Sandra Good Biography

Sandra Good

Birthday: February 20, 1944 (Pisces)

Born In: San Diego, California, United States

Sandra Good is a long-time associate of the infamous American criminal and cult leader Charles Manson. She joined the quasi-community named the ''Manson Family'' in 1968. Despite her deep connection with the ''Manson Family,'' which committed several murders, Good was not involved in the infamous Tate–LaBianca murders, one of the most hyped Manson crimes. She was a good friend of another Manson member, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. She conducted a credit-card theft and was also part of an environmental movement that was nothing short of a terrorist group. Good, as a gesture of supporting Manson and his ideas, threatened several business people she believed were harming the environment. After her last parole ended in the late 1980s, she stayed away from appearing in public. She has not been heard since then.
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Quick Facts

Also Known As: Sandra Collins Good

Age: 78 Years, 78 Year Old Females


children: Ivan S. Pugh

Born Country: United States

American Women Pisces Women

Height: 1.57 m

U.S. State: California

City: San Diego, California

More Facts

education: Point Loma High School, California State University, Sacramento

Childhood & Early Life
Sandra Collins Good was born on February 20, 1944, in San Diego, California, U.S., to an aeronautical engineer. As an infant, she was declared dead but was saved moments later.
She grew up with two elder sisters. Her parents divorced when she was just 4.
Good was a member of the 'Student Opinion Club' of her alma mater, 'Point Loma High School.' She later attended the 'California State University Sacramento' (where she studied ethnobotany), the 'University of Oregon,' and the 'San Francisco State College,' but dropped out without obtaining a degree, each time
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Association with the Mason Family
Good officially joined the infamous ''Manson Family'' in April 1968. After a few months, she moved in with the family at their new home at the ‘Spahn Movie Ranch.’ Like other members of the family, Charles Manson, the leader of the family, called her by the nickname ''Blue,'' which represented clean air and water.
She eventually became a prominent associate of the family. Despite this, she was not involved in the infamous murders of actor Sharon Tate, supermarket executive Leno LaBianca, and Leno’s wife, Rosemary LaBianca, in 1969. The killings took place on August 9 and 10. On the night of the murders, Good and another “Manson” member, Mary Brunner, were in jail.
On August 8, the two were arrested in San Fernando, California, for using stolen credit cards to buy products from a ‘Sears’ store. They tried to flee but were caught and were subsequently found in possession of many stolen credit cards and fake identification cards. They were then kept in the 'Sybil Brand Institute Reception Center.'
They came back to the ranch at the Manson home but got arrested after a raid on August 16. Good displayed no disgust for Manson. Instead, she stated that she respected all who had committed the murders. She shaved her head and carved an "X" on her forehead to show her support for Manson while he went through his trials.
On September 16, Good gave birth to her son, Ivan S. Pugh. The identity of the child's father could not be ascertained. Many sources suggest that the child had been fathered by Joel Pugh, whose dead body was found in England on December 1, 1969. Not much is known about Good's son. However, he reportedly attended college on a football scholarship.
In October 1971, the police arrested Good for helping a Manson family associate named Kenneth Como in a botched escape from the ‘Hall of Justice.’
After Manson was convicted, Good and an 'Aryan Brotherhood' member named Steve Bekins, who was previously a conman, moved to Oregon. In July 1972, she was arrested again for sheltering Bekins, who was charged with robbing a supermarket. After he was imprisoned, Good left the town.
Later, in December, she was found in San Francisco. She was then moved to Oregon, where she was given a clean chit.
Good then moved to Sacramento with Lynette Fromme, another “Manson Family” member, and they became nuns under the 'Order of the Rainbow,' established by Manson. Following this, Good lived a life of complete abstinence.
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However, the two became obsessed with the environment and set the fictitious terrorist group called the 'International Peoples Court of Retribution.' As part of the group, they threatened to assassinate the executives and CEOs of companies that polluted the environment.
On September 10, 1975, in an interview with Barbara Frum on the ‘CBC’ radio program 'As It Happens,' Good threatened to kill those who destroyed trees.
On December 22, the ‘Federal Grand Jury’ in Sacramento accused Good and another “Manson” devotee, Susan Murphy, of attempting or conspiring by threatening more than 170 corporate executives through mails. She was convicted on March 16, 1976.
On April 13, she was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment at the 'Terminal Island Prison.' However, she was later moved to Pleasanton, California. The air-check of her telephonic interview with Bob Bratina on 'CHML Radio' was produced as the prosecution’s evidence during Good's trials in Sacramento.
When Good was finally moved from California to Alderson in West Virginia, she met Lynette again. Good was released on parole in December 1985, on the condition that she would never return to California. She briefly lived in Vermont under the alias “Sandra Collins.” She was also known as ''Blue Collins.”
Good went back to her threatening spree in the name of raising awareness for environmental conservation. She and Lynette vehemently supported Manson's bizarre environmental movement and established an organization called 'Air Trees Water Animals' (ATWA).
She had to leave Vermont in 1989, after her dangerous environmental activism was highlighted in the news and her real identity was made public.
After her parole ended, Good moved to Hanford, California, near the ‘Corcoran State Prison,’ where Manson was imprisoned. However, she was not allowed to see him.
In January 1996, Good and George Stimson started the website 'Access Manson' (which does not exist at present). The website claimed to be a reliable source of Manson's cult. In her weird ways, Good continued to support Manson and his thought. She even claimed that he was innocent and had not committed the murders.
There is no information regarding Good's current whereabouts.
In 1970, Good, Lynette, and other “Manson Family” members provided additional vocals to Manson's musical album 'The Family Jams.'
The 2019 documentary special 'Manson: The Women,’ aired on ‘Oxygen,’ featured Good.

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