Having a history that dates back to the time as early as in sixth century, Scottish literature are works by Scottish writers who penned their works in English, Scottish, Gaelic, Scots, Brythonic, French, Latin, Norn or other languages. Historians, classicists, biographers, novelists, poets, critics, playwrights, humourists, essayists, annalist, diarists – Scottish writers have been omnipresent. They have made their worth count in all forms of literary pieces and helped Scotland gain a prominent place in the pantheon of world literature. From heroic epics to poignant tragedies, heart-melting poetry to rib-tickling humor, legendary history to unputdownable short stories, Scottish writers have been recognized in the world over. And while talking about Scottish writers one just cannot fathom the contribution by John Barbour and Robert Burns. While the former was the first major literary figure of Scotland, the latter was a pioneer of the Romantic Movement and was awarded with the title of national poet. And any discussion about Scottish writers and literature cannot be complete without the mention of Sir Walter Scott, a novelist and poet whose pursuits in literature created some of the finest ever works known to mankind! This probably best explains the fact that the world’s largest monument to an author is dedicated to him. With this write-up, follow the life and works of famous Scottish writers.
David McCallumDavid McCallum

19 September 1933

Alan CummingAlan Cumming

27 January 1965

Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson

13 November 1850

Robert BurnsRobert Burns

25 January 1759

Walter ScottWalter Scott

15 August 1771

Thomas CarlyleThomas Carlyle

04 December 1795

R. D. LaingR. D. Laing

07 October 1927

Andrew LangAndrew Lang

31 March 1844

Allan CunninghamAllan Cunningham

07 December 1784


25 April 1958

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Grant MorrisonGrant Morrison

31 January 1960

Philip KerrPhilip Kerr

22 February 1956

Ali SmithAli Smith

1962 AD

James Graham, 1st Marquess of MontroseJames Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose

25 October 1612

David BrewsterDavid Brewster

11 December 1781

William CullenWilliam Cullen

15 April 1710

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George BuchananGeorge Buchanan

01 February 1506

Denise MinaDenise Mina

1966 AD

Eric Temple BellEric Temple Bell

07 February 1883

William Montgomery WattWilliam Montgomery Watt

14 March 1909

James BeattieJames Beattie

25 October 1735

Peter MayPeter May

20 December 1951

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Henry DrummondHenry Drummond

17 August 1851

Alistair MacleanAlistair Maclean

21 April 1922

William DrummondWilliam Drummond

13 December 1585

Sir. James Matthew BarrieSir. James Matthew Barrie

09 May 1860