Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Sculptors, including Marcel Duchamp, Amedeo Modigliani, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin and Max Ernst.
Camille ClaudelCamille Claudel
08 December 1864, French
Marcel DuchampMarcel Duchamp
28 July 1887, French, American

Edgar DegasEdgar Degas
19 July 1834, French
Impressionist Painter

Amedeo ModiglianiAmedeo Modigliani
12 July 1884, Italian
Painter & Sculptor

Max ErnstMax Ernst
02 April 1891, German
Painter, Sculptor

Henry MooreHenry Moore
30 July 1898, British
Alvar AaltoAlvar Aalto
03 February 1898, Finnish

Gutzon BorglumGutzon Borglum
25 March 1867, American

Eric GillEric Gill
22 February 1882, British

Constantin BrancusiConstantin Brâncuși
19 February 1876, Romanian
Anders ZornAnders Zorn
18 February 1860, Swedish
Painter, Sculptor

Ivan MeštrovićIvan Meštrović
15 August 1883, Croatian, American
Norman LindsayNorman Lindsay
22 February 1879, Australian

Einar JónssonEinar Jónsson
11 May 1874, Icelander
Icelandic sculptor

Alexander CalderAlexander Calder
22 July 1898, American
Sculptor, Painter
Georges BraqueGeorges Braque
13 May 1882, French
Sculptor, Painter, Engraver

Frédéric Auguste BartholdiFrédéric Auguste Bartholdi
02 August 1834, French
Sculptor, Architect
Käthe KollwitzKäthe Kollwitz
08 July 1867, German
Painter, Sculptor, Lithographer, Poster artist,

Ernst Ludwig KirchnerErnst Ludwig Kirchner
06 May 1880, German
Painter, Sculptor

Frederic RemingtonFrederic Remington
04 October 1861, American
Sculptor, Writer, Painter
Jacob EpsteinJacob Epstein
10 November 1880, American
Sculptor, Painter

Félix VallottonFélix Vallotton
28 December 1865, Swiss
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Engraver, Art critic
Louise NevelsonLouise Nevelson
23 September 1899, American
Sculptor, Painter

Kurt SchwittersKurt Schwitters
20 June 1887, German
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Graphic designer,

Umberto BoccioniUmberto Boccioni
19 October 1882, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Artist

Charles Marion RussellCharles Marion Russell
19 March 1864, American
Sculptor, Illustrator, Painter, Writer
Gustave MoreauGustave Moreau
06 April 1826, French
Sculptor, Painter, Artist
Rosa BonheurRosa Bonheur
16 March 1822, French
Painter, Sculptor

Arno BrekerArno Breker
19 July 1900, German
Architect, Sculptor, Politician, University

Augustus Saint-GaudensAugustus Saint-Gaudens
01 March 1848, Irish, American

Honoré DaumierHonoré Daumier
26 February 1808, French
Painter, Draftsperson, Caricaturist, Sculptor,
Daniel Chester FrenchDaniel Chester French
20 April 1850, American

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Alexander RodchenkoAlexander Rodchenko
05 December 1891, Russian
Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Architect,

Max BeckmannMax Beckmann
12 February 1884, German
Painter, Sculptor, Draftsperson, Printmaker,

Arnold BöcklinArnold Böcklin
16 October 1827, Swiss
Painter, Sculptor, University teacher, Graphic

Giacomo BallaGiacomo Balla
18 July 1871, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Composer
Gustav VigelandGustav Vigeland
11 April 1869, Norwegian

Edmonia LewisEdmonia Lewis
04 July 1845, American
George Frederic WattsGeorge Frederic Watts
23 February 1817, British
Painter, Sculptor

Beatrice WoodBeatrice Wood
03 March 1893, American

Elsa von Freytag-LoringhovenElsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
12 July 1874, German
Sculptor, Writer, Painter, Model, Poet, Artist
Maurice de VlaminckMaurice de Vlaminck
04 April 1876, French
Painter, Writer, Sculptor, Graphic artist

Naum GaboNaum Gabo
05 August 1890
Sculptor, Architect, Painter, University teacher
Romaine BrooksRomaine Brooks
01 May 1874, Italian, American
Painter, Sculptor

Théophile SteinlenThéophile Steinlen
10 November 1859, Swiss, French
Painter, Illustrator, Poster artist, Sculptor,

Franz StuckFranz Stuck
23 February 1863, German
Sculptor, Painter, University teacher, Architect

Oskar SchlemmerOskar Schlemmer
04 September 1888, German
Sculptor, Painter, Puppeteer, Artist, Librettist,

Augusta SavageAugusta Savage
29 February 1892, American
Sophie Taeuber-ArpSophie Taeuber-Arp
19 January 1889, Swiss
Painter, Sculptor, Architect

Aristide MaillolAristide Maillol
08 December 1861, French
Sculptor, Painter, Engraver

Alexander ArchipenkoAlexander Archipenko
30 May 1887, American
Sculptor, Painter, Artist

Anna Hyatt HuntingtonAnna Hyatt Huntington
10 March 1876, American
Lorado TaftLorado Taft
29 April 1860, American

Georg JensenGeorg Jensen
Fortunato DeperoFortunato Depero
30 March 1892, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Graphic designer, Writer

Lovis CorinthLovis Corinth
21 July 1858, German, Russian
Painter, Sculptor, University teacher, Graphic

Jacques LipchitzJacques Lipchitz
22 August 1891, French, American
Sculptor, Artist, Painter
Joaquín Torres-GarcíaJoaquín Torres-García
28 July 1874, Spanish, Uruguayan

Marie BashkirtseffMarie Bashkirtseff
24 November 1858, Ukrainian, Russian
Max KlingerMax Klinger
18 February 1857, German

Carl AkeleyCarl Akeley
19 May 1864, American

Karl Schmidt-RottluffKarl Schmidt-Rottluff
01 December 1884, German
Sculptor, Painter, University teacher, Graphic
Ernst BarlachErnst Barlach
02 January 1870, German
Sculptor, Printmaker, Writer, Playwright, Painter

29 August 1738, Brazilian
Antoine BourdelleAntoine Bourdelle
30 October 1861, French
Sculptor, Painter

Fernand KhnopffFernand Khnopff
12 September 1858, Belgian
Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Philosopher,

Edwin Henry LandseerEdwin Henry Landseer
07 March 1802
Painter, Sculptor

Gerhard MarcksGerhard Marcks
Kolë IdromenoKolë Idromeno
Jean-Louis-Ernest MeissonierJean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
21 February 1815, French
Sculptor, Painter, Politician

Bernhard HoetgerBernhard Hoetger
04 May 1874, German
Painter, Sculptor, Architect

James Earle FraserJames Earle Fraser
04 November 1876, American