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Ryan Johnston is a Canadian–American artist and social-media personality. Check out this biography to know about his family, personal life, career, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 15, 1992

Nationality: Canadian

Girlfriend: Amanda (ex)

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born in: Montreal

Famous as: Artist, Social Media Personality


siblings: Catherine Paiz, Joshua and Valentina

City: Montreal, Canada

Popularity Index
Vloggers #104 YouTubers #414
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Ryan Johnston is a Canadian–American artist and social-media personality. He sketches portraits and landscapes using various kinds of art materials such as charcoal and spray paints. He posts his artwork on his 'Instagram' page and trades them on his website. By the time he turned 20, Ryan turned completely blind due to keratoconus, a progressive eye disease. He gained his eyesight back after a surgery. Ryan also owns a 'YouTube' channel where he vlogs about his life. He has also appeared a few times on the highly subscribed 'YouTube' family channel 'The ACE Family,' which is owned by his sister Catherine Paiz and her husband, Austin McBroom.

Social-Media Fame
  • Ryan always had an inclination toward art. He created an 'Instagram' page in September 2013, to showcase his talent to the world. He initially posted pencil and charcoal sketches and later ventured into spray painting.
  • Ryan’s art suffered due to keratoconus, which had affected his eyesight badly. At one point, he became completely blind. He had an eye surgery in June 2017 and got his eyesight back. The whole surgery was sponsored by his sister Catherine Paiz and her husband, Austin McBroom, the owners of the family 'YouTube' channel 'The ACE Family.'
  • After the surgery, Ryan’s social-media career took a new turn. He continued to post his artwork on his 'Instagram' page and simultaneously created a 'YouTube' channel. The content on the channel is a mixed bag of storytimes, pranks, challenges, travel vlogs, and tag videos. The video of his eye surgery, too, is available on the channel. The channel has featured his family members, friends, and his former girlfriend. The channel now has over 891 thousand subscribers. Ryan’s 'Instagram' page has over 450 thousand followers.
  • Ryan owns a website where he trades his paintings. He also posts his blogs on the website.
  • Ryan wishes to become a spiritual and inspirational orator in the future.
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Personal Life
  • Ryan was born on July 15, 1992, in Montreal, Canada. He lived in China for five years with his father. "YouTuber" Catherine Paiz is Ryan's elder sister. He has a younger brother named Joshua and a younger sister named Valentina. Ryan’s parents are divorced. Growing up, Ryan traveled to several countries. He is multilingual and can speak English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Ryan had a speech impediment when he was a child. He currently lives with his mother in Florida.
  • Ryan was good at physics in high school. He graduated high school in 2010 and dropped out of university the following year. His first job involved selling lawn care services. He has also worked as a dishwasher.
  • Ryan dated 'Instagram' star Amanda Perez in 2017. He met Amanda for the first time on the day of his surgery. She was a receptionist at the eye clinic where Ryan had the surgery. Ryan was completely smitten by her beauty. While completing the official formalities for the surgery, he showed Amanda some of his work posted on 'Instagram.' His artwork triggered their conversation, and they ended up exchanging their 'Instagram' IDs. Later, Ryan found he had a lot of things in common with Amanda. After the surgery, Amanda and Ryan were both scheduled to travel to Tampa, Florida. She carried her dog, Nala, with her, while Ryan had a cat of the same name. Back in Tampa, they went for a dinner date, where Ryan discovered more similarities with Amanda. She had a Chinese calligraphy tattoo, and Ryan had spent a major part of his childhood in China. A few months later, Ryan proposed to Amanda. Their relationship went through a rocky phase in 2018, before they eventually parted ways.
  • After his break-up with Amanda, Ryan was rumored to have dated his best friend, Andrea. Ryan later made a video in which he denied any such rumor and clearly stated that Andrea was just her good friend.
  • Ryan’s all-time favorite color is blue. He also loves shades of yellow and purple.

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