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(American Internet Personality and Streamer on Twitch)

Birthday: March 7, 1995 (Pisces)

Born In: Missouri, United States

Tyler Steinkamp, also known as "Loltyler1," is a popular American gamer and 'Twitch' streamer. He has gained prominence for his 'Twitch' live-streaming channel, where he has millions of followers. Loltyler1 primarily creates montages for the game 'League of Legends' and broadcasts gameplays on 'Twitch' and his 'YouTube' channel. He is known for his energetic commentary on 'League of Legends' gameplay videos. Loltyler1 has been a favorite subject for memes, as his content is usually over-the-top toxic and rough. He is regarded as the most toxic player in North America.
Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Macaiyla

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Notable Alumni: Central Methodist University

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

U.S. State: Missouri

More Facts

education: Central Methodist University

Loltyler1 played football throughout his school and university days. He developed an interest in gaming content while studying computer science at the university. He began posting gaming content on 'Twitch' and 'YouTube,' using his online pseudonym, “Loltyler1” (now “Tyler1”).
Loltyler1 is best known for his 'League of Legends' gameplay videos that are available on his 'YouTube' channel. Loltyler1 also posts parody and roast videos on the channel. He once parodied 'The Joy of Painting,' a half-hour instructional TV show hosted by painter Bob Ross. Loltyler1 once made a 45-minute movie for his 'YouTube' channel. The movie featured him dealing with President Donald Trump, fighting with Dr. DisRespect’s goons and a floating 'Pepe the Frog' head. The video later became a controversial staple on 'Twitch.' The video was criticized for being absurd and of poor quality. The humor that Loltyler1 wanted to impart to the video did not work. Despite this, Loltyler1 has gained significant prominence for his energetic and funny commentary on 'League of Legends' gameplay videos. His 'YouTube' channel now has over a million subscribers.
Loltyler1 once hosted a private 'League of Legends' tournament on his 'YouTube' channel. His team, the 'Dream Stream Team,' featured gamers such as Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana, William “scarra” Li, and Marcus “Dyrus” Hill. The tournament broadcast amassed over 600 thousand hours of “views” in just a few hours of airtime. Loltyler1 became the most-viewed streamer of the week.
Loltyler1 has always been a subject of ridicule and mockery. Even his fans never miss a single chance of making fun of him online. Loltyler1 is also considered to be the most notorious 'League of Legends' streamer on 'Twitch.' He has now earned over 1.9 million followers on 'Twitch.' Loltyler1 has an 'Instagram' account with a little over 305 thousand followers. He also owns a line of clothing and accessories that is available for sale on his website.
On April 30, 2016, Loltyler1 was banned from 'League of Legends' for an indefinite period. Two years later, on January 4, 2018, an American video-game developer and e-sports tournament organizer named 'Riot Games' lifted the ban. Regarded as the most toxic player in North America, Loltyler1 was soon back on 'Twitch.' Following his comeback, he streamed on January 8 and broke the record for the most concurrent viewers. Even in his two years of absence, Loltyler1 managed to retain his massive fan base.
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Personal Life
Loltyler1 was born Tyler Steinkamp, on March 6, 1995. His hometown is New London, a city in coastal Connecticut. He attended 'Mark Twain High School' and played varsity football. Before he ventured into gaming, Loltyler1 was an avid football player. He later attended 'Central Methodist University' in Missouri and played as a running back on the university’s football team. He played in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. In his first year, Loltyler1 ended with 703 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns. However, his form deteriorated the following year. Loltyler1 bounced back in the 2015 season and ended the season with 431 yards and 1 touchdown. Loltyler1 has also earned his PhD in computer science. He made a place on the ‘Dean's List’ at the university in 2015. During his university days, Loltyler1 was known as "Waterbug," which is a common nickname for a running back.
Loltyler1 is in a relationship with popular 'Instagram' model Macaiyla. They started dating in February 2017. They met for the first time at the 2016 'TwitchCon.' Loltyler1 and Macaiyla now live together with three cats, namely, Theo, Nelson, and Emmitt.
Their relationship has gone through a lot of rough times in the past. Loltyler1 once accidentally leaked Macaiyla’s nude pictures online. She got him banned on 'Twitch' for a day by "flashing" the audience.
Loltyler1 is fond of sweets and enjoys cooking. He often works out at the gym.

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