With this article, explore the personality traits and characteristic features of individuals born on May 15th.

Famous People Born On May 15th

People born on May 15th fall under the sun sign Taurus. It is believed that people born on this day are creative and full of charm, especially because Venus was the Roman deity of beauty, love and victory. Consequently, they care for the ones that surround them, by being both kind and devoted. Individuals born on May 15th are highly reliable, competitive and intelligent. In addition to this, they are inspired, talented and full of enthusiasm. May 15th individuals understand their responsibility and work towards fulfilling the same. As a downside, they can sometimes have strong emotions that can trigger impulsiveness, insecurity or restlessness.

  • Brian Eno
    Brian Eno

    Born in: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, UK

    Nationality: Briton


    Year Of Birth: 1948

  • Claudio Monteverdi
    Claudio Monteverdi

    Famous as: Composer, singer, gambist

    Died on: 29 November 1643

    Born in: Cremona


    Nationality: Italian

    Year Of Birth: 1567

  • Emmitt Smith
    Emmitt Smith

    Famous as: NFL Star

    Born in: Pensacola


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1969

  • Madeleine Albright
    Madeleine Albright

    Famous as: Politician & Diplomat

    Born in: Prague, Czechoslovakia


    Nationality: Czech, American

    Year Of Birth: 1937

  • Paul Anthony Samuelson
    Paul Samuelson

    Famous as: Economist

    Died on: 13 December 2009

    Born in: Gary


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1915

  • Richard Avedon
    Richard Avedon

    Died on: 01 October 2004

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1923

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 15

People born on May 15 are unusually expressive. This is the reason for which many of them may be attracted to creative domains, such as art, writing and other areas that can let them express their ingenuity. They are full of potential but at times they may seem a bit too idealistic. As well as being exceptionally inventive, they tend to be friendly, making it easy for them to make friends.

People born on May 15 tend to be lazy when it comes to exercise, which can, of course, generate pathological problems, such as obesity and heart conditions. To make things worse, they also have an affinity for food. High cholesterol and cardiac dysfunctions can however be prevented once they start being aware of the matter. Their strong emotions make them fragile to stress, which is worsened furthermore by the fact they also have a bit of an addictive personality.

People born on May 15 are not particularly interested in financial status. However, because they like having a comfortable lifestyle, they enjoy earning a good steady income. They might slip every now and then when it comes to managing their money, but they are naturally pretty savvy when it comes to such matters.

Because they are natural born leaders, people born on May 15 tend to do well career wise. They have a constant desire to improve their skill, and they tend to be trustworthy. They want to make sure their work is appreciated at its value.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These people develop long lasting relationships, whether it is out of friendship or love. They have a specific love for family and are extremely faithful. They can however sometimes be overly possessive and their jealousy can become more or less disturbing to their companions. Because their sign sits under Venus, May 15th individuals have a certain attraction to sensuality and therefore are wonderful lovers. They're not necessarily interested in trying new things, but are concerned with their spouse's needs.

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