Tara Massicotte Bio

(Canadian Social Media Personality, Writer, Traveler, and Blogger)

Birthday: January 5, 1995 (Capricorn)

Born In: Toronto

Tara Massicotte is a Canadian YouTuber, writer, blogger, and traveler. She is best known for her blogs, which she posts on the social networking site Tumblr. She is also famous for her YouTube videos. She started off by writing blogs in the microblogging and social networking site Tumblr. Her quirky style of writing hit the right notes with her readers and this became her stepping stone to success. As she was a keen traveler, she never missed an opportunity to go on trips. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in the American entertainment industry. After landing in Los Angeles, she created two YouTube channels, namely ‘Tara Michelle’ and ‘Tara Michelle Vlogs.’ Soon, she started gaining popularity and over a period of time, she became famous for her travel videos, makeup tutorials, fashion tutorials, and DIY videos. She eventually gained a huge fan following on other social media platforms as well, and is currently known as one of the most popular internet sensations.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In January

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Females

Born Country: Canada

City: Toronto, Canada

More Facts

education: The University of Toronto

Early Life
Tara Michelle Massicotte was born in Toronto, Canada, on January 5, 1995. She was a curious kid since her childhood and was always considered the black sheep of her family. She also loved travelling along with her family. Her love for traveling later helped in her blogging career.
Tara wasn’t good at studies, but excelled at extracurricular activities during her school days. After finishing high school, she enrolled herself at ‘The University of Toronto, but she soon dropped out of college, leaving her family upset. In order to keep herself busy, she started blogging on Tumblr, where she expressed her opinions on different things.
At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles on her own to make a career out of modelling and writing. However, she was rejected by many modelling agencies as she was considered ‘too short’ to be a model. She then turned her attention towards YouTube and started posting videos on makeup tutorials.
Her initial days in Los Angeles were not great, as she had to struggle a lot just to make both ends meet. But she kept going and subsequently landed a few odd jobs, which took care of her daily needs. She also continued posting videos on YouTube.
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Rise to Fame
In June 2013, she uploaded a video titled ‘My Senior Prom.’ As the title suggests, the video was about her high school prom. Though the video did not become viral, it did manage to clock up a decent number of views, which boosted her confidence.
She kept on uploading random videos on her YouTube channel. Some of her videos, such as her birthday bash, holiday trips, greet & meet, etc. earned her little more than 20,000 views in total.
A couple of months later, she created another YouTube channel and kept posting videos on both the channels. She created ‘Tara Michelle Vlogs’ for posting videos about her everyday life, while ‘Tara Michelle’ was created to post a variety of videos pertaining to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.
One of her videos, titled ‘How I Edit My Instagram Pictures,’ clocked up more than 90,000 views, which was a major achievement for her. Another video titled ‘Fall Morning Routine: University Edition’ crossed 100,000 views. She soon climbed up the ladder of success as she started gaining more subscribers on both her channels.
Apart from her make-up tutorials and fashion videos, she also became famous for her interactive videos where she answered interesting questions posed by her fans. Since she feels comfortable in sharing details about her personal life, she often comes up with honest answers, regardless of the question posed.
The laid-back attitude of Tara is one of the biggest reasons for her popularity as an internet celebrity. While her channel ‘Tara Michelle’ has more than 850,000 subscribers, ‘Tara Michelle Vlogs’ has over 300,000 subscribers. Apart from posting videos on her YouTube channels, she is also trying to pursue a career in fashion designing.

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