the society turned to the issues concerning women. Basic amenities like freedom of speech, right to vote, gender discrimination, sexual and reproductive health rights, gender-based violence were unheard of concepts that women activists not just brought to the forefront but successfully conquered them to help uplift the status of women in society. Browse through this section to get details about the life and works of American women’s rights activists.
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
25 February 1976
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
26 October 1947
Former First Lady, Political Leader

Eartha KittEartha Kitt
17 January 1927

Torrey DeVittoTorrey DeVitto
08 June 1984

Mena SuvariMena Suvari
13 February 1979

Susan B. AnthonySusan B. Anthony
15 February 1820
Women’s Rights Activist
Jason RalphJason Ralph
07 April 1986

Valerie HarperValerie Harper
22 August 1939

Sojourner TruthSojourner Truth
01 December 1797
American women's rights activist

Alice WalkerAlice Walker
09 February 1944
Ayaan Hirsi AliAyaan Hirsi Ali
13 November 1969
Writer, Politician, Activist, Feminist

Alyssa DiazAlyssa Diaz
07 September 1985
Matt McGorryMatt McGorry
12 April 1986

Elizabeth Cady StantonElizabeth Cady Stanton
12 November 1815
Women’s Rights Activist

Betty FordBetty Ford
08 April 1918
Former First Lady of the United States
Dorothy DayDorothy Day
08 November 1897

William Lloyd GarrisonWilliam Lloyd Garrison
12 December 1805
Jeannette RankinJeannette Rankin
11 June 1880
First Woman Elected to U.S Congress

Elizabeth JaggerElizabeth Jagger
02 March 1984

Alice PaulAlice Paul
11 January 1885
Suffragist and Feminist
Cassie ScerboCassie Scerbo
30 March 1990

Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer
06 October 1917
Civil Rights Activist
Carré OtisCarré Otis
28 September 1968

Kate BolduanKate Bolduan
28 July 1983

Margaret FullerMargaret Fuller
23 May 1810

Mary Edwards WalkerMary Edwards Walker
26 November 1832
Surgeon, Feminist, Activist
Mary FrannMary Frann
27 February 1943
Lucretia MottLucretia Mott
03 January 1793
Abolitionist, Women's Rights Activist, Social

Carrie Chapman CattCarrie Chapman Catt
09 January 1859
Women’s Rights Activists

Lucy StoneLucy Stone
13 August 1818
Women's Rights Activist

Cynthia GermanottaCynthia Germanotta
30 August 1954
Matilda GageMatilda Joslyn Gage
24 March 1826
Abolitionist, Freethinker, Author

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Anna Howard ShawAnna Howard Shaw
14 February 1847
Leader of the women's suffrage movement in the

Mary Church TerrellMary Church Terrell
23 September 1863
Civil Rights Activist

Emily Greene BalchEmily Greene Balch
08 January 1867
Social Activist

Pearl BuckPearl Buck
26 June 1892
American writer
Anna Julia CooperAnna Julia Cooper
10 August 1858
Author, Educator

Nora Stanton Blatch BarneyNora Stanton Blatch Barney
30 September 1883
Civil Engineer, Architect, Women’s Rights
Rosalie EdgeRosalie Edge
03 November 1877
Women’s Right Activist & Environmentalist

Angelina GrimkeAngelina Grimke
20 February 1805
Abolitionist, Women's Rights Activist

Joan Chandos BaezJoan Chandos Baez
09 January 1941
Cybill Lynne ShepherdCybill Lynne Shepherd
18 February 1950

Lina EscoLina Esco
14 May 1985
Mamie TillMamie Till
23 November 1921

Gloria AllredGloria Allred
03 July 1941

Cecile RichardsCecile Richards
15 July 1957

Rebecca Latimer FeltonRebecca Latimer Felton
10 June 1835

Amelia BloomerAmelia Bloomer
27 May 1818
Belva Ann LockwoodBelva Ann Lockwood
24 October 1830
American lawyer

Sarah WeddingtonSarah Weddington
05 February 1945

Emma WillardEmma Willard
23 February 1787
American activist

Mary White OvingtonMary White Ovington
11 April 1865
Jorge RamosJorge Ramos
16 March 1958

Maud Wood ParkMaud Wood Park
25 January 1871