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Birthday: November 5, 2007 (Scorpio)

Born In: United States of America

Teddie Smith is an American YouTuber, best known for appearing in the popular all-girl collaborative YouTube channel, ‘SevenPerfectAngels.’ The channel has over 2.9 million subscribers with overall more than one billion views. Teddie has her own YouTube channel as well. Her channel has over 25,000 subscribers. She is also active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Google Plus. Her Instagram account has gathered over 4,000 followers. Teddie Smith’s sisters Georgie and Alexis are also popular internet stars, and are part of the famous YouTube channel, ‘SevenAwesomeKids.’
Quick Facts

Age: 15 Years, 15 Year Old Females


siblings: Alexis, Georgie

Social Media Career
Teddie Smith’s YouTube channel, ‘Teddie Bear,’ was created by her parents on May 1, 2011. Teddie was just four years old when the channel was created, but she graduaaly understood the importance of speaking well in front of the camera.
By the time she was seven, she had the confidence and ability to speak well and engage her audience for about a few minutes. Around that time, some of her videos like ‘Teddie’s New Channel’ and ‘Teddie’s Christmas Haul’ started gathering traction.
She then started posting ‘question & answer’ videos and vlogs, which further increased her popularity. With more than a million views, her YouTube channel is fast becoming popular.
Her popularity helped her join the famous all-girl collaborative YouTube channel, ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ in 2017. She currently appears on the channel every Saturday.
Teddie Smith also owns an Instagram account, which has over 4,000 followers. She usually posts videos and photographs, taken along with her sisters, on her Instagram account, ‘teddiebears15.’
Personal Life & Family
Teddie Smith was born on November 5, 2007, in the United States of America. She was exposed to the world of social media very early in her life as her older sisters Georgie and Alexis were already famous online for appearing in YouTube videos.
Teddie too developed a liking towards social media and YouTube, and hence her parents decided to create a separate YouTube channel for her when she was just four years old.
She started practicing gymnastics right from her elementary school days. She also took to sports and started playing games like volleyball, soccer, etc. Teddie doesn't like going to school as she thinks school is boring.
She developed a liking towards music and sang her favorite songs when she was pretty young. Taylor Swift is one of her favorite musicians. In fact, she prefers listening to Taylor Swift over Ariana Grande. She wants to become a pop star when she grows up.
She loves spending time with her sisters. According to Teddie, her sisters have a cool collection of items and getting to share their stuff is the favorite part of growing up with them. However, she thinks having sisters is hard! Among all the places she has visited with her sisters, Disneyland is her favorite.
In one of her ‘question & answer’ videos, she was asked about her favorite word and favorite TV show. While she was able to come up with her favorite word fairly quickly, she took a long time before deciding on her favorite TV show. While ‘Teddy’ is her favorite word, ‘Cupcake Wars’ is her favorite TV show.
When she was asked to speak about her favorite wish, she thought about it for a while and spoke about her second favorite wish as she thinks speaking about her favorite wish might dampen the magic involved in the wish! So, her second favorite wish would be to live in a gum-land!

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