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Check out all that you wanted to know about Breland Emory, the famous YouTube Personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: GlitterForever17

Birthday: October 18, 1987

Nationality: American

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Libra

Also Known As: Breland Emory Kent

Born in: Louisiana

Famous as: YouTuber, Fashion & Beauty Guru

Height: 5'7" (170 cm), 5'7" Females

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mother: Romona

siblings: Teresa

U.S. State: Louisiana

Popularity Index
Vloggers #779 Social Media Stars #66 YouTubers #138
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Breland Emory is one of the most zesty and quirky YouTubers that is on her way to shatter the glass ceilings and make it even bigger on social media. With unique video content on topics never seen before, her channels offer everything that will keep you hooked for hours straight! Some of her most popular videos like ‘DIY Edible school supplies’, and ‘DIY Pregnant Barbie doll costume’ still remain the most talked about topics among her fans on social media. Sometimes even regarded as a wacky YouTuber for coming up with off-the-wall content like ‘DIY Unicorn puke’ and ‘Tampon Curls’, Breland’s fame might one day reach an all-time, invincible high! And if you’ve never witnessed her channel GlitterForever17’s rollercoaster-of-a-kind content, then brace yourself- her insane videos will catch you off-guard, and before you know it, you’ve hit the subscribe button! Go on and immerse yourself in all the funkiness her channel is blessed with!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • Breland Emory was always a vivacious child growing up, and beauty and make up were part of her everyday necessities. Even though she never dreamt of a social media career, she knew for a fact that the only field that she wanted to be a part of was the beauty & lifestyle one. While waiting for the perfect opportunity to show up, Miss Kent worked in the retail department of a local mall for a short while. During this phase, she was invited to be part of the ‘Seventeen Social Club’ for ‘Seventeen Magazine’, and soon enough Breland was featured in the April 2014 issue of ‘Seventeen.’ With the new found popularity, she decided to give YouTube a shot- with the only intention of using it as an outlet for her suppressed beauty related talents. While creating the channel called GlitterForever17- a name in honor of a late friend- little did Breland know that the world she had just stepped into was going to change her life. With initial videos of hair and makeup tutorials and occasional bonus uploads of challenges with her boyfriend, Breland’s viewers soon turned into subscribers and then to her loyal fans. Now with over 3.3 million subs and over 400 million views, GlitterForever17 is the hub for all things beauty and DIYs, with some of the videos even being viewed over 13 million times! Her channel is known for its eccentricity that can even touch outrageous boundaries which seems to be appealing for her growing number of fans. Breland is also the owner of a self-titled channel where she exclusively vlogs about different random events in her life, and is even seen featuring her fiancé and friends in some challenges. She is obviously on top of her game and soon her channel will make greater waves that will leave the social media world spellbound!
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What Makes Breland Emory So Special
  • The minute you step into the GlitterForever17 cosmos, the palpable zest for life that oozes out of her videos will soon have you hooked to her channel. She is known and loved for her undying willingness to spread positivity and even share some stereotype-breaking video content that were otherwise never talked about by other vloggers.
Beyond Fame
  • Breland Emory took to her channel in early 2016 to announce one of the biggest milestones in her life- her engagement. At that time she was dating her longtime boyfriend David, and after the surprise proposal, she is now officially engaged. Not leaving out any detail of the surprise proposal, she uploaded a video called ‘I’m Officially Engaged!’ where her excitement is on full display to her viewers!
Behind The Curtains
  • Breland Emory Kent was born on October 18, 1987, in Spanish Lake Swamp, Louisiana, USA. Very less is known about her personal life but Breland has one half-sibling, a sister named Teresa, and her mother Romona works as her manager.
  • Although Breland is now one of the biggest beauty and DIY gurus on YouTube, she had already gained some fame in the past for being one of the Top 30 in the NYX Face Awards. Here’s wishing this uber-cool YouTuber all the best for her super quirky channels!

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Last Updated : April 25, 2018
Breland Emory

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