Famous People From Romania
Romania is a republic in Southeast Europe. Officially named Romania in 1866, the country gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. Following World War II, Romania became a socialist economy but soon transitioned back towards democracy and a capitalist market economy. Romania follows a federal republic and democratic system in which the governance is divided into the legislative, executive and judiciary. However, unlike other federal republic countries, Romania has a semi-presidential republic. As such, the role of the President is not limited to a ceremonial position and he enjoys some executive powers along with the government. The President of Romania is publically elected. The President appoints the Prime Minister who in turn appoints the Cabinet Minister. Ever since its independence, Romania has had a number of prolific leaders who have played a quintessential role in helping to move the country forward with their leadership skills and magnificent administrative capabilities. Nicolae Ceausescu was the first president of Romania, while Ion Iliescu was the first to be democratically elected. Traian Basescu has thrice held the post of the President of Romania. Currently, the position is held by Klaus Iohannis. With this section, find out more about Romanian leaders, their life, work and profile.

Kwame NkrumahKwame Nkrumah

21 September 1909

Klaus IohannisKlaus Iohannis

13 June 1959

Ion IliescuIon Iliescu

03 March 1930

Emil ConstantinescuEmil Constantinescu

19 November 1939

Nicolae CeaușescuNicolae Ceaușescu

26 January 1918

Traian BăsescuTraian Băsescu

04 November 1951

Ion AntonescuIon Antonescu

02 June 1882

Ferdinand I of RomaniaFerdinand I of Romania

24 August 1865

Carol I of RomaniaCarol I of Romania

20 April 1839

Corneliu Zelea CodreanuCorneliu Zelea Codreanu

13 September 1899

Stephen III of MoldaviaStephen III of Moldavia

1432 AD

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Liviu DragneaLiviu Dragnea

28 October 1962

Michael the BraveMichael the Brave

1558 AD

Gheorghe Gheorghiu-DejGheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej

08 November 1901

Victor PontaVictor Ponta

20 September 1972

Joel TeitelbaumJoel Teitelbaum

13 January 1887

Nicolae IorgaNicolae Iorga

17 January 1871

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Horia SimaHoria Sima

03 July 1903

Emil BocEmil Boc

06 September 1966


0519 BC

Solomon SchechterSolomon Schechter

07 December 1847

Matthias Corvinus of HungaryMatthias Corvinus of Hungary

23 February 1443

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Elena UdreaElena Udrea

26 December 1973

Daciana SârbuDaciana Sârbu

15 January 1977

Adrian NăstaseAdrian Năstase

22 June 1950

Cătălin PredoiuCătălin Predoiu

27 August 1968

Elena CeauşescuElena Ceauşescu

07 January 1916

Mădălin VoicuMădălin Voicu

10 July 1952