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Twan Kuyper is a famous Dutch YouTube & Vine star. Let’s have a look into his personal & family life including girlfriends, net worth and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 19, 1995

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Netherlands

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 6'2" (188 cm), 6'2" Males


siblings: Jaz (brother), Lisa (sister)

Popularity Index
Vloggers #811 YouTubers #1162
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“Don’t follow your dreams, chase them” are the prudent words of 21 year old Twan Kuyper. This athletic ‘drop dead’ gorgeous Vine star and model has a message of perseverance and ambition for those admiring his success. With a net worth of 200,000 dollars, Twan Kuyper has been all over social media and is happily sailing through the television industry as well. Forbes has named him ‘The Future of Influencer and Brand Collaboration.’ Possessing the typical traits of his zodiac sign Pisces, Twan is creative, passionate and generous. Setting an example of humanitarianism, he supports the ‘Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease’ and ‘ChangUr’. He has acted in several television commercials and has featured in three films. He has proceeded on to endorse multiple brands working in collaboration with huge names. Yet he promotes only those brands that he truly likes. Twan builds an emotional connection in all his endeavors, he professes that it is his way of climbing the success ladder. With over two million followers he’s already stomping through success.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Beginning his career at the age of 16, with his cute looks and fitness regime, Twan easily made it for himself in the modeling world. He was a vital part of several photo shoots, print campaigns and runway and fashion shows. In 2013, he moved to South Florida, USA in order to pursue his career in modelling. It is here, that he was introduced to Vine by his best friend Lele Pons and on the same day he gained 80 thousand followers and within a week he had a fan following of one million. The fame harnessed from his first video encouraged Twan to keep posting videos and his followers soon multiplied. In 2015 he appeared in the movie ‘Fifth Harmony: Worth It, PARODY’ that landed him roles in ‘Woman on the Edge’ and ‘The Broken Record’ in 2016.
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What Makes Twan Kuyper So Special
  • If ravishing looks and ‘take home to mumma’ qualities aren’t enough to make this Vine star and model special, then adding values of humility and gratitude to this celebrity should certainly do the bit. This is what Twan has to say about his success - “I am fortunate to have already experienced many aspects of the industry and I look forward to continue learning and growing as a model.” Having befriended Lele, Rudy Mancuso, Christian Delgrosso, Bart Baker, Alec Bailey, Hayes Grier and Nash Grier in numerous Vine videos in a short span makes him one of the most popular Viners of all time.
Beyond Fame
  • Twan is a student of Business Administration; even though he is not an entrepreneur, he uses his knowledge in campaigning and endorsing brands. In an interview with Forbes he mentions that the only way to be the face of a brand is to create content that is original and fan-centric. He emphasizes on marketing that loops his fans into his branding strategy, like promising to follow a fan on ‘Twitter’ or meeting a fan. This helps him to connect and be a true social influencer. On a personal front, Twan is compassionate; he believes in cooperation and assisting peers and refrains from green eyed jealousy. In an interview he said, “Look at Vine and you’ll see Viners in each other’s Vines, every day. I think that it’s so great to not be jealous, and just jump in and help each other.”
Behind The Curtains
  • His ‘boy next door’ charm has everyone rooting for his name. Behind the scenes he is a family-oriented and hardworking person. He has posted quite a few videos with his sister Lisa, making his sibling love evident. Twan is a hardcore athlete and he loves to play basketball which he confesses is “a great way to stay in shape”. When not modelling or creating Vines, he has a fitness regime that drives him to the gym thrice a week. Not much is known about his love life, he appears as ‘single’ on all his social platforms. Though he has been seen dating a Dutch girl, he avoids mentioning her name. Twan’s willingness to learn and improve sets the stage for this rising star.
  • Twan wishes to work with Kevin Hart one day. Kevin is Twan’s favorite comedian. He finds Kevin so hilarious that just walking around with him in a video would be good enough for him.
Twan Kuyper

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