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Zoe (Seven Gymnastics Girls) is a gymnast and one of the members of ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’, a well-known YouTube channel. Let’s have a look at her family, age, birthday and some interesting facts about her life.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 15, 2004

Nationality: American

Age: 16 Years, 16 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Zoe Sinclair

Born in: United States

Famous as: YouTuber

Popularity Index
Social Media Stars #111 YouTubers #283
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Zoe is a gymnast and one of the members of ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’, a well-known YouTube channel, featuring winners of Gymnastic championships. Zoe is a state-level gymnast, and she qualified to level 4 in 2014. She also has her own YouTube channel in which she posts videos related to her personal and professional life. Zoe makes sure she includes some of her friends, brother and pets in almost all her videos. Initially, she started featuring in YouTube by posting videos of her gymnastics tutorials in the channel, ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’. Later on, the channel was flooded with videos in which she flaunted her gymnastics skills. Zoe loves to experiment with her accessories and attire. She aspires to become a fashion designer when she grows up.

  • Zoe started practicing gymnastics at the age of three. After years of practice, she started competing at the state level. She also competed in a host of local and state level championships and managed to win a few.
  • Initially, she was only comfortable in participating at floor and vault competitions. But she gradually expanded her range and began to master other techniques like flips, beams and bars. When Zoe reached level 3, she had become perfect in executing tucks and aerials. Though she is extremely good at leaps, she doesn’t perform it often as she thinks leaps are boring.
  • The biggest challenge came her way when she had to perfect her full turn on beam which she found extremely difficult to learn. But it was essential for her to master the technique as it was her ticket to qualify for the next level. After months of gruelling training sessions, she finally perfected the technique.
  • Zoe loves to record her practice sessions on camera. She commenced her YouTube journey by posting videos of her practice sessions in the channel which she created in December 2013. She then became a member of ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’ right after she qualified for the fourth level.
  • ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’ is a sub channel of ‘Seven Awesome Kids’ and posts content related to gymnastics. Zoe has displayed some of her amazing skills that she has learned over the years. The channel periodically comes up with different challenges pertaining to gymnastics. Zoe has been a part of these challenges which includes the famous ‘Would You Rather Gymnastics Challenge’.
  • Another challenge that she was a part of was called ‘Stick-it Challenge’. The challenge was to make a full flip over the beam and land smoothly. Ever since she joined ‘Seven Gymnastics Girls’ her playlist has hit over 600 million views.
  • She once posted a video of her brother where she was seen teaching him some basic techniques of gymnastics. Zoe has posted only five videos to date and all of them are related to her personal life and gymnastics. She posted a video with her fellow gymnast and her best friend, Caitlin, answering their fans’ questions.
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Personal Life
  • Zoe was born on January 15, 2004 in the United States. She has an older brother who is a basketball player. Zoe was initially named Scarlet and was known by the name for quite some period of time. She also has numerous nicknames, given by her mother and friends. Her mother calls her Zee, while her friends call her by various names like Zozo, Zozie and Zobug.
  • Zoe usually practices gymnastics four days a week. She idolizes renowned gymnasts like David Durante, Svetlana Khorkina and Christine Meloni. However, her favourite gymnast is Shawn Johnson. Zoe prefers YouTube videos over television shows and her favourite YouTube personalities are Rachel Levin and Bethany Mota. Zoe does prefer to watch movies and her favourite actor is Zach Efron.
  • Zoe is very obsessive about her hair and loves flaunting her long brown tresses. She owns a huge collection of lip balms, something she never leaves her house without. Zoe is a fashionista and aspires to become a fashion designer. She also loves baking and often says that she might end up becoming a cake designer. She owns two cute dogs, Peaches and Sha. Zoe is absolutely scared of Bees and she hates them. She once left her biology class just because her teacher was teaching about beekeeping.

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