May 12th born individuals are hardworking yet enjoy life to the fullest. Check out their personality traits and characteristics to know more about them.

Famous People Born On May 12th

If May 12th marks your birthday, you fall under the second sun sign, which is Taurus. Much as determined as you are, you are equally stubborn. You believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and will use patience and persistence to see that happen. Planning for the future is very important, and you want to know that your hard work will have permanent value. The ultimate “work hard, play hard” believer, you also love to take time out to enjoy life. Making your house into home where you feel comfortable and relaxed is essential to you.

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 12
As someone with a May 12 birthday, you have boundless energy and a need to help people. A natural leader, you don’t like to push people into things, but rather guide them to see life through your perspective. You love the serious aspects of life, but don’t dwell on small matters. You like to live each day to the fullest, whether at work or play. Not liking to fail, you set your sights lower so that you are sure to achieve your goals. You may get the urge to often give up your pursuits, particularly if you worry that you will fail, and rely heavily on friends and family to support and urge you to move forward.

People born on May 12 are destined to be some of the healthiest of any born. You naturally know what is healthy and unhealthy, and are drawn to the healthiest of foods. You like to exercise moderately, without pushing your body. You may love to walk, but would never consider running a marathon. You love to be on the move, and enjoy an active lifestyle. Mentally, you also like to be active.

You have good business sense, and know the value of a dollar. As you are inclined to work hard, you value the money that you earn. Of course, you like to enjoy yourself to, so you may splurge on a night on the town or an exciting vacation.

Not one to limit yourself, you may start several careers before finding where you truly belong. You are drawn to the arts, and take your work very seriously. You may involve yourself in careers that combine your love for hard work and art.

Relationships, Marriage, & Children
Trustworthy and reliable, you seek a partner who is the same. But that doesn’t mean boring! Like you, you want your partner to have a fun, friendly side, who cares just as much about enjoying life as career. People born on May 12 feel a real connection to their family history. Interested in genealogy and tradition, you love learning stories of the generations before you. You will also love passing these stories down to your children. However, you raise your children liberally. You don’t want them to make the mistakes you did, but you want them to find their own path in life. You tend to be encouraging without being overbearing.

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