When you hear the slogan ‘Army Strong’, you simply know its USA army that one’s talking about. The country with the largest pool of military personnel, United States of America has the world’s second largest army, after People’s Liberation Army of China. America has the world’s largest military budget; it expends more than $554 billion annually to fund its military forces. While the US army comprises of the army, Marine Corps, navy, air force and coast guard, it is the American soldiers that we are talking about. America has the largest manpower in the world; until 2012 a total of 40 million people having served the US armed forces. That’s an eye-opening number, isn’t it? America soldiers are known for their bravery, valour, gallantry and heroism. With a fiery patriotism and a deep sense of nationalism, the soldiers have valiantly guarded the country in numerous wars, invasions and conflicts. American soldiers undergo extensive training – they are trained to combat situations, use arms and ammunitions, develop analysing skills and finally cultivate leadership qualities. Such is the spirit of nationalism in America soldiers that they, at all hours, are ready to sacrifice their life for the welfare of the country. Explore this section and find out about the life of famous American soldiers.
Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
19 January 1807
Confederate General in the American Civil War
Chris KyleChris Kyle
08 April 1974
US Navy SEAL Veteran

Pat TillmanPat Tillman
06 November 1976
American Football Player

Tammy DuckworthTammy Duckworth
12 March 1968
U.S. Representative

Audie MurphyAudie Murphy
20 June 1925

Desmond DossDesmond Doss
07 February 1919
U. S. Army Corporal
William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
08 February 1820
General in the Union Army During the American

Davy CrockettDavy Crockett
17 August 1786

Alvin YorkAlvin York
13 December 1887
Sam HoustonSam Houston
02 March 1793
Former Governor of Texas

Crazy HorseCrazy Horse
Military Leader, Folk Hero
Grace HopperGrace Hopper
09 December 1906
Computer Scientist

Sterling HaydenSterling Hayden
26 March 1916

Carlos HathcockCarlos Hathcock
20 May 1942
Military Personnel

Buffalo BillBuffalo Bill
26 February 1846

John J. PershingJohn J. Pershing
13 September 1860
US Army Officer During WW I
Dakota MeyerDakota Meyer
26 June 1988
United States Marine

Kit CarsonKit Carson
24 December 1809
Explorer & Soldier

George MarshallGeorge Marshall
31 December 1880
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

Doris MillerDoris Miller
12 October 1919
Navy Man
William JoyceWilliam Joyce
24 April 1906

Lynndie EnglandLynndie England
08 November 1982
Newton KnightNewton Knight
10 November 1829
Military Leader

Nathan HaleNathan Hale
06 June 1755
American Martyr

William GuarnereWilliam Guarnere
28 April 1923
Joshua ChamberlainJoshua Chamberlain
08 September 1828
Educator & War Hero

Daniel SicklesDaniel Sickles
20 October 1819
Former New York State Senator
Jake McLaughlinJake McLaughlin
07 October 1982

Henry Ossian FlipperHenry Ossian Flipper
21 March 1856
Military Leader

Kate NorleyKate Norley
25 May 1978
John Oliver’s Wife
Shaun SoShaun So
1980 AD
Anna Chlumsky's Husband

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John PippyJohn Pippy
12 December 1970
American Politician
Randy WeaverRandy Weaver
03 January 1948

Frank SheeranFrank Sheeran
25 October 1920
Trade unionist

Eric RudolphEric Rudolph
19 September 1966

Marcus LuttrellMarcus Luttrell
07 November 1975
Michael P. MurphyMichael P. Murphy
07 May 1976
Tony LipTony Lip
30 July 1930

Donald Henry RumsfeldDonald Rumsfeld
09 July 1932

Tyrone PowerTyrone Power
05 May 1914

Stanley A. McChrystalStanley A. McChrystal
14 August 1954
Armed Force Officer
John BasiloneJohn Basilone
04 November 1916

Jason RobardsJason Robards
26 July 1922

Jessica LynchJessica Lynch
26 April 1983

Bowe BergdahlBowe Bergdahl
28 March 1986

Sonny BargerSonny Barger
08 October 1938
Bob GuntonBob Gunton
15 November 1945

Carl BrashearCarl Brashear
19 January 1931
John ListJohn List
17 September 1925

William CalleyWilliam Calley
08 June 1943
Military personnel

Michael MullenMichael Mullen
04 October 1946
Naval Officer
Eugene SledgeEugene Sledge
04 November 1923
Biologist, Soldier, Academic, University teacher,

James StockdaleJames Stockdale
23 December 1923
Officer, Aviator, Politician
Hal MooreHal Moore
13 February 1922

Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
25 October 1888
Naval officer

Don NelsonDon Nelson
20 January 1927

Fess ParkerFess Parker
16 August 1924

Paul LambertPaul Lambert
01 August 1922
Roy BenavidezRoy Benavidez
05 August 1935

Gene KranzGene Kranz
17 August 1933
Officer, Engineer

John C. FrémontJohn C. Frémont
21 January 1813
Former Governor of California

Jeffrey R. MacDonaldJeffrey R. MacDonald
12 October 1943
Military physician, Soldier
Lynn ComptonLynn Compton
31 December 1921
Lawyer, Police officer, Judge

Bai LingBai Ling
10 October 1966
Actor, Soldier, Television actor, Model
Bennie G. AdkinsBennie G. Adkins
01 February 1934

John GavinJohn Gavin
08 April 1931

Billy MitchellBilly Mitchell
29 December 1879
George GaynesGeorge Gaynes
03 May 1917

Harold RussellHarold Russell
14 January 1914
James MattisJames Mattis
08 September 1950
Officer, Military commander

Michael A. MonsoorMichael A. Monsoor
05 April 1981
Military personnel

William BoninWilliam Bonin
08 January 1947
Bruce GloverBruce Glover
02 May 1932

George HalasGeorge Halas
02 February 1895
American football player
Randy ShughartRandy Shughart
13 August 1958
Military personnel, Aviator, Soldier

Charlie RichCharlie Rich
14 December 1932
Singer, Musician, Pianist, Soldier,

John Conyers, Jr.John Conyers
16 May 1929

Chuck HagelChuck Hagel
04 October 1946
Gary HerbertGary Herbert
07 May 1947
Jon CorzineJon Corzine
01 January 1947

Jason EvermanJason Everman
16 August 1967

Ernesto MirandaErnesto Miranda
09 March 1941

Winfield Scott HancockWinfield Scott Hancock
14 February 1824
Robin OldsRobin Olds
14 July 1922

Horatio GatesHoratio Gates
26 July 1727
Army General

Eddie SlovikEddie Slovik
18 February 1920
Military personnel, Soldier

Joseph HookerJoseph Hooker
13 November 1814
Officer, Soldier

John Walker LindhJohn Walker Lindh
09 February 1981
Stephen FlemmiStephen Flemmi
09 June 1935
Serial killer

Irwin WinklerIrwin Winkler
25 May 1931
Film producer
William J. DonovanWilliam J. Donovan
01 January 1883
Military Leader

H. R. HaldemanH. R. Haldeman
27 October 1926
Government Official
Alferd PackerAlferd Packer
21 January 1842
Criminal, Serial killer
Arthur MacArthur Jr.Arthur MacArthur Jr.
02 June 1845