Throughout history, there have been many women opera singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female opera singers such as Maria Callas, Nellie Melba, Birgit Nilsson, Alma Gluck, Deanna Durbin.The women opera singers featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Maria CallasMaria Callas
02 December 1923, Greek
One of the most famous opera singers of the 20th
Jenny LindJenny Lind
06 October 1820, Swedish
Opera Singer

Malena ErnmanMalena Ernman
04 November 1970, Swedish
Opera Singer

Florence Foster JenkinsFlorence Foster Jenkins
19 July 1868, American

Aida GarifullinaAida Garifullina
30 September 1987, Russian
Operatic Soprano

Nellie MelbaNellie Melba
19 May 1861, Australian
Opera Singer
Joan SutherlandJoan Sutherland
07 November 1926, Australian
Opera Singer

Birgit NilssonBirgit Nilsson
17 May 1918, Swedish
Opera Singer

Alma GluckAlma Gluck
11 May 1884, American
Solomia LukyanetsSolomia Lukyanets
24 April 2001, Ukrainian
Opera Singer

Lauren AmbroseLauren Ambrose
20 February 1978, American
Tarja TurunenTarja Turunen
17 August 1977, Finnish
Singer, Opera singer, Composer, Pianist,

Anna NetrebkoAnna Netrebko
18 September 1971, Australian, Russian
Opera singer

Mirella FreniMirella Freni
27 February 1935, Italian
Singer, Opera singer

Tammy BlanchardTammy Blanchard
14 December 1976, American

Renée FlemingRenée Fleming
14 February 1959, American
Opera singer
Montserrat CaballéMontserrat Caballé
12 April 1933, Spanish
Singer, Opera singer

Deanna DurbinDeanna Durbin
04 December 1921, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician, Opera singer, Film actor

Jeanette MacDonaldJeanette MacDonald
18 June 1903, American
Film actor

Silvia CollocaSilvia Colloca
23 July 1977, Australian, Italian
Kiri Te KanawaKiri Te Kanawa
06 March 1944, New Zealander
Opera singer, Singer, Jazz musician, Actor

Hayley WestenraHayley Westenra
10 April 1987, New Zealander
Singer, Street artist, Opera singer
Kathryn GraysonKathryn Grayson
09 February 1922, American

Mary CostaMary Costa
05 April 1930, American
Actor, Singer, Opera singer

Sissel KyrkjebøSissel Kyrkjebø
24 June 1969, Norwegian
Singer, Musician, Opera singer
Natalie DessayNatalie Dessay
19 April 1965, French
Singer, Opera singer

Mirusia LouwerseMirusia Louwerse
29 March 1985, Australian
Singer, Opera singer
Beverly SillsBeverly Sills
25 May 1929, American
Actor, Singer, Opera singer, Autobiographer,

Cecilia BartoliCecilia Bartoli
04 June 1966, Italian
Singer, Opera singer

Renata TebaldiRenata Tebaldi
01 February 1922, Italian
Singer, Opera singer
Kathleen BattleKathleen Battle
13 August 1948, American

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Kathleen FerrierKathleen Ferrier
22 April 1912, British
Marilyn HorneMarilyn Horne
16 January 1934, American
Opera Singer

Geraldine FarrarGeraldine Farrar
28 February 1882, American
Opera singer

Lily PonsLily Pons
12 April 1898, French
American-French operatic soprano

Risë StevensRisë Stevens
11 June 1913, American
Opera singer
Sondra RadvanovskySondra Radvanovsky
11 April 1969, American
Liza WangLiza Wang
28 August 1947, Hong Konger
Opera singer, Actor

Anna MoffoAnna Moffo
27 June 1932, American
Opera Singer

Adelina PattiAdelina Patti
10 February 1843, Spanish, Italian
Opera Singer

Danielle de NieseDanielle de Niese
11 April 1979, Australian
Singer, Opera singer
Kirsten FlagstadKirsten Flagstad
12 July 1895, Norwegian
Opera Singer

Marina PriorMarina Prior
18 October 1963, Australian
Singer, Opera singer

Anne Sofie von OtterAnne Sofie von Otter
09 May 1955, Swedish
Singer, Opera singer

Rosa PonselleRosa Ponselle
22 January 1897, American
Operatic Soprano

Patricia RacettePatricia Racette
23 June 1965, American
Lina CavalieriLina Cavalieri
25 December 1874
Singer, Actor, Opera singer

Maria MalibranMaria Malibran
24 March 1808, Spanish, French
Eileen FarrellEileen Farrell
13 February 1920, American

Helen TraubelHelen Traubel
16 June 1899, American
Opera singer

Dawn UpshawDawn Upshaw
17 July 1960, American
Opera singer
Galina VishnevskayaGalina Vishnevskaya
25 October 1926, Russian
Russian opera singer

Mary GardenMary Garden
20 February 1874, American
Singer, Opera singer, Actor
Leyla GencerLeyla Gencer
10 October 1928, Turkish
Operatic Soprano

Teresa BerganzaTeresa Berganza
16 March 1933, Spanish
Soprano Singer

Ernestine Schumann-HeinkErnestine Schumann-Heink
15 June 1861, Austrian, German, American

Shirley VerrettShirley Verrett
31 May 1931, American
Operatic Soprano

Licia AlbaneseLicia Albanese
22 July 1909, Italian, American
Arleen AugerArleen Auger
13 September 1939, American

Vibeke SteneVibeke Stene
17 August 1978, Norwegian
Singer, Opera singer, Vocal coach

Amelita Galli-CurciAmelita Galli-Curci
18 November 1882, Italian

Emma CalvéEmma Calvé
15 August 1858, French
Operatic soprano
Anne BrownAnne Brown
09 August 1912, Norwegian, American

Lorraine Hunt LiebersonLorraine Hunt Lieberson
01 March 1954, American
Emmy DestinnEmmy Destinn
26 February 1878, Czech
Operatic Soprano

Giuditta PastaGiuditta Pasta
26 October 1797, Italian
Opera Singer

Tatiana TroyanosTatiana Troyanos
12 September 1938, American
Astrid VarnayAstrid Varnay
25 April 1918, American

Leonie RysanekLeonie Rysanek
14 November 1926, Austrian
Régine CrespinRégine Crespin
23 February 1927, French

He HuiHe Hui
1972 AD, Chinese
Operatic soprano

Camilla WilliamsCamilla Williams
18 October 1919, American
Opera singer
Regina ResnikRegina Resnik
30 August 1922, American
Opera Singer

Ghena DimitrovaGhena Dimitrova
06 May 1941, Bulgarian
Opera singer
Magda OliveroMagda Olivero
25 March 1910, Italian
Singer, Opera singer

Henriette SontagHenriette Sontag
03 January 1806, German
Operatic soprano

Lilli LehmannLilli Lehmann
24 November 1848, German
Operatic Soprano

Anneliese RothenbergerAnneliese Rothenberger
19 June 1924, German
June BronhillJune Bronhill
26 June 1929, Australian
Giulia GrisiGiulia Grisi
22 May 1811, Italian
Opera singer

Lillian NordicaLillian Nordica
12 December 1857, American
Opera Singer

Wilhelmine Schröder-DevrientWilhelmine Schröder-Devrient
06 December 1804, German
Operatic Soprano

Pilar LorengarPilar Lorengar
16 January 1928, Spanish
Dorothy KirstenDorothy Kirsten
06 July 1910, American
Opera singer

Faustina BordoniFaustina Bordoni
30 March 1697, Italian
Opera singer

Inga NielsenInga Nielsen
02 June 1946, Danish

Louise HomerLouise Homer
30 April 1871, American

Emma EamesEmma Eames
13 August 1865, American
Elisabeth SchumannElisabeth Schumann
13 June 1888, German, American
Soprano singer

Lucine AmaraLucine Amara
01 March 1924, American
Irina ArkhipovaIrina Arkhipova
02 January 1925, Russian

Evelyn LearEvelyn Lear
08 January 1926, American
Operatic Soprano
Betty AllenBetty Allen
17 March 1927, American
Opera Singer
Kitty CliveKitty Clive
05 November 1711, British