Princess D Bio

(Rapper and Dancer)

Birthday: August 16, 2006 (Leo)

Born In: Atlanta, Georgia

Princess D became a popular toddler when her video was uploaded on YouTube under the username of Briannah Cox. She was recorded rapping and dancing. Her adorability stormed the internet and by the time she turned four, she had gained thousands of users. She soon took over uploading her own videos on the same account, which were more professional. She later joined some fellow YouTubers and began a channel called the ‘Dsquaredlive’. Together these young talents upload videos of their own song versions along with their ‘NaeNae’ dance form. She joined Instagram very recently and has already built a flattering fan following of 57.4 K and presently more than 70K followers on her YouTube channel.

Quick Facts

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

City: Atlanta, Georgia

U.S. State: Georgia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Who doesn’t like to watch fresh talent? And when it comes from a preschooler, there is bound to be truckloads of attention. The same goes for Princess D—sinceher videos hit YouTube, she has been loved by many viewers. This little preschooler had the right amount of ‘sassy’ mixed with smart. Her videos were so cute, that one could hardly resist watching them. She has ever since aspired to be an actress with plenty of dialogue deliveries and acting videos also doing the rounds. Her innocence is so captivating that thousands began following her on her channel. She joined the Dsquared group that also features YouTube sensation ‘D Starr’. Together they make and upload dance videos and challenges; they also perform at stage shows.

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What Makes Princess D So Special

Apart from being one of the youngest entertainers on social media, she has diversified talents. She is a wonderful rapper and dancer; she is also a fabulous actress. From the age of 4 she has been interested in acting. Her videos are engaging as she is always bubbling with confidence and knows how to intrigue her viewers. She loves going to the School of Arts, where she focuses primarily on dance. But above all, she loves her family, especially her grandmother, who she can’t stay without. She loves to learn new dance forms and has mastered the ‘NaeNae’ style, which is a celebratory dance that was first introduced by the Atlanta quintet WeAreToonz. She aspires to reach the stars and works hard towards gaining her fame.

Beyond Fame

Princess D is best friends with another YouTuber ‘D Starr.’ The two have a blast together and hang out most of the time with each other, often throwing challenges at one another and uploading them on YouTube. It is fun to watch them playfully arguing and at the same time sharing a strong bond of friendship. Princess D wants to become an actress who stars in only blockbusters; she takes inspiration from China Anne McClain and Nadej Bailey. Her role model and favorite artist is Nicki Minaj. Apart from being a YouTube celebrity, she loves spending most of her time practicing dance and gymnastics.

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Behind The Curtains

Not much is known about her family, but she has an elder brother and loves being the little sister as she gets all the attention at home and can bully her elder brother. She is so talented that her family began uploading her videos even before she knew how famous she had become!Her folks extend plenty of support to her. She loves watching television and her favorite show is ‘Ant Farm’, and her favorite movies are ‘Drumline’, ‘Stomp The Yard’, and ‘Dream Girls.’ Her favorite sport apart from gymnastics is cheerleading. She loves many cuisines but her most desired comfort food is chicken with vinegar chips. She also loves reading and her all-time, most read book is ‘Brown Bear.’ She secretly loves to teach, and thus she teaches dance to those who want to learn from her. She isn’t dating anyone as she is only ten years old, and is enjoying her childhood with the celebrity status she has earned!


She began rapping at the age of 3.

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