Famous Actors From Arkansas

Arkansas has produced a number of Actors who have made it big. These include Billy Bob Thornton, Ne-Yo, Wes Bentley, Alan Ladd, Clark Duke and others.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton
04 August 1955, American
Actor, Director, Singer-songwriter
18 October 1979, American
American singer-songwriter

Wes BentleyWes Bentley
04 September 1978, American

Alan LaddAlan Ladd
03 September 1913, American

Clark DukeClark Duke
05 May 1985, American

Laurence LuckinbillLaurence Luckinbill
21 November 1934, American
Hart DentonHart Denton
20 June 1993, American

Tommy MorrisonTommy Morrison
02 January 1969, American
Boxer, Actor

Levon HelmLevon Helm
26 May 1940, American
Singer, Musician, Autobiographer, Composer, Actor,

Gil GerardGil Gerard
23 January 1943, American
Rudy Ray MooreRudy Ray Moore
17 March 1927, American
Actor, Film producer

Louis JordanLouis Jordan
08 July 1908, American
Singer, Actor, Saxophonist, Jazz musician