Wade Barnes Bio

(American YouTube Gamer Known by His Online Pseudonym ‘LordMinion777’)

Birthday: April 3, 1989 (Aries)

Born In: Ohio, United States

Widely known by his online pseudonym ‘LordMinion777,’ Wade Barnes is an American online gamer. His incredible videos on 'Let's Plays' featuring various 'Minecraft' games have earned him tremendous fame. His collaboration with super popular gamer 'Markiplier' on the 'Vox Populi' server has been quite successful. Their most successful collaboration to date is the 'Minecraft' game series titled as 'Drunk Minecraft.’ The series literally changed Wade’s life forever, both professionally and personally. The success of the series not only garnered him losts of fame and success but also gave him his soulmate. Wade is engaged to the 'Twitch' streamer 'Molly,' better known as 'FoxTrot44.' Wade owns a 'YouTube' channel on which he publishes 'Minecraft' gameplay videos. He is active on other social media platforms too.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: LordMinion777

Also Known As: George Wade Barnes

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Males

U.S. State: Ohio

Rise to Stardom
Wade was always been a quiet child. Because of some tragic incidents in his childhood, Wade never opened up much. After his university education, he met the popular online gamer 'Mark Edward Fischbach,' better known as 'Markiplier.' Wade was highly motivated to learn about Mark’s 'YouTube' career goals. At that time, Mark was working on the 'Multiplayer Minecraft' server 'Vox Populi.' Mark was in the search of someone who could help him with the module. He offered the role to Wade and he was more than happy to accept it. This is how his journey to become a popular online gamer began.
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Wade’s online gaming career received a boost after the launch of the 'Minecraft' game series 'Drunk Minecraft.' Wade, Mark and Bob ‘Muyskerm’ were the main creators of this series. Game lovers went bonkers with the unique concept and the series became a huge hit. Unfortunately, the series had to be canceled due to Mark’s failing health.
After 'Drunk Minecraft,' Wade managed to create a name as an online gamer. Buoyed by this, he decided to create a 'YouTube' channel to publish his own gameplay content. He titled the channel ‘LordMinion777.’ The channel now has an incredible subscription base of more than a million. Wade often connects with his fans through the live streaming application 'Twitch.' His 'Twitter' handle has over 800 thousand followers to date. Wade’s 'Tumblr' account, which he uses to post 'Minecraft' content, too has reached a decent count of followers.
Wade, along with his two 'Minecraft' buddies, Mark, and Bob, have collectively written and directed the game series' 'Markiplier Being Dumb on Stage in Front of 1000 People with Friends at PAX East' and 'Markiplier's December Charity Livestream: Toys for Tots.'
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Wade & Molly�
Wade is currently engaged to popular 'Instagramer' and 'Twitch' streamer, Molly, better known by her online alias 'Foxtrot44.' They met on the game server 'Vox Populi' while playing the 'Drunk Minecraft.'
When Molly was going through a rough phase in her life, she used to watch Mark’s gameplay a lot. While watching the gameplay, she happened to see Wade playing on the server and instantly felt a connection. Later, Molly sent text messages to Wade to thank him. After a formal introduction, they began chatting a little more often. They ended up sharing their life stories which brought them closer.
Slowly, Molly had developed feelings for Wade but hesitated to express. While recording one of the 'Drunk Minecraft' videos, Wade asked if anybody online wanted to marry him. Molly so wanted to shout out her own name but stepped back because of her shyness. She instead shouted, "Who doesn't want to marry you?" She had no idea that her statement would be recorded and be later sent to Wade.
After that awkward 'Drunk Minecraft' episode got over, Molly messaged Wade asking to text her back. To surprise her, Wade texted her back a few days later and they began their chat spree. The chats eventually converted into video calls and Wade finally popped up the question.
They got engaged in 2016. Initially, they were in a distance relationship but now they both reside in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Personal Life
Wade Barnes was born on April 3, 1989, in Ohio. He has a half-brother named Josh and a half-sister named Ashley, both from his mother. He has never considered them as his half-siblings and has always treated them as his own.
Wade has a younger brother named Zach. He was four years old, when his father got addicted to alcohol and often displayed violent behavior. It was a tough time for them, especially for his mother, who single-handedly raised the kids and at the same time took care of her alcoholic husband. Despite this adversity, Wade’s childhood was full of fun. On August 22, 2000, Wade lost his father.
Wade was a basketball player during his high school. He completed his college from Miami and later went to 'Cincinnati University.' He initially opted for 'political science' as his major, but later switched to 'philosophy.' He graduated in 2011 and got a job at a gas station 'UDF.' He worked there for a couple of months and later left it to make a career as a gamer.
Before Molly, Wade was engaged to one of his college mates. They dated for quite some time but later called off the engagement due to their frequent fights.

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