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(YouTuber, Vlogger)

Birthday: July 26, 1999 (Leo)

Born In: Huntington Beach, California, United States

YouTube has really revolutionized our online entertainment! It is the most popular way to put oneself in the spotlight, voicing one’s opinions and showcasing one’s talents, hoping to reach the millions that log on every day. Tutorials are one of the top viewed content on the site, with people guiding you, step by step, from opening a soda bottle to building a car from scratch. Among girls and women, makeup tutorial videos incite much excitement. Such channels are one dime a dozen, with practically everyone having one. In this immensely competitive arena, to set apart your own identity is a feat in itself and 17-year-old Amanda Steele has achieved just that! Her YouTube channel MakeupByMandy24 is a huge success with over 2.8 million subscribers and over 227 million views. She started out with makeup tutorial videos but her channel has evolved to be more of a video catalog of her daily life. She has a second YouTube channel Maaannndddyy, which she uses to post random snippets of her life that doesn’t involve beauty and fashion. We would say 600K subscribers and 21 million views are quite impressive numbers for a secondary channel! Amanda’s Instagram account has over 2.7 million followers who tune in to check out her latest fashion adventures. From crazy to edgy to cute to glam, she seems to rock it all and we know why her fans are going gaga!
Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females


siblings: Lauren Steele (sister)

Height: 5'6" (168 cm), 5'6" Females

U.S. State: California

City: Huntington Beach, California

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Amanda started her channel when she was just ten years old. She started out with tutorial videos on simple school makeup and hairstyle routines. She upgraded to showing off her outfits and makeup collection. Even though at that time the only “makeupey” things she was allowed to do was to curl her eyelashes and apply lip-gloss, she was in love with makeup. She would experiment continuously and upload cute videos of her trying new makeup things. As time progressed, we could see her develop a unique sense of style. With an instinctive sense of fashion, she soon started putting out eye-catching outfits that were the stuff of every teen girl’s dreams. Soon she had a faithful following which inspired her further to put on age appropriate makeup, but with a sort of creativity that seemed beyond her years. She sported braces for about a year and rocked them before switching to invisaligns. She hit the one million subscriber milestone on January 5, 2014 and it went up to close to 3 million subscribers over the next three years. She went into full fashionista mode when she turned 16, starting with dyeing her hair platinum blonde. Her style became more edgy and fashion-forward with her mixing up crazy outfit ideas that were truly inspiring. She has acquired a sort of cult-following, evident from her ‘Everyday makeup look’ tutorial getting over 1 million views in just two weeks! She then started collaborations with well-known makeup brands like Maybelline, BHcosmetics and Sephora. She recently launched her own makeup range dubbed Amanda Steele x ColourPop in collaboration with the boutique makeup brand ColorPop featuring an eyeshadow palette, individual eyeshadow cubes and three shades of lipstick. She is also teaming up with Australian sunglass brand Quay to launch two ranges of sunglasses – Muse, reflective aviators, and Envy, chunky wayfarers. In addition, she has made her television debut in an original web series, ‘The Social Life,’ on AwesomenessTV, documenting her life as she climbs up the social networking world. Currently her net worth is estimated to be something around 1.5 million dollars. Not bad for a teenager!
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What Makes Amanda Steele So Special
If you had followed her journey, you can see how Amanda has transformed over the course of six odd years, from a makeup loving adolescent to this uber cool fashionista. She claims that YouTube is the best thing to have happened to her and we would agree! The way she expresses herself through makeup and fierce fashion sense is something truly admirable. In her personal videos she never stops to emphasize how much importance she puts on her career. The blue-eyed makeup maverick cum fashion model injects her passion into everything she does. She is constantly pushing the envelope by taking on new projects and experimenting with new trends. At the same time, she gives off this awe-inspiring aura of a teen who has finally found a balance between her own self and an online persona, that even celebs more mature than her struggle to achieve.
Beyond Fame
There is a very common perception about social media celebrities who make their career in makeup and fashion, that they are promoting self-worth issues among teens. Having practically grown up online, Amanda has had to endure her fair share of judgment and criticisms. People have been astonished at her change in attitude and appearance; they have come out lashing at her for being a negative role model, for spreading the message of covering up natural beauty with layers of makeup. But Amanda has been calm against these accusations and has announced that makeup is her way of having fun and expressing herself, and not a tool to cover up imperfections. On being questioned about the change in her vlogging style, she said that “you also can’t expect a teenage girl who has been torn down every day since she was 10 years old to not change.” Amanda was involved with the model Markel Williams for the better part of 2015 and 2016. They were quite vocal about their relationship on social media, posting cute pictures together on Instagram and tagging each other in tweets. But the adorable couple called it quits in September 2016 and Amanda tweeted “Just wanted you guys to know that Markel & I decided to end our relationship. We are both okay & know how important this is for ourselves❤”. The news came as a real heartbreak for her fans who were crazy about the gorgeously stylish couple.
Behind The Curtains
Amanda currently lives in Los Angeles and is represented by the agency IMG Models Worldwide. Her older sister Lauren is her best friend and she is super close to her. She has a puppy named Harley. Amanda was a straight A student all through middle school but she left school and started homeschooling from the age of 14 to give her YouTube channel more time. She was also involved big time into cheerleading but gave that up as well to pursue her career.

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