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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 12, 1999 (Capricorn)

Born In: United States

Nique is an American YouTube star widely known as one-half of the popular YouTube vlogging couple ‘Nique & King’. On their joint channel of the same name, the couple vlogs about challenges, pranks, reactions, comic videos, and general videos of their life as a couple. She also has her own YouTube channel where she regularly posts videos about fashion, hair and make-up tutorials, beauty tips and tricks, and general lifestyle videos. After gaining much popularity on their joint YouTube channel, where fans appreciated her good looks and fashion sense, she started posting videos on her solo channel, which has nearly 300,000 subscribers so far. With an hourglass figure and youthful vivaciousness, she has attracted a fan following of over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She is also part of a joint family channel that the couple started after the birth of their first child. Nique has an outgoing, bold and humourous personality, which she uses to her advantage on her social media platforms. She also has a great singing voice that was showcased in a music video.

Quick Facts

Boyfriend: King, King Johnson

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females


children: Kaiser Johnson

Born Country: United States

Nique started her solo YouTube channel called ‘Life As Nique’ way back in September 2011, but did not post any videos on it. She met her boyfriend, King Johnson, when she was in the ninth grade. They instantly became high school sweethearts. Together, they started the YouTube channel ‘Nique & King’ in June 2017 and that was the start of her social media career. The first video that they posted on their joint channel was ‘Our First Q&A | How We Met’. Their couple vlogging videos started garnering more and more followers and they crossed the 100,000 subscribers mark in October 2017.
Nique and King do various types of videos on their joint channel, including challenges, pranks, story time, Q & A sessions, daily life vlogs, cooking, official music videos, etc. Most of their videos consist of pranks and challenges though. They are also seen revealing their life stories, like how they met, fell in love, how and when they decided to start vlogging on YouTube, pregnancy stories, the birth of their baby, life as a young family, etc. One of the most popular videos on their joint YouTube channel was ‘Caught in bed prank on Nique and Tray!!! Ft. IAmJust Ari’ which has amassed more than 2.9 million views. Before that, the video ‘Mom I’m pregnant prank!!!!’ got over 1.1 million views.
After their joint channel became successful, she decided to branch out to posting content on her own YouTube channel that she started several years ago. The very first video that she posted on her solo channel was ‘Q&A - Is BabyMomma crew getting back together?’ She has nearly 300,000 subscribers to her solo channel where she vlogs about hair and makeup tutorials, fashion, beauty tips, tricks and experiences, skin care and hair care routines, pregnancy experiences, answering fan questions, doing Q & A sessions with her friends, collaborations with brands, etc. Her most popular video so far is the ‘My Morning Routine’ video that has garnered about 1.3 million views. She has stated that she intends to post more videos on her solo channel.
Nique is a dedicated fashionista and loves to dress up in stylish outfits, try different hairstyles and wigs, try new makeup trends, give her opinions on fashion, and more. She has an honest, pleasant and engaging way of delivering content. Her confidence in her personality, good looks and fashion sense shine through in her videos. She also seems to like sharing her personal life, daily routine, relationship, pregnancy and parenting experiences with her followers. Her beautiful face, curvy body and a bubbling personality have captured the hearts of many, and she has millions of followers on Instagram.
Nique and King portray themselves as a perfect couple, and their fans are admirers of their relationship. Both of them have their own individual YouTube channels along with a their joint channel, and a new ‘The Johnson Family’ channel that was started in February 2018, to document their life as a family when expecting the birth of their first child.
Nique and her boyfriend, King, have collaborated with several other YouTubers on their prank and challenge videos. While King has already released several music videos, the couple released their first joint music video in February 2019 titled ‘Qwazylove’, where she is seen singing as well. At present, she seems to be committed to growing her brand and leading a stable family life.
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Family & Personal Life
Nique was born on January 12, 1999 in USA. Details about her mother and father are not known. She has a younger brother. Her mother and brother are sometimes seen on her Instagram posts. She is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend of many years. They welcomed their first child, Kaiser Johnson, in September 2018. It is unsure if the couple intends to get married in the future. She currently lives with her family in Texas, USA.

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