Physicists are scientists who are astounded by the physical world and the universe. They are deeply interested in physical phenomenon or natural science and engage themselves in the study of matter and energy. Through observation and experimentation, they discover unknown facts about the physical world or try and explain the natural phenomenon. Thanks to physicists, concepts of gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear interaction have become known to one and all. Today, every country has its own pool of highly talented and gifted physicists who have contributed immensely in the better understanding of the physical world. Russia has been home to several highly renowned physicists who have through their intensive research and experimentation brought forth a new light in the field of physics. Be it Nikolay Basov’s invention of laser and maser or Sergey Chaplygin’s creation of aero ad hydrodynamics, Lev Landau’s development of Ginzburg Landau theory of superconductivity or Boris Mamyrin’s invention of reflectron, Russian physicists have greatly and widely contributed to the physical world. They have discovered physical laws and propounded theories that have explained the basic functioning and concepts. With this segment, know more about famous Russian physicists.
Leonhard EulerLeonhard Euler
15 April 1707
Mathematician, Physicist
Andrei SakharovAndrei Sakharov
21 May 1921
The Father of Soviet nuclear bomb’

George GamowGeorge Gamow
04 March 1904

Pyotr KapitsaPyotr Kapitsa
08 July 1894

Zhores Ivanovich AlferovZhores Ivanovich Alferov
15 March 1930

Pavel Alekseyevich CherenkovPavel Cherenkov
28 July 1904
Aleksandr ProkhorovAleksandr Prokhorov
11 July 1916

Nikolay BasovNikolay Basov
14 December 1922

Anatoli BugorskiAnatoli Bugorski
25 June 1942
physicist, nuclear scientist
Léon ThereminLéon Theremin
15 August 1896
Inventor, Engineer, Physicist, Scientist

Alexander FriedmannAlexander Friedmann
16 June 1888
Konstantin NovoselovKonstantin Novoselov
23 August 1974

Yulii KharitonYulii Khariton
27 February 1904

Alexander Stepanovich PopovAlexander Stepanovich Popov
16 March 1859
Physicist, Inventor, Engineer

Pavel FlorenskyPavel Florensky
22 January 1882

Vitaly GinzburgVitaly Ginzburg
21 September 1916
physicist, astronomer, inventor, professor
Alexei Alexeyevich AbrikosovAlexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov
25 June 1928

Vladimir ChelomeyVladimir Chelomey
30 June 1914

Alexander ProkhorovAlexander Prokhorov
11 July 1916

Nikolay SemyonovNikolay Semyonov
15 April 1896
Ilya FrankIlya Frank
23 October 1908

Pyotr LebedevPyotr Lebedev
24 February 1866
Nikolai RukavishnikovNikolai Rukavishnikov
18 September 1932

Gersh BudkerGersh Budker
01 May 1918

Gustav Heinrich Johann Apollon TammannGustav Heinrich Johann Apollon Tammann
09 June 1861
Boris Borisovich GolitsynBoris Borisovich Golitsyn
18 February 1862