Poppy Mead Bio

(Social Media Influencer and TikTok Star)

Birthday: August 14, 2002 (Leo)

Born In: England, United Kingdom

Poppy Mead is a British TikTok star. Her dance clips, lip-syncs, and comedy videos on her TikTok channel, poppy.mead, have earned her over 41.7 million likes and more than 477.7 thousand fans. She also has a successful YouTube channel through which she shares her life vlogs, relationship advice, and beauty tips. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she was part of the TikTok reality show KG Love Island. She also attended the show’s meet-up held in July 2020.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In August

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females


siblings: Kirsty, Lewis, Nathan, Ross

Born Country: England

Early Life

Poppy Mead was born on August 14, 2002, in England. She has three brothers, Nathan, Lewis, and Ross, and a sister named Kirsty. Not much is known about her family or education.

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Career: Her Rise on TikTok

Poppy Mead began her journey on social media through YouTube. However, she gained fame through her dance clips, lip-syncs, and comedy videos on her TikTok channel, poppy.mead. The channel has gained over 41.7 million likes and more than 477.7 thousand fans. Her TikTok bio states “Hate is simply deleted over here.”

She uploaded her first video on the platform in January 2020. When the COVID-19 lockdown began, she was struggling with mental health issues. However, she began posting content on TikTok regularly and that helped lift her mood. The first video on Poppy’s channel that reached over a million views was a comedy clip about a high-school classmate. In February 2020, she uploaded a duet with social-media influencer Brian Louis.

Her self-titled YouTube channel was launched on February 8, 2015. Her make-up tutorials and vlogs on the channel have earned her over 43 thousand subscribers and more than 485 thousand views to date.

One of her most noteworthy videos is GIRLY TALK TMI Q&A | BOYS, PERIODS, HEART BREAK!!! | Poppy Mead :), which was launched on May 23, 2020, and has gained 74 thousand views. The video shows her talking about her own experience with boys and about her first period.

Poppy Mead was part of the online reality show KG Love Island during the COVID-19 lockdown. The show consisted of a bunch of TikTok stars participating in a dating contest. It was based on the original ITV2 dating show Love Island UK and had TikTok stars sharing their lives with other TikTok stars (KG Love Island co-contestants), through texts, video chats, TikTok videos, live dates, and challenges. Poppy also participated in the KG LOVE ISLAND MEET UP and vlogged about her experience through the YouTube video KG LOVE ISLAND MEET UP VLOG !!! |Poppy Mead| on July 19, 2020. The video has gained more than 185 thousand views.

Poppy has a Depop shop, too, where people can buy her brand of merchandise.

Poppy Mead as a Person

Poppy Mead hates arrogance in people. She wants to be considerate and kind but not too nice, as people tend to take advantage of people who are too nice.

She was 12 when she got her first period. She revealed that she had texted her mother about it, as she was at home at that time but her mother was not.

Replying to a fan query about a time when she was heartbroken, Poppy Mead said it was after she had broken up from her first boyfriend. She was in a year-long relationship with him. She also revealed that she had been cheated on before that but could not eat or sleep properly for days after her break-up.

Poppy once revealed that she does not like her skin much. She is known for her pink-streaked hair. She also said that while she would not avoid shaving her armpits ever, whether one wants to shave one’s body hair or not is entirely a person’s own decision. She believes one should not be forced into shaving one’s body hair.


It is not clear whether Poppy Mead is currently in a relationship. She, however, stated that her perfect man would be someone tall, dark, and handsome. However, she also sadly stated that she usually does not come across such charming people.

She also said that one should not look for a relationship and that a girl does not need a boy to be happy.

Answering a fan query, she once said that while it is fine for a girl to talk to or date a friend’s boyfriend, she does not encourage someone to do it behind someone’s back. She believes talking to one’s friend about such issues first is a good decision.

She also stated that she does not believe in the rule that a boy should always pay on the first date. However, she finds it sweet if a boy pays. She, however, stated that though boys feel they are being caring if they pay, boys also find it attractive if the girl pays at a date.

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