Check out the list of notable University Of Central Florida (UCF) alumni.

University of Central Florida, also known as UCF is one of the most popular educational institutions in Orlando, Florida. It is immensely popular as one of the best ‘metropolitan public research university’ in the world. The Florida Legislature founded this reputed institution in the year 1963 and called it the ‘Florida Technological University’. The aim of opening this institution was to provide support to, growing U.S. space program at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Florida's Space Coast. In 1978, this outstanding institution was renamed as the ‘The University of Central Florida’, going on to becoming one of the most famous institutions in the world. Most of the students all over the world have dreamed of graduating from this institution to make a name for themselves in their career. Starting with 1,948 students this establishment has over lakhs of student who pass out every year. The alumni of this institution are making a name for themselves in every single field, be it, sports, entertainment, politics. They also have one of the best sports team in the world; they strive to be the best at everything they put their hands on. One of the most famous people who have graduated from this institution are the famous comedian, Daniel Tosh, the famous actress Cheryl Hines or for that matter, the super popular, Ericka Dunlap. This list of notable University Of Central Florida alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame. We are quite certain that you will be surprised by some of the notable University Of Central Florida alumni who made it to this list.
Monica SpearMónica Spear
(Model, Actress)

01 October 1984

06 January 2014




Megan BowenMegan Bowen
(YouTuber, Actress)

16 May 1989

Illinois, USA



Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall
(American football player)

23 March 1984




Francesca BattistelliFrancesca Battistelli
(Singer, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter)

18 May 1985

New York City



Sagi KalevSagi Kalev
(Bodybuilder, Model)

30 July 1971

Tel Aviv



Aric AlmirolaAric Almirola
(Racecar driver)

14 March 1984




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