People born on May 30 are social beings with a friendly disposition. Probe into this article to find further details about their personality traits and characteristic features.

People who are born on May 30th fall under the zodiac sign, Gemini. These people are under the creative control of Saturn. It is due to the influence of Saturn that these people are focussed and stay on track, meeting all their responsibilities and duties. They are naturally friendly and develop strong bonds with people. They seek attention and enjoy when they have the same. Though these individuals are often seen asking advice of others, they rarely follow the same and instead follow their heart.

Benny GoodmanBenny Goodman
(Bandleader and clarinetist)

13 June 1986




Caroline Jones ChisholmCaroline Chisholm
(Immigrant Welfare Activist)

25 March 1877

Wootton, Northampton, England



Franklin J SchaffnerFranklin J Schaffner

02 July 1989

Tokyo, Japan



Howard HawksHoward Hawks

26 December 1977

Goshen, Indiana, U.S.



Julius AxelrodJulius Axelrod

29 December 2004

New York, United States



Mikhail BakuninMikhail Bakunin

01 July 1876


Soviet Russian,Russian


Agnes VardaAgnes Varda

Brussels, Belgium



Alfred AustinAlfred Austin

02 June 1913




Henry Addington, 1st Viscount SidmouthHenry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth

15 February 1844




Randolph Silliman BourneRandolph Silliman Bourne

22 December 1918



Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 30

People born on May 30 are social creatures. They are natural artists in everything that they do and see the world as a wide open canvas. These people want to make their mark on the world around them. They are able to overcome challenges with ease and do well under pressure. They succeed in life due to their strong personalities. They do not like to cheat or break the rules to get ahead. These people tend to be very friendly and are enthusiastic about everything that they do. They are also cheerful most of the time and have a great sense of humor.

People born on the 30th of May know that regular exercise is important for overall health. As such, they tend to re-arrange their schedule and make accommodations in order to get their dose of daily exercise. While they may have a regular plan developed, they fail to follow it over the long run. They are generous in nature which leads to having little self-discipline. These people also take risks that are unnecessary and can get harmed in the process. The pursuit of pleasure can also get in the way of logical thinking.

These people have exceptional ability with managing money. They are able to make and keep the money they have without having to lie or cheat to get ahead. They are honest when a situation involves their money or if they are working with someone else’s investment.

People having this birthday are natural organizers. They want to hold a position of power and often do so. They do well in the banking industry due to their ability to handle money. They also do well as managers since they enjoy working with people.

Relationship, Marriage & Children
People born on this day are generally easy to get along with. Despite being easy-going, they often find themselves in disagreements with family members or spouses. They like to have peace around and do not handle arguments with spouses very well. They are social and enjoy to flirt which can make their partner jealous. These people may have trouble with commitment due to their social nature. These people value education and do have a problem if their children do not want to continue their education or if they feel they are lazy.

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