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Birthday: January 24, 1998 (Aquarius)

Born In: Chelyabinsk, Russia

NFKRZ is the YouTube channel and pseudonym of Roman Valerevich Abalin, a famous YouTube personality from Russia. He is also known by the name, Russian Pig. He is popular for his commentary videos, Montage Parodies, and reaction videos. Over the past few years, NFKRZ has had major issues with another YouTube star, Keemstar, and has posted rant videos too. NFKRZ posts videos that are quite similar to the videos posted by other YouTube stars like LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical. Having been criticized on several occasions for his Russian accent, the YouTube star is also referred to as ‘The Fat Russian’. Initially named ‘MultiNfz’, his YouTube channel has now gained over 1.1 million subscribers. NFKRZ is also very much active in Steam Community, a platform for gamers.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Roman Valerevich Abalin

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Born Country: Russia

Height: 6'3" (190 cm), 6'3" Males

YouTube Career

NFKRZ joined YouTube on August 31, 2010. He initially named his channel ‘MultiNfz’ but later changed it to NFKRZ. Initially, he gained prominence for his gaming videos. He used to post videos pertaining to games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Counter-Strike’, for which he also voiced the commentary. NFKRZ later expanded his genre and started posting different kinds of videos.

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Among his popular videos are Montage Parodies. Montage Parody is a subgenre under gaming videos, and NFKRZ, along with a few other YouTube stars, is credited for popularizing it. It is basically a video series of parodies of gaming content. NFKRZ extensively used dubstep and squeakers in these videos which his fans found exciting. However, these videos were quite similar to the ones posted by LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical. His most viewed Montage Parody video to date is a parody of WWE wrestling. The video was viewed by millions of viewers.

NFKRZ’s first Montage Parody video was ‘SONY VEGAS TEST VIDYA’. Uploaded on December 6, 2012, the video has so far managed to amass many likes and views. His most popular gaming commentary video to date is ‘The Fine Brothers React World Controversy’, which has a million views. NFKRZ has also posted prank videos, challenge videos, and parodies of other YouTube videos. Some of his parody videos include ‘Vodka Nation’ and ‘I Mailed Myself in a Box to Santa Claus and It Worked!!’ While the former was a spoof of h3h3Productions’ videos, the latter was a spoof of ‘Human Mail Challenge.’

Apart from gaming and spoof videos, NFKRZ has posted a few political videos as well. In these videos, NFKRZ has spoken about the political geography of Russia. These videos were posted under the name, ‘Russian Recap’. In the videos, he has also shared his experience from his visits to an Anti-Putin demonstration.

NFKRZ has faced many haters too. He has been slammed on several occasions for his Russian accent. People have also said that his English is difficult to understand. He is often referred to as Russian Pig and Fat Russian. He is sometimes addressed as Russian Ablo for his Montage Parodies. NFKRZ is also a member of the gaming and software community, ‘Steam.’

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The Drama Story

NFKRZ posted a 10-minute-long rant video, speaking ill of another YouTube star, Keemstar. Keemstar is a notorious YouTube personality who has been slammed for his racist comments on other YouTube stars. Nevertheless, Keemstar has a huge fan following and his fans forced NFKRZ to delete his Twitter account. Upset over the incident, NFKRZ later posted a video on his YouTube channel to which Keemstar posted some nasty comments. Since then, Keemstar and NFKRZ have been at loggerheads with each other.

NFKRZ was accused by the YouTube star, Pyrocynical, saying that many of his videos have been copied by NFKRZ. Pyrocynical posted a video titled ‘YouTube Drama’, expressing his disappointment. He also claimed that the introductory song used in NFKRZ videos belongs to another artist and that the artist in question should claim a patent. The video got 25,000 likes and half a million views. However, everything is now fine between the YouTube stars and they don’t post any rant videos anymore.

Russian Leafy Copycats

Started by NFKRZ, ‘Russian Leafy Copycats’ is a series of videos that shows how a Russian YouTube personality named Leeroy copied the videos of LeafyIsHere. In his videos, Leeroy sports long brown hair and an OBEY hat, similar to the one used by LeafyIsHere in his videos. Also, his videos are a complete rip-off of Leafy’s videos in terms of voices, background music, mannerism, editing skills, and the phrases used in between. Leeroy has also copied other YouTube videos and has made similar videos in the Russian language. Leafy was impressed by NFKRZ’s video that condemned Leeroy’s act, and now they are good friends. Leafy has also appeared in many of NFKRZ's videos.

Personal Life

NFKRZ was born Roman Valerevich Abalin on January 24, 1998. He was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia. He studied Linguistics and translation at Chelyabinsk State University. He chose to learn these subjects as he wanted to improve his language skills. The criticisms that he faced over his accent also played a key role in him choosing to learn Linguistics and translation.

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