Throughout history, there have been many women animal rights activists who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female animal rights activists such as Angelina Jolie, Betty White, Pamela Anderson, Doris Day, Brigitte Bardot.The women animal rights activists featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Doris DayDoris Day
03 April 1922, American
Film actress
Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
04 June 1975, American
Actress, Filmmaker, Activist

betty whiteBetty White
17 January 1922, American
Actress, Writer, Comedienne

Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
01 July 1967, Canadian
American-Canadian actress

Bea ArthurBea Arthur
13 May 1922, American

Jane GoodallJane Goodall
03 April 1934, British
Alicia SilverstoneAlicia Silverstone
04 October 1976, American

Maneka GandhiManeka Gandhi
26 August 1956, Indian
Politician, Animal Rights Activist

Ali MacGrawAli MacGraw
01 April 1939, American

Linda Louise McCartneyLinda McCartney
24 September 1941, American
Photographer, Musician
Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot
28 September 1934, French
Actress & Animal Rights Activist

Martina NavratilovaMartina Navratilova
18 October 1956, American
Former Tennis Champion
Maryse OuelletMaryse Ouellet
21 January 1983, Canadian, American

Torrey DeVittoTorrey DeVitto
08 June 1984, American

Joanna LumleyJoanna Lumley
01 May 1946, British
Joanna CassidyJoanna Cassidy
02 August 1945, American

Alexandra PaulAlexandra Paul
29 July 1963, American
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
07 July 1968, American

Annie StarkeAnnie Starke
26 April 1988, American

Pamelyn FerdinPamelyn Ferdin
04 February 1959, American
Actress, Animal Rights Activist
Rukmini Devi ArundaleRukmini Devi Arundale
29 February 1904, Indian
Bharatnatyam Dancer

Ingrid NewkirkIngrid Newkirk
11 June 1949, British, American
President of People for the Ethical Treatment of
Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah JonesKenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones
09 February 1993, American
Quincy Jones' Daughter

Maggie McGuaneMaggie McGuane
28 October 1976, Canadian
Margot Kidder's Daughter

11 November 1968, Canadian

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang
02 November 1961, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Kim SearsKim Sears
10 December 1987, British
Kelly Rebecca NicholsKelly Rebecca Nichols
02 July 1968, American
Animal Rights Activist

Beth Ostrosky SternBeth Ostrosky Stern
15 July 1972, American
Actress, Author, Model

Elaine HendrixElaine Hendrix
28 December 1970, American