Ree Kid Bio

(Australian Instagram Star)

Birthday: June 15, 2006 (Gemini)

Born In: Australia

Ree Kid is a social media celebrity best known as a prominent Youtube star. He runs the self-titled Youtube channel Reekid where he posts VR gaming content for over 1.07 million subscribers. He often collaborates with The Boys and has created a lot of interesting content with the Youtube group. He is also a popular face on Instagram, having close to 265k followers on his reekidofficial account. Ree Kid is also active on Twitch as Ree_ Kid and has over 271k followers on his account.

Rise to Fame

Ree Kid marked his debut on Youtube in 2020 with his video titled “Channel Trailer.” He has gained considerable notoriety on the platform for VR video game content and his funny gameplay commentaries. Ree Kid has frequently collaborated with Youtube star Joshdub and has often been invited to the official channel of The Boys. In 2020 he became a recipient of Youtube’s Silver Creator Award after his channel surpassed 100k subscribers. He shared the achievement via Instagram.

Ree Kid has marked his debut on Instagram in 2019. He is known for his comedic videos and quirky photos that have made him fairly popular on the platform. Ree Kid is also a Twitch streamer with hundreds of thousands of followers. However, he is currently inactive on Twitch.

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Personal Life

Ree Kid was born on June 15, 2006, in Australia. He has not revealed anything related to his family or parentage on social media. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Ree Kid has not shared his real name but he once revealed that his name starts with the letter A. Interestingly, he used an online username called Antornth. It is heavily speculated that his username was inspired by his real name.

In August 2020, The Boys released a video titled where they talked about how they all met each other. In the video, JoshDub and Mully narrated how they actually met Ree Kid and how they all three started making content together. According to Mully, Ree Kid was a fan of Josh and used to often slip into their gaming server. He was often trolled by Mully and Josh but he kept coming back. He was later invited by Mully and JoshDub for collaboration. Even though Ree Kid is not an official member of The Boys, he is still considered an important part of the band.

Ree Kid has not shared his relationship status as of yet.

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