Editors are basically masters of correction. An error or flaw cannot go past an editor without being either revised or completely erased. Skilled at the art of rectification, editors primarily work in the field of media, including print and publication, visual media and audio media. While in print, they revise an article or story for publication, in visual media, they edit shoots and footage to form a particular scene. In audio, editors mostly edit musical tapes and dialogues. And then there are photo editors who edit photos to give them the refined look that we crave for. In America, there have been numerous editors who have earned a name for themselves for exceling in chopping, an art they best do. Right from Stan Lee to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Oliver Stone to Hugh Hefner, Kathy Ireland to Rosie O’Donnell, America has given the world some of the most notable editors of all time. Rebekha Brooks, Maxwell Perkins and Chapman Pincher, Horace Greeley and Piers Morgan are some other names who have gained worldwide recognition. With this section, explore in details the life and works of famous American editors.
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
25 February 1976
Stan LeeStan Lee
28 December 1922
Creator of Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron

Ben ShapiroBen Shapiro
15 January 1984
Political Commentator, Public Speaker

Brian WilliamsBrian Williams
05 May 1959

Julie Nixon EisenhowerJulie Nixon Eisenhower
05 July 1948

Katie PavlichKatie Pavlich
10 July 1988
H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken
12 September 1880

Ben BradleeBen Bradlee
26 August 1921
Newspaper Editor & Journalist

Dave EggersDave Eggers
12 March 1970

Carl SandburgCarl Sandburg
06 January 1878
Writer & Editor
John W. CampbellJohn W. Campbell
08 June 1910
Science Fiction Writer

Anna Roosevelt HalstedAnna Roosevelt Halsted
03 May 1906
Writer, Editor
Phil BronsteinPhil Bronstein
04 October 1950

Diana VreelandDiana Vreeland
29 July 1906
Magazine editor, fashion journalist and special

Noah WebsterNoah Webster
16 October 1758
William Cullen BryantWilliam Cullen Bryant
03 November 1794
Romantic Poet

Bret Harte Bret Harte
25 August 1836
Author & Poet
Anatole BroyardAnatole Broyard
16 July 1920

Thomas Bailey AldrichThomas Bailey Aldrich
11 November 1836
Poet & Novelist

Malcolm CowleyMalcolm Cowley
24 August 1898
Novelist & Poet
Becky QuickBecky Quick
18 July 1972

Chloé MalleChloé Malle
08 November 1985
Candice Bergen's Daughter
Drew GrantDrew Grant
Writer, Editor, Producer

James Gordon Bennett, Sr.James Gordon Bennett, Sr.
01 September 1795
Founder of New York Herald

Ben ShattuckBen Shattuck
1984 AD
Story Writer

Ben DomenechBen Domenech
31 December 1981
Joe WeiderJoe Weider
29 November 1920
Functionary, Editor
Lady Randolph ChurchillLady Randolph Churchill
09 January 1854
Autobiographer, Writer, Socialite

Horace GreeleyHorace Greeley
03 February 1811
Journalist, Politician, Publisher, Editor

Marcia LucasMarcia Lucas
04 October 1945
Film editor

Malcolm Wheeler-NicholsonMalcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
04 January 1890
Entrepreneur, Writer
Matt DrudgeMatt Drudge
27 October 1966
Political commentator

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Rob LiefeldRob Liefeld
03 October 1967
Editor, Comics writer, Draughtsperson,

Art SpiegelmanArt Spiegelman
15 February 1948
Cartoonist, Writer, Editor, Educator

André Leon TalleyAndré Leon Talley
16 October 1949
Journalist, Autobiographer

Dwight L. MoodyDwight L. Moody
05 February 1837
Editor, Philosopher, Writer, Evangelist,
Joe SimonJoe Simon
11 October 1913
Cartoonist, Comics artist, Editor, Writer,

Wayne AllwineWayne Allwine
07 February 1947
Actor, Dub actor
J. Christopher BurchJ. Christopher Burch
28 March 1953

Marv WolfmanMarv Wolfman
13 May 1946
Comics artist, Editor, Writer

Grace MirabellaGrace Mirabella
Thelma SchoonmakerThelma Schoonmaker
03 January 1940
Film editor

Fabian NiciezaFabian Nicieza
31 December 1961
Comics artist, Editor, Writer
William Worrall MayoWilliam Worrall Mayo
31 May 1819
Chemist, Politician, Gynaecologist, Editor

William ShawnWilliam Shawn
31 August 1907

Wally WoodWally Wood
17 June 1927

Graydon CarterGraydon Carter
14 July 1949
Journalist, Editor, Actor, Writer

Robert R. McCormickRobert R. McCormick
30 July 1880
Carmine InfantinoCarmine Infantino
24 May 1925
Comics artist, Editor, Draughtsperson

Joe RubyJoe Ruby
1939 AD

Jonathan AlterJonathan Alter
06 October 1957
Columnist, Journalist

Johann MostJohann Most
05 February 1846
Politician, Journalist, Writer, Editor
Fred RaskinFred Raskin
26 September 1973
Film editor

Axel AlonsoAxel Alonso
Emily GouldEmily Gould
13 October 1981
Writer, Essayist, Children's writer

Judith JonesJudith Jones
10 March 1924

Maryann BrandonMaryann Brandon
George Jean NathanGeorge Jean Nathan
14 February 1882
Journalist, Film critic, Writer

Mary Jo MarkeyMary Jo Markey
Abraham CahanAbraham Cahan
07 July 1860
Writer, Politician, Novelist, Autobiographer,

Elmo WilliamsElmo Williams
30 April 1913
Film director, Film producer, Film editor

Mike J. NicholsMike J. Nichols
Robert MankoffRobert Mankoff
01 May 1944
Cartoonist, Editor

Michael KahnMichael Kahn
08 December 1935
film editor
Arthur S. BrisbaneArthur S. Brisbane
12 December 1864