Agreed, a mechanic is the best friend anyone can have. But with cars now evolving into a hi-tech mobile entertainment unit, replete with new-age push-button ignition, built-in GPS, rear camera and MP3-synced audio, it’s time to include an electrical engineer in your roster of friends list. An electrical engineer can untangle your wires and put you in the right course, which makes them indispensable in anyone's list. However, the craze for electrical engineers is nothing new. The electrical engineers have always played a crucial role in the development of human civilization. The difference in world history before and after harnessing of electrical energy is stark. Today, there is practically no work possible without electricity. This shows how important and indispensable electrical engineers are to us. So what are you waiting for? Without any ado, explore the timeline, trivia, and interesting facts on America's most laud-worthy electrical engineers in the biography below.
Elon MuskElon Musk
28 June 1971
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos
12 January 1964
Founder of

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla
10 July 1856
Inventor, Father of Radio

Satya NadellaSatya Nadella
19 August 1967
CEO of Microsoft

Amar BoseAmar Bose
02 November 1929
Electrical Engineer and Sound Engineer

John BardeenJohn Bardeen
23 May 1908
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Jerry Yang Jerry Yang
06 November 1968
Co-founder of Yahoo! Inc.

Charles K. KaoCharles K. Kao
04 November 1933
Electrical Engineer

Ray TomlinsonRay Tomlinson
23 April 1941
Inventor of the First Email System
Jack KilbyJack Kilby
08 November 1923
Inventor of integrated circuit

Charles F. KetteringCharles F. Kettering
29 August 1876
Inventor, Engineer & Businessman
An WangAn Wang
07 February 1920
Co-founder of Wang Laboratories

Edith ClarkeEdith Clarke
10 February 1883
Electrical Engineer

W. Edwards DemingWilliam Edwards Deming
14 October 1900
Statistician, Electrical Engineer

Grant ImaharaGrant Imahara
23 October 1970
Electrical engineer

Loni LoveLoni Love
12 July 1971
Martin EberhardMartin Eberhard
15 May 1960

W. Edwards DemingW. Edwards Deming
14 October 1900

Thomas MassieThomas Massie
13 January 1971

Judith ResnikJudith Resnik
05 April 1949
Ginni RomettyGinni Rometty
29 July 1957

Douglas EngelbartDouglas Engelbart
25 January 1925
Bob KahnBob Kahn
23 December 1938
Electrical engineer

Will PackerWill Packer
11 April 1974
Film producer

Charles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Proteus Steinmetz
09 April 1865
Mathematician, Electrical engineer, Engineer,
Edwin Howard ArmstrongEdwin Howard Armstrong
18 December 1890
Electrical engineer

Ellen OchoaEllen Ochoa
10 May 1958
Seymour CraySeymour Cray
28 September 1925
Engineer, Computer scientist

Steven SassonSteven Sasson
04 July 1950

Harry NyquistHarry Nyquist
07 February 1889
Physicist, Computer scientist, Engineer,
Madman MuntzMadman Muntz
03 January 1914
Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Electrical engineer,

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J. Presper EckertJ. Presper Eckert
09 April 1919
Electrical engineer
Nick HolonyakNick Holonyak
03 November 1928

Frank J. SpragueFrank J. Sprague
25 July 1857

Arthur NielsenArthur Nielsen
05 September 1897
Market-research executive

Robert Michael WhiteRobert Michael White
06 July 1924
Electrical Engineer
Marcian HoffMarcian Hoff
28 October 1937
Engineer, Inventor, Computer scientist
Charles F. BrushCharles F. Brush
17 March 1849

Max MathewsMax Mathews
13 November 1926
Musical Artist

Henry Earl SingletonHenry Earl Singleton
27 November 1916
Electrical Engineer

C. L. Max NikiasC. L. Max Nikias
30 September 1952
Peter Cooper HewittPeter Cooper Hewitt
05 May 1861
Electrical Engineer

Gideon SundbackGideon Sundback
24 April 1880
American-Swedish electrical engineer

Ivan A. GettingIvan A. Getting
18 January 1912

Robert H. DennardRobert H. Dennard
05 September 1932
Electrical Engineer

William D. CoolidgeWilliam D. Coolidge
23 October 1873
Frank ConradFrank Conrad
04 May 1874

Harold Stephen BlackHarold Stephen Black
14 April 1898
Electrical Engineer
Ernst AlexandersonErnst Alexanderson
25 January 1878
Electrical Engineer

Wallace H. CoulterWallace H. Coulter
17 February 1913

Arthur E. KennellyArthur E. Kennelly
17 December 1861
Electrical engineer
Greenleaf Whittier PickardGreenleaf Whittier Pickard
14 February 1877

Alonzo G. Decker Jr.Alonzo G. Decker Jr.
1908 AD
Frank B. JewettFrank B. Jewett
05 September 1879

Abe FederAbe Feder
27 July 1908
Lighting engineer

Albert H. TaylorAlbert H. Taylor
01 January 1879
Electrical Engineer

Bern DibnerBern Dibner
18 August 1897

Emmett LeithEmmett Leith
12 March 1927
Albert W. HullAlbert W. Hull
19 April 1880

Hubert SchlaflyHubert Schlafly
14 August 1919
Electrical engineer

Joseph SlepianJoseph Slepian
11 February 1891
Electrical Engineer

Alvin RadkowskyAlvin Radkowsky
30 June 1915
Louis Winslow AustinLouis Winslow Austin
30 October 1867

Frederick Emmons TermanFrederick Emmons Terman
07 June 1900
Ernst WeberErnst Weber
06 September 1901

Harold RosenHarold Rosen
20 March 1926

Edwin James HoustonEdwin James Houston
09 July 1847
Electrical engineer
Arthur Paul SternArthur Paul Stern
20 July 1925