Samuel Soba Biography

(Husband of the Famous Pop Singer, Keri Hilson)

Birthday: 1982 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States

Samuel Soba is the husband of the famous singer and pop-star, Keri Hilson. Soba’s identity is a mystery as there are many contradictory information available pertaining to who Samuel Soba actually is. When searched for ‘Samuel Soba’ on the internet, all the websites display information of the NBA player, Serge Ibaka. Some of the articles even say that the couple has a son named Jayden, but not a single image of him is available to be seen anywhere. Many sources have even circulated a rumor of divorce between Keri and Soba, citing Serge to be the reason behind their separation. However, some suggest that Soba and Serge are one and the same. As far as the images of Samuel Soba are concerned, all the pictures available on the internet are that of Serge Ibaka’s. Keri too, has never opened up to the media about her married life or husband.

Quick Facts

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Keri Hilson (m. 2002)

Born Country: United States

Family Members American Men

Height: 1.75 m

U.S. State: Ohio

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Samuel Soba & Keri Hilson
As per Samuel Soba’s biography, he got married to the pop-star, Keri Hilson, on 17 March 2002. They met at an event two years before their wedding and started dating each other. Unlike other celebrities, Keri kept the information about her relationship with Samuel under wraps. Even their wedding was not allowed to be covered by the media and was a low key affair.
After a few years, rumors claiming that Keri has given birth to a boy named Jayden were circulated. However, there is not even a single image of the boy available anywhere on the internet. Also, details about the boy haven’t been mentioned in any of Keri Hilson’s biographies.
Though Keri has never revealed anything about her husband, she never hesitates to pose with him in public. Many of her pictures with her husband are available on the internet. But again, if one searches for Samuel Soba the result images are that of the NBA player’s.
Another rumor, that went viral, claimed that Keri is on the verge of getting divorced. The reason behind her divorce was said to be Keri’s extra marital affair with Serge. But Keri put all the rumors to rest by making a public appearance with Samuel at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.
Another popular and trusted source revealed that Keri and Serge started their relationship in 2012 which they ended in 2016. Tabloids on the other hand suggested that either Samuel was fine with Keri’s relationship with Serge or they both are the same person with two different names.
Their respective timeline has a different story to tell. If Serge and Samuel are one and the same, then according to Serge’s birthdate which happens to be 18 September 1989, Serge was just 12 years old at the time of Keri’s wedding. This is obviously illegal unless someone lied about Serge’s age. Interestingly, the biographies of both Soba and Serge are available on the internet and they are different from each other.
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Personal Life
Samuel Soba was born on December 1982 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States. As mentioned before, Samuel’s identity is a mystery, so not much is known about his childhood and education. Also, the height of Samuel as per his biography is 5 feet 9 inches. Interestingly, Keri too, is of the same height. But the images tell a different story. In the images, Samuel is way taller than her which contradicts to the mentioned height of Samuel.
Also, the height mentioned for Samuel cannot hold true for Ibaka. So, this again contradicts with the reports that claim that they both are one and the same. However, if it is true, then Samuel was brought up during the Second Congo War. This fact too, contradicts with the wedding date of Soba and Keri.
Some sources revealed that Samuel Soba might be an imaginary character, created by either media or Keri herself in order to keep her private life a secret. The other possibility is that Samuel Soba’s other name is Serge Ibaka. It is clear that Samuel Soba’s identity is a mystery which can only be solved by either him or Keri. Because Keri never answers any questions related to her husband and her married life, these many questions pertaining to Samuel Soba’s identity have cropped up.

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