Actresses Who Are In Their 90s

Discover the famous actresses who are in their 90s. The list includes people like Doris Day, Gloria Vanderbilt, Betty White, Angela Lansbury, Katharine Hepburn and many more. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes actresses from the United States, England, France, Germany and other countries all over the world.

Gloria VanderbiltGloria Vanderbilt
20 February 1924, American
Artist, Actress
betty whiteBetty White
17 January 1922, American
Actress, Writer, Comedienne

Angela LansburyAngela Lansbury
16 October 1925, British

Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
30 April 1926, American
Comedian, Actress

Cicely TysonCicely Tyson
18 December 1924, American

Georgia HoltGeorgia Holt
09 June 1926, American
June LockhartJune Lockhart
25 June 1925, American

Pilar PalletePilar Pallete
03 September 1928, Peruvian

Lee GrantLee Grant
31 October 1925, American

Nanette FabrayNanette Fabray
27 October 1920, American
Tempest StormTempest Storm
29 February 1928, American

Maureen O’HaraMaureen O’Hara
17 August 1920, Irish
Eva Marie SaintEva Marie Saint
04 July 1924, American

Marion RossMarion Ross
25 October 1928, American
actor, television actor, stage actor, film actor

Gina LollobrigidaGina Lollobrigida
04 July 1927, Italian
Actor, Photographer, Sculptor, Journalist
Dina WadiaDina Wadia
14 August 1919, British

Ann BlythAnn Blyth
16 August 1928, American
Jeanne MoreauJeanne Moreau
23 January 1928, French
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,

Irene PapasIrene Papas
03 September 1926, Greek

Cleo LaineCleo Laine
28 October 1927, British
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Stage actor
Marge ChampionMarge Champion
02 September 1919, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor

Valentina CorteseValentina Cortese
01 January 1923, Italian
film actor, stage actor
Brigitte AuberBrigitte Auber
27 April 1928, French

Zizi JeanmaireZizi Jeanmaire
29 April 1924, French
Actor, Singer, Ballet dancer

Laya RakiLaya Raki
27 July 1927, German

Madeleine LeBeauMadeleine LeBeau
10 June 1923, French
Barbro Hjort af OrnäsBarbro Hjort af Ornäs
28 August 1921, Swedish