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Nikki Perkins (Nyakuoth) is a Sudanese model and social-media celebrity.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 2, 1990

Nationality: Sudanese

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aries

Also Known As: Nyakuoth

Born Country: Sudan

Born in: Khartoum, Sudan

Famous as: Model, Vlogger


Spouse/Ex-: Jamie

siblings: Guy, Paula, Sarah and Duckie Thot

children: Ava Sarah, Zoe

Popularity Index
Vloggers #345 YouTubers #321
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Nikki Perkins is a Sudanese model and social-media celebrity. She grew up in Australia and is a known face in the fashion industry, as she has modeled for several top-notch brands and designers. Married to popular Australian "YouTuber" Jamie Perkins, she is currently a full-time vlogger. Nikki and Jamie manage their family 'YouTube' channel that hosts videos related to pregnancy and parenthood, along with vlogs dedicated to their two daughters. Nikki also owns her individual 'YouTube' channel, where she primarily posts content related to makeup and fashion. She is also very active on 'Instagram,' where her stunning pictures have captivated close to a million followers.

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  • Nikki started her career as a model. She stepped into the industry after she was approached by a random man while she was shopping at a mall. She later found out that the man was from well-known modeling agency.
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  • Nikki initially dreamed of modeling for 'Victoria's Secret.' She has worked with a number of premier modeling agencies such as 'IMG New York' and 'Chic Management.' However, in her initial days in New York, Nikki faced a lot of pressure to look a certain way. People focused on her weight, which led Nikki to follow an extreme weight-loss diet. This made her sink into depression. However, Nikki bounced back after she went back to Australia, where she met Jamie Perkins, whom she later married.
  • Nikki’s interest in fashion and makeup led her to start her social-media career. She owns a self-titled 'YouTube' channel where she posts makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, product reviews, and related content. The channel also served as a vlogging space through which she kept her fans informed of her pregnancies. The channel now has over 306 thousand subscribers.
  • Nikki co-owns a family vlog channel, 'Jamie and Nikki,' which hosts vlogs dedicated to their relationship, their marriage, and their two daughters. The channel was created for sharing Jamie’s wedding proposal to Nikki. Following the upload, the video became viral. Nikki and Jamie received numerous requests to create more such videos. They also posted their wedding video, and it instantly increased the number of subscribers on their channel. The couple became one of the most adorable "YouTuber" couples on the internet. Their wedding video has received over eight million views, the highest on the channel, followed by ‘AVA'S FIRST BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!,’ which has earned over six million views. Some of the other videos on the channel with over a million videos are ‘MEETING HER SISTER FOR THE FIRST TIME! ( So sweet!!!!!), ‘BABY'S FIRST PHOTOSHOOT + NAME REVEAL,’ ‘OUR EMOTIONAL BIRTH VLOG | BABY #2,’ ‘AVA'S SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY SPECIAL,’ and ‘GENDER REVEAL PARTY! | BOY OR GIRL?’
  • Nikki is also quite popular on 'Instagram,' where her posts have captivated over 989 thousand followers.
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Personal Life
  • Nikki was born Nyakuoth, on April 2, 1990, in Khartoum, Sudan. Nikki and her family moved to Egypt when she was still a baby. Following this, they moved to Australia and settled there. Nikki’s father was a veterinary doctor. She has two older siblings named Paula and Guy. She also has two younger brothers and two younger sisters named Sarah and Duckie Thot. Like Nikki, Duckie, too, is a fashion model. The sisters are often compared to the famous Kardashian sisters. Nikki grew up in Moorabbin, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. Nikki and her family were obsessed with the animated sitcom 'The Simpsons.' While in school, Nikki was good at running and high jump. She even participated in a state championship for high jump. However, Nikki was also encouraged to focus on academics and was told that would help her build a career. Her sister, Sarah, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was young, and Nikki spent most of her teenage years taking care of her. This motivated her to study nursing.
  • Nikki met Jamie for the first time on 'MySpace.' Soon, they started chatting and became close friends. Unfortunately, Nikki had to move to New York to pursue her modeling career. However, Nikki and Jamie were still in touch. Jamie provided her with all the moral and emotional support she needed when she underwent the pressure of losing weight. On their first date, they watched the movie 'The Mummy Returns.' After a few years, she met Jamie again. Their relationship soon blossomed into love. Jamie finally proposed to Nikki on April 26, 2012. They got married on March 21, 2013. On January 24, 2016, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Ava Sarah, and in March 2018, Nikki gave birth to her second daughter, Zoe. They own a dog named Louis.

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