Remember Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 movie on mathematics titled “Pi”? Yes, the same edge-of-seat flick about a mentally unstable mathematician who believes that mathematics is the language of the universe, that nature can be expressed in numbers and there are patterns everywhere around us. Well, now if you thought he was the only man to ever deem so, know that the world is filled with mathematicians who saw mathematics as an answer to all questions — existential and hypothetical. And no matter how much you deny this truth or loathe math, you cannot overlook its importance and impact in every aspect of our lives. From you kitchen faucet to the satellite that beams your TV, math is just everywhere. The world owes much of its breakthrough advancements to the computation geniuses of great mathematicians like Pythagoras, Descartes, Euclid and Euler. America, like everything else, too prides itself on its home-bred mathematicians who have made the world a better place with their outstanding mental ability. Read on to know their biography, timeline and also some trivia and facts.
John Forbes Nash Jr.John Forbes Nash Jr.
13 June 1928
Katherine JohnsonKatherine Johnson
26 August 1918

John von NeumannJohn von Neumann
28 December 1903

James Harris SimonsJames Harris Simons
1938 AD
Mathematicians & Hedge Fund Manager

Terence TaoTerence Tao
17 July 1975

Tom LehrerTom Lehrer
09 April 1928
American musician
Kurt GödelKurt Gödel
28 April 1906
Mathematician, Philosopher

Alfred North WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead
15 February 1861
Mathematician, Philosopher

Manjul BhargavaManjul Bhargava
08 August 1974

Eugene Paul Eugene Wigner
17 November 1902
Physicist & Mathematician
Edwin Powell HubbleEdwin Powell Hubble
20 November 1889
Astronomer & Mathematician

Herbert A. HauptmaHerbert A. Hauptman
14 February 1917
John Hasbrouck Van VleckJohn Hasbrouck Van Vleck
13 March 1899
Physicist, Mathematician

Freeman DysonFreeman Dyson
15 December 1923
Mathematician, Theoretical physicist, Nuclear

Donald KnuthDonald Knuth
10 January 1938
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Historian of
Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
30 April 1916
Mathematician, Cryptographer, Computer scientist,

Andrew WilesAndrew Wiles
11 April 1953
Mathematician, University teacher
Marvin MinskyMarvin Minsky
09 August 1927
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Charles Sanders PeirceCharles Sanders Peirce
10 September 1839
Mathematician, Philosopher, Logician, Pragmatist,

Edward WittenEdward Witten
26 August 1951
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher,
George DantzigGeorge Dantzig
08 November 1914
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Statistician

Benoit MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot
20 November 1924
Mathematician, Economist, Professor, Scientist,
Norbert WienerNorbert Wiener
26 November 1894
Mathematician, Autobiographer, University teacher,

Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier
15 January 1963
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Willard Van Orman QuineWillard Van Orman Quine
25 June 1908
Mathematician, Analytic philosopher, Philosopher

Leslie LamportLeslie Lamport
07 February 1941
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Programmer,
Shing-Tung YauShing-Tung Yau
04 April 1949
Mathematician, University teacher
Hilary PutnamHilary Putnam
31 July 1926
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Martin GardnerMartin Gardner
21 October 1914
Mathematician, Writer, Journalist, Literary

Stanislaw UlamStanislaw Ulam
13 April 1909

Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
14 June 1903
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,
Josiah Willard GibbsJosiah Willard Gibbs

Edgar F. CoddEdgar F. Codd
19 August 1923
Computer scientist, Mathematician, University

Charles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Proteus Steinmetz
09 April 1865
Mathematician, Electrical engineer, Engineer,

Edward O. ThorpEdward O. Thorp
14 August 1932
Mathematician, Writer, University teacher

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Hermann WeylHermann Weyl
09 November 1885
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher, University
Alfred TarskiAlfred Tarski
14 January 1901
Mathematician, Philosopher

Edward Norton LorenzEdward Norton Lorenz
23 May 1917
Mathematician, Meteorologist, University teacher
Michael SpivakMichael Spivak
1940 AD

Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. Bernstein
29 October 1971
Mathematician, Cryptologist, Programmer,

David BerlinskiDavid Berlinski
1942 AD
philosopher, mathematician, university teacher
Percival LowellPercival Lowell
13 March 1855
Astronomer, Mathematician

Whitfield DiffieWhitfield Diffie
05 June 1944
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist
George PólyaGeorge Pólya
13 December 1887

Jef RaskinJef Raskin
09 March 1943
Programmer, Computer scientist, Writer, University

John BackusJohn Backus
03 December 1924
Mathematician, Computer scientist

Peter ShorPeter Shor
14 August 1959
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Lotfi A. ZadehLotfi A. Zadeh
04 February 1921
Mathematician, Engineer, Professor, Scientist,
Narendra KarmarkarNarendra Karmarkar
1957 AD
Mathematician, Scientist

Leonard KleinrockLeonard Kleinrock
13 June 1934
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Patent

Seymour PapertSeymour Papert
29 February 1928
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Educator,

Fred BrooksFred Brooks
19 April 1931
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,
Steven StrogatzSteven Strogatz
13 August 1959
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher

Mark AdlerMark Adler
03 April 1959
Mathematician, Physicist, Computer scientist
Richard HammingRichard Hamming
11 February 1915
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Leonard AdlemanLeonard Adleman
31 December 1945
Computer scientist, Mathematician, Cryptographer,

Haskell CurryHaskell Curry
12 September 1900
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,
Alan SokalAlan Sokal
24 January 1955
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher

Stephen CookStephen Cook
14 December 1939
Computer scientist, University teacher,
Eric W. WeissteinEric W. Weisstein
18 March 1969
Mathematician, Astronomer, Non-fiction writer

Theodore KaczynskiTheodore Kaczynski
22 May 1942

Robert AumannRobert Aumann
08 June 1930
Mathematician, Economist, Educationist, University
Allen NewellAllen Newell
19 March 1927
Psychologist, Computer scientist, Mathematician,

Raymond SmullyanRaymond Smullyan
25 May 1919
Mathematician, Pianist, Philosopher, University
Stephen SmaleStephen Smale
15 July 1930
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Harry NyquistHarry Nyquist
07 February 1889
Physicist, Computer scientist, Engineer,

John MilnorJohn Milnor
20 February 1931
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher

Rudolf E. KálmánRudolf E. Kálmán
19 May 1930
Mathematician, Engineer, University teacher
Fischer BlackFischer Black
11 January 1938
Economist, Mathematician
Noam ElkiesNoam Elkies
25 August 1966
Mathematician, Chess composer, University teacher,

Martin HellmanMartin Hellman
02 October 1945
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Scientist, Computer

Edward FrenkelEdward Frenkel
02 May 1968

William ThurstonWilliam Thurston
30 October 1946
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher
Ralph MerkleRalph Merkle
02 February 1952
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Stephen Cole KleeneStephen Cole Kleene
05 January 1909
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,

Charles FeffermanCharles Fefferman
18 April 1949
Mathematician, University teacher

Robert AxelrodRobert Axelrod
27 May 1943
Mathematician, Professor, Political scientist

Ronald GrahamRonald Graham
31 October 1935
Mathematician, Juggler, Computer scientist
Robert TarjanRobert Tarjan
30 April 1948
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Arthur T. BenjaminArthur T. Benjamin
19 March 1961
Richard E. BellmanRichard E. Bellman
26 August 1920
Mathematician, University teacher, Computer

Gerald Jay SussmanGerald Jay Sussman
08 February 1947
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Simon NewcombSimon Newcomb
12 March 1835
Astronomer, Mathematician, Economist, Novelist,
Persi DiaconisPersi Diaconis
31 January 1945
Mathematician, Statistician, Stage magician

Walter RudinWalter Rudin
02 May 1921
Mathematician, University teacher
Lloyd ShapleyLloyd Shapley
02 June 1923
Economist, Mathematician, University teacher

Israel GelfandIsrael Gelfand
20 August 1913
mathematician, biologist, university teacher

Serge LangSerge Lang
19 May 1927

Paul HalmosPaul Halmos
03 March 1916
Mathematician, Philosopher, Statistician
Leonid HurwiczLeonid Hurwicz
21 August 1917
Mathematician, Economist

Dana ScottDana Scott
11 October 1932
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,
Jacob LurieJacob Lurie
07 December 1977
Mathematician, University teacher

Solomon LefschetzSolomon Lefschetz
03 September 1884
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher

Elias M. SteinElias M. Stein
13 January 1931
Mathematician, University teacher

Nathaniel BowditchNathaniel Bowditch
26 March 1773
Mathematician, Astronomer, Actuary, Physicist,
Ingrid DaubechiesIngrid Daubechies
17 August 1954
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher