Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe that is bordered by Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. The country is a parliamentary democratic republic with the President as the head of the state and Commander in chief of the armed forces. However, the office of the President is largely ceremonial and much of the executive powers lay with the Prime Minister who serves as the head of the government. Ever since its independence, Slovakia has had numerous leaders who have helped in the advancement of the country. They have helped Slovakia gain independence and become a high-income advanced economy that it is today. Some of the important leaders of the country include Michal Kováč, Vladimir Meciar, Rudolf Schuster, Ivan Gašparovič and so on. Iveta Radicova was the first women Prime minister of Slovakia. Current day Slovakia is run under the government of Robert Fico, the incumbent Prime Minister of Slovakia with Andrej Kiska as the incumbent President. Check out this section to get details about the life and works of famous Slovak leaders.
Gustáv HusákGustáv Husák
10 January 1913
Slovak Politician
Milan Rastislav ŠtefánikMilan Rastislav Štefánik
21 July 1880

Ľudovít ŠtúrĽudovít Štúr
28 October 1815

Andrej KiskaAndrej Kiska
02 February 1963
Former President of Slovakia

Vladimír MečiarVladimír Mečiar
26 July 1942

Ivan GašparovičIvan Gašparovič
27 March 1941
Former President of Slovakia
Mikuláš DzurindaMikuláš Dzurinda
04 February 1955
Slovak Politician

Michal KováčMichal Kováč
05 August 1930
Bank employee

Alexander DubcekAlexander Dubcek
27 November 1921
Jozef TisoJozef Tiso
13 October 1887

John ZápolyaJohn Zápolya
02 February 1487
Robert FicoRobert Fico
15 September 1964
Prime Minister

Andrej HlinkaAndrej Hlinka
27 September 1864

Zoltán TildyZoltán Tildy
18 November 1889

Iveta RadičováIveta Radičová
07 December 1956
Prime Minister

Ján KollárJán Kollár
29 July 1793
Vladimír ClementisVladimír Clementis
20 September 1902

Kálmán MikszáthKálmán Mikszáth
16 January 1847

Jozef LenártJozef Lenárt
03 April 1923

Baron Max Hussarek von HeinleinBaron Max Hussarek von Heinlein
03 May 1865
Vasil BilakVasil Bilak
11 August 1917

Bercsényi MiklósBercsényi Miklós
06 December 1665
Hungarian count