Soph Aspin Biography

(Rapper, Grime Artist)

Birthday: August 19, 2000 (Leo)

Born In: Manchester, England

Soph Aspin is an English rapper, who is one of the grime artists from the roster of Blackpool Grime Media, the most productive of three heavily populated YouTube channels firmly rooted on the Blackpool grime scene. She is mostly known for her beefs with fellow BG Media members Little T, Millie B and Courtney Jade. She has already gained over 200k followers on her Instagram account. She is also a YouTube star on her own right and calls herself the "proper queen of Blackpool grime". She loves to perform on stage in front of her fans in Blackpool gatherings. Along with Little T and Afghan Dan, she had appeared in two parts of the documentary 'Noisey Blackpool'. She also performed with them on stage for the first time during the premiere of the first part of the documentary in London.
Rise to Stardom
Soph Aspin became involved in the Blackpool grime scene after her mother moved the family from Manchester to Blackpool. Soph Aspin had originally started out as a singer, posting a video of her singing on Facebook. However, she became the target of ridicule and bullying by her peers at her new school in Blackpool, which moved her towards grime. She was the first girl on BG Media and was instantaneously a fan favorite. Nevertheless, it is her rivalry with the then-12-year-old Little T that brought her into public attention in mid-2016. It was followed by two more short-lived beefs with Millie B and Courtney Jade. After all of the original videos were removed from the BG Media channel, she created her own YouTube channel in December 2016 and re-uploaded her previous tracks. She has not given up on singing either, and wants to be known for being good at both grime and singing.
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Beefs with Other Grime Artists
Soph Aspin's beef with Little T started after the latter posted the video 'Who You Are [Soph Aspin Send]', asking 'Why is this girl, yeah, trying to spit?' Aspin replied with her own video 'Thinkin' He's Hard [Little T Reply]', in which she dismissed him as a 'Year 8'. Little T came back with the track 'Deeper [Soph Aspin Reply]', which was considerably shorter and hardly added enough to the ongoing fight. To make up for it, he teamed up with fellow rapper Dylan Brewer and posted another track to take on Aspin and her regular dissing partner CallyManSam.
While Little T left most of the dissing to Brewer in the video, it quickly escalated the beef to problematic levels for the teenaged rappers as he talked about controversial sexual acts. Aspin took a long time to reply with the video 'You Know Who (Little T Reply)', and even then, she kept on abusing his mother throughout the video. Nevertheless, it seemed that she had the upper hand at this point. By the time Little T replied to her in another track, he had already moved from grime to (now known as TikTok). They later patched up during the shooting of the documentary about Blackpool grime.
In early December 2016, Soph Aspin ended up in a new beef with Millie B, who purposefully sent for her to challenge her status as the proper queen of Blackpool grime. Soon after, Aspin uploaded the repetitive track 'Are You Mad (Mille B Reply)', only to receive another unimpressive reply from Millie, titled 'Back Again (Soph Aspin Reply)', in which she puts herself beside top BG Media artists like Afgan Dan, Brewer and Little T. Aspin once again finished the beef in style with her savage diss track which also featured Little T as a twist. By August 2017, BG Media had pitted another older girl, Courtney Jade, against Aspin, but fans were not impressed by her and following a few diss-track exchanges, Aspin made it clear that there was no competition between them. Interestingly, around this time, she had also teamed up with Mille B for a diss track against Little T titled 'About That'.
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Personal Life
Soph Aspin was born on August 19, 2000 in Manchester, England. She has a younger brother named Alex Aspin. She grew up in different parts of Manchester including Bolton and Aspen, but moved to Blackpool during her teenage years after her mother decided to relocate there. She was initially sad about moving away from Manchester, but after getting bullied in her new school, she decided to use the opportunity to be a part of the Blackpool grime scene as a form of escapism. Her brother, Alex, also became a member of the BG Media group and the two have performed together in a couple videos. According to her Facebook profile, she appears to be dating someone. She is a mature girl for her age and has already made plans for higher studies in college.

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