Had it not been for Christopher Columbus would America exist today, leave alone be the address of several renowned explorers and discoverers? Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Chaplain are some of the legendary explorers that the world takes pride in. It is to these noble souls that we owe the world today. For what would the world be without their indomitable attitude, never-say-die spirit and outrageously daring spirit? Explorers helped expand the border of the world by conquering new lands. What’s more, they added new cultures, traditions and heritage thus expanding the cultural legacy of the world. Through their voyages, they discovered the unknown. While it may look all fancy and extravagant, explorers go through a lot, while some survive the harsh conditions some give their life to it. Just like every other country in the world, America too has had pioneering explorers who expanded the horizon and undertook many expeditions. Some of them include Kit Carson, Robert Edwin Peary, John Wesley Powell, Meriwether Lewis, Daniel Boone and Sacagawea. Learn in details about the life and explorations of American explorers.
Daniel BooneDaniel Boone
22 October 1734
1788 AD

Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
18 August 1774
Explorer, Politician

Kit CarsonKit Carson
24 December 1809
Explorer & Soldier

Henry Morton StanleyHenry Morton Stanley
28 January 1841

William ClarkWilliam Clark
01 August 1770
Peter FreuchenPeter Freuchen
02 February 1886

Robert PearyRobert Peary
06 May 1856

John Wesely PowellJohn Wesley Powell
24 March 1834
Explorer, Geologist

Matthew HensonMatthew Henson
08 August 1866
First African-American to explore the North Pole
Henry GannettHenry Gannett
24 August 1846
Geographers, Explorers

Jon KrakauerJon Krakauer
12 April 1954
Journalist, Explorer, Writer
Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
25 October 1888
Explorer, Officer, Oceanographer, Aviator

Josh GatesJosh Gates
10 August 1977
Explorer, Photographer

Jim BridgerJim Bridger
17 March 1804
John C. FrémontJohn C. Frémont
21 January 1813
Former Governor of California

Scott FischerScott Fischer
24 December 1955
Explorer, Rock climber
Sylvia EarleSylvia Earle
30 August 1935
Marine biologist

Conrad AnkerConrad Anker
27 November 1962
Explorer, Writer

Zebulon PikeZebulon Pike
05 January 1779
Explorer, Military personnel
Jordan RomeroJordan Romero
12 July 1996
Explorer, Writer, Mountaineer

John ColterJohn Colter
1774 AD
Military Personnel
Frederick Russell BurnhamFrederick Russell Burnham
11 May 1861
Explorer, Writer

William John McGeeWilliam John McGee
17 April 1853
Explorer, Anthropologist, University teacher

Floyd CollinsFloyd Collins
20 July 1887

Matthew Fontaine MauryMatthew Fontaine Maury
14 January 1806
Ann BancroftAnn Bancroft
29 September 1955
Frederick CookFrederick Cook
10 June 1865
Explorer, Physician

Thomas MoranThomas Moran
12 February 1837
Explorer, Painter

Adolphus GreelyAdolphus Greely
27 March 1844
Army Officer

Charles WilkesCharles Wilkes
03 April 1798
Naval Officer
Roy Chapman AndrewsRoy Chapman Andrews
26 January 1884

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William Henry JacksonWilliam Henry Jackson
04 April 1843
Painter, Photographer, Explorer, Artist,

Lee Rogers BergerLee Rogers Berger
22 December 1965

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
20 January 1980
Environmental Advocate

Jim BeckwourthJim Beckwourth
06 April 1798
Will AdamsWill Adams
24 September 1564