Scotland has produced a large number of sports stars who have time and again done the country proud with their victories and accomplishments. Interestingly, sport in Scotland is very popular and varied. Right from athletics to soccer, golf to snooker, cycling to boxing and racing to rugby, Scottish people indulge in all forms of sports. While the list of sportsperson from Scotland is quite huge and extensive, there are a notable few who have created a niche for themselves with their playing style, technique and achievements. And it is to these great Scottish sporting legends that we have this section for. When Andrew Watson played international football, he created history by becoming the first black player to ever do so. He was the first black professional footballer and the first to play in football league. World’s no. 2 tennis champion Andy Murray’s victories and career titles made him join the ranks of the greatest Scottish sporting giants. Sir Alex created history by becoming the most successful British football manager with his 48 trophies. Apart from men, Scootish women too have left an indelible mark on Scot sports. Catriona Matthews is amongst the world’s best known female golfers. Liz McColgan’s achievement on track as a middle and long distance road runner athlete is highly commendable. Know more about the achievements and victories of famous Scottish sportsperson with the biographies given below.
Alex FergusonAlex Ferguson
31 December 1941
Former Manager of Manchester United
David MoyesDavid Moyes
25 April 1963
Football Coach

Bill ShanklyBill Shankly
02 September 1913
Scottish Footballer and Manager

David CoulthardDavid Coulthard
27 March 1971
Racecar Driver

Eric LiddellEric Liddell
16 January 1902

Jock SteinJock Stein
05 October 1922
Football Manager
Alan HansenAlan Hansen
13 June 1955
Former Football Player & Football Analyst

Joanne CalderwoodJoanne Calderwood
23 December 1986
Mixed Martial Artist

Gordon StrachanGordon Strachan
09 February 1957
Scottish football manager

Liz McColganLiz McColgan
24 May 1964
Eilish McColganEilish McColgan
25 November 1990

Ethan HamiltonEthan Hamilton
18 October 1998
Andrew RobertsonAndrew Robertson
11 March 1994
association football player

John HigginsJohn Higgins
18 May 1975
snooker player

Scott ArfieldScott Arfield
01 November 1988
Association football player
Matt BusbyMatt Busby
26 May 1909
Association football player, Association football

Stephen MaguireStephen Maguire
13 March 1981
Snooker player
Colin MontgomerieColin Montgomerie
23 June 1963

Kris BoydKris Boyd
18 August 1983
Association football player

Judy MurrayJudy Murray
08 September 1959
tennis coach, tennis player
Tony WattTony Watt
29 December 1993
Association football player

Ryan GauldRyan Gauld
16 December 1995
Association football player
Liam CooperLiam Cooper
30 August 1991
Association football player

Derek McInnesDerek McInnes
05 July 1971
Association football player, Association football

Steve ArchibaldSteve Archibald
27 September 1956
Association football player, Association football

Brian McClairBrian McClair
08 December 1963
Association football player
Scott AllanScott Allan
28 November 1991
Association football player
James McFaddenJames McFadden
14 April 1983
Association football player

Colin HendryColin Hendry
07 December 1965
Association football player, Association football

Steven PressleySteven Pressley
11 October 1973
Association football player, Association football

Graeme SharpGraeme Sharp
16 October 1960
Association football player, Association football
Steve KeanSteve Kean
30 September 1967
Association football player, Association football

Alan McInallyAlan McInally
10 February 1963
Association football player

Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th BaronetSir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th Baronet
22 July 1862

Kirsty GilmourKirsty Gilmour
21 September 1993
badminton player

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George GrahamGeorge Graham
30 November 1944
association football player, association football
Paul GallagherPaul Gallagher
09 August 1984
association football player

David WeirDavid Weir
10 May 1970
association football player, association football
John FleckJohn Fleck
24 August 1991
association football player

James McCarthyJames McCarthy
12 November 1990
association football player

Alex NeilAlex Neil
09 June 1981
association football player, association football
Kevin MacDonaldKevin MacDonald
22 November 1960

David DentonDavid Denton
05 February 1990
rugby union player