Find out more about the greatest 20th Century Historians, including Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, Niall Ferguson, Donald Tusk and William Rehnquist.
Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky
07 December 1928, American
Michel FoucaultMichel Foucault
15 October 1926, French
French philosopher

Maximilian Carl Emil WeberMax Weber
21 April 1864, German

Anthony BluntAnthony Blunt
26 September 1907, British
Art Historian, University Teacher

David IrvingDavid Irving
24 March 1938, British

David McCulloughDavid McCullough
07 July 1933, American
Author, Historian
Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
29 May 1880, German

René GirardRené Girard
25 December 1923, French

Ramachandra GuhaRamachandra Guha
29 April 1958, Indian
Arnold J. ToynbeeArnold J. Toynbee
14 April 1889, British

Arthur M SchlesingerArthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
15 October 1917, American
Michael KingMichael King
15 December 1945, New Zealander
Historian & Biographer

Alfredo Pareja DiezcansecoAlfredo Pareja Diezcanseco
12 October 1908, Ecuadorian
Novelist, Essayist, Historian

Carter WoodsonCarter Woodson
19 December 1875, American

Alan John Percival TaylorAlan John Percival Taylor
25 March 1906, British

John RobertsJohn Roberts
14 April 1928, British
William RehnquistWilliam Rehnquist
01 October 1924, American
Judge, Lawyer, Historian

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
17 June 1943, American

Lucy WorsleyLucy Worsley
18 December 1973, British

David StarkeyDavid Starkey
03 January 1945, British
Historian, Radio personality, Writer
Jon MeachamJon Meacham
20 May 1969, American
Journalist, Historian, Biographer

Terry JonesTerry Jones
01 February 1942, British, Welsh
Howard ZinnHoward Zinn
24 August 1922, American
Playwright, Political scientist, Historian of the

Bettany HughesBettany Hughes
1968 AD, British

Niall FergusonNiall Ferguson
18 April 1964, British
Writer, Economic historian, Historian, University
Henry Louis Gates Jr.Henry Louis Gates Jr.
16 September 1950, American

Anne ApplebaumAnne Applebaum
25 July 1964, Polish, American
Columnist, Historian, Writer, Non-fiction writer,
Victor Davis HansonVictor Davis Hanson
05 September 1953, American
Historian, University teacher, Journalist

Gregg WallaceGregg Wallace
17 October 1964, British
TV Presenters

Allan LichtmanAllan Lichtman
04 April 1947, American
Mark RutteMark Rutte
14 February 1967, Dutch
Politician, Historian, Teacher, Pianist

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Eric BogosianEric Bogosian
24 April 1953, American
Francis FukuyamaFrancis Fukuyama
27 October 1952, American
Writer, Political scientist, Blogger, Economist

Doris Kearns GoodwinDoris Kearns Goodwin
04 January 1943, American
Journalist, Historian

Gilles DeleuzeGilles Deleuze
18 January 1925, French
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University

David EisenhowerDavid Eisenhower
31 March 1948, American
Tim ConsidineTim Considine
31 December 1940, American
Sarah VowellSarah Vowell
27 December 1969, American

Suzannah LipscombSuzannah Lipscomb
07 December 1978, British

Caleb CarrCaleb Carr
02 August 1955, American

N. T. WrightN. T. Wright
01 December 1948, British
Cherie BlairCherie Blair
23 September 1954, British

Simon SchamaSimon Schama
13 February 1945, British
Art historian, Historian, University teacher,

Timothy D. SnyderTimothy D. Snyder
18 August 1969, American
Historian, Writer, Literary critic, University

Murray BookchinMurray Bookchin
14 January 1921, American
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, University

Michael Eric DysonMichael Eric Dyson
23 October 1958, American
Historian, Biographer
Eric HobsbawmEric Hobsbawm
09 June 1917, Egyptian

Bill JamesBill James
05 October 1949, American
Simon Russell BealeSimon Russell Beale
12 January 1961, Malaysian, British

Walter IsaacsonWalter Isaacson
20 May 1952, American

Michael ParentiMichael Parenti
1933 AD, Italian
political scientist, historian, journalist
Harry TurtledoveHarry Turtledove
14 June 1949, American

Aviva ChomskyAviva Chomsky
20 April 1957, American
Historian, University teacher
Michael ShermerMichael Shermer
08 September 1954, American

Robert OsborneRobert Osborne
03 May 1932, American
Actor, Television actor, Biographer, Film actor,

Dave MeltzerDave Meltzer
24 October 1959, American

Sultan bin Muhammad Al-QasimiSultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi
02 July 1939, Emirati
Member of the Federal Supreme Council

Romila ThaparRomila Thapar
30 November 1931, Indian
Historian, University teacher
Thomas FrankThomas Frank
21 March 1965, American
Historian, Journalist

Emma DonoghueEmma Donoghue
24 October 1969, Canadian, Irish

Eric FonerEric Foner
07 February 1943, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University

Christopher LaschChristopher Lasch
01 June 1932, American
Historian, Social critic, Writer, Sociologist,
Joe Medicine CrowJoe Medicine Crow
27 October 1913, American

Zygmunt BaumanZygmunt Bauman
19 November 1925, Polish, British
Joseph L. GallowayJoseph L. Galloway
13 November 1941, American
Journalist, Historian

Francis Parker YockeyFrancis Parker Yockey
18 September 1917, American
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, Pianist, Lawyer,

Ivan IllichIvan Illich
04 September 1926, Austrian
Writer, Historian, Educationist, Philosopher,
Ian KershawIan Kershaw
29 April 1943, British
Contemporary historian, University teacher,

Len DeightonLen Deighton
18 February 1929, British
James M. McPhersonJames M. McPherson
11 October 1936, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer

Tariq AliTariq Ali
21 October 1943, Pakistani, British

Roy JenkinsRoy Jenkins
11 November 1920, British, Welsh
Gordon S. WoodGordon S. Wood
27 November 1933, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer

David HalberstamDavid Halberstam
10 April 1934, American
Historian, Writer, Journalist
Richard HofstadterRichard Hofstadter
06 August 1916, American
Historian, Political scientist, Writer, University

Max BootMax Boot
12 September 1969, American
Writer, Consultant, Historian, Journalist

Studs TerkelStuds Terkel
16 May 1912, American
Journalist, Historian, Radio personality, Writer,

Simon Sebag MontefioreSimon Sebag Montefiore
27 June 1965, British
Emma Georgina RothschildEmma Georgina Rothschild
16 May 1948, British
Economic historian, Historian, University teacher,
Sebastian JungerSebastian Junger
17 January 1962, American
Film director, Journalist, Non-fiction writer,

Benzion NetanyahuBenzion Netanyahu
25 March 1910, Israeli
Historian, Educationist, Writer, University

William L. ShirerWilliam L. Shirer
23 February 1904, American
Journalist, Historian, Writer

Robert FiskRobert Fisk
12 July 1946, British
Journalist, Historian, Writer, War correspondent
John BuchanJohn Buchan
26 August 1875, Scottish

Fernand BraudelFernand Braudel
24 August 1902, Brazilian, French
Economic historian, Historian, Professor

Max HastingsMax Hastings
28 December 1945, British
Journalist, Military historian, Writer

Michael IgnatieffMichael Ignatieff
12 May 1947, Canadian
Journalist, Historian, Politician, Novelist,

Russell KirkRussell Kirk
19 October 1918, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,
Bernard LewisBernard Lewis
31 May 1916, British
Historian, University teacher

Thomas WoodsThomas Woods
01 August 1972, American
Historian, Writer, Economist
Antonia FraserAntonia Fraser
27 August 1932, British

Noel IgnatievNoel Ignatiev
1940 AD, American
Drew Gilpin FaustDrew Gilpin Faust
18 September 1947, American
Historian, University teacher
Antony BeevorAntony Beevor
14 December 1946, British
Military historian, Novelist, Historian,