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Quick Facts

Nick Name: Nari Nicole White

Birthday: April 20, 2003

Nationality: American

Famous: Rappers American Women

Age: 16 Years, 16 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: Atlanta, Georgia

Famous as: Rapper, YouTuber

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siblings: Missy (Sister), Miya (Sister), Morgan (Sister), Priest (Brother)

U.S. State: Georgia

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Most parents are thrilled beyond measure when their child mumbles gibberish at the age of 2 and their joy reaches its peak when their child utters either the word ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ during the mumbo jumbo. In Mini Barbie’s case, she shocked her mom by singing the song ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyoncé at the age of 2, verbatim! The mother had never imagined her toddler to be such a powerhouse of talent. Prouder than ever, Mini Barbie’s mother started investing time to help this little star’s talent gain enough visibility. Needless to say, fame found this diva even before she turned 9. She has two tracks to her name, with over 4 million views on ‘YouTube’. Barbie currently enjoys a huge fan following and has received immense support from different parts of the world, especially her hometown Atlanta. This child is no less than a superstar and has been proving over and over that age is just a number!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • With over 10,000 subscribers on her ‘YouTube’ channel called ‘The Real Mini Barbie’ even before she hit 10, Mini Barbie’s passion and talent for rap music found massive acceptance and support. From singing R&B songs to mastering the art of rap, Mini Barbie has created the impression that she’s indeed special.
  • Her happy-go-lucky attitude and bubbly nature is highly contagious and most people find themselves wanting to watch more of her videos. Not just rap, she also calls herself a fashion trendsetter and you get to see her quirky, cute styles can be seen on her channel. Donning unconventional hairdos and dressing up like a fashionista, is not so common with kids her age. Fearless, is what Mini Barbie is!
  • She had also participated in the reality show ‘The Rap Game’ - season 2, produced by the Grammy winning artist Jermaine Dupri. This is one of the biggest platforms for rap music enthusiasts and Mini Barbie was one of the many competitors. From a cute, adorable child artist to a fierce and strong contender on the show, Barbie has come a long way and seems like she will go on to change the course of the music world.
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What Makes the Person So Special
  • Mini Barbie is all about aspirations, big dreams and a never-say-die attitude. Even though she wasn’t the winner of ‘The Rap Game’, failure didn’t crush her spirits. This teen won the million hearts rooting for her through thick and thin, and said that failures won’t ever stop her from reaching where she is meant to be. Many feel that Barbie’s inspirational journey is exactly what the younger generation should learn from. With the dedication and perseverance that she has, there is no doubt that she is on the path of success and fame.
Beyond Fame
  • Mini Barbie also has a brother, who is popularly known as DJ Priest. The YouTuber collaborates with her sibling to perform at small-time parties. Mini has also been invited for radio interviews, during which she had spoken to her fans and even sang a few of her popular songs on-air.
Behind The Curtains
  • Mini Barbie was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 20th April 2003. Her official name is Nari Nicole White, and was given the nickname Mini Barbie by her mom because of her obsession with Barbie Dolls. The YouTuber resides with her mother and has 4 siblings; a brother named Priest and 3 sisters namely Miya, Morgan and Missy. We do not have much information about her personal life or anything regarding her family. As mentioned earlier, one of her brothers, Priest, is a small-time DJ. He also has a ‘YouTube’ channel called ‘DJPriestTV’.
  • Mini Barbie credits her mom for her sensational outfits and make-up. She even calls her mom her personal stylist. Just like any other kids her age, Mini Barbie loves to play outside with her closest friends, and has a great collection of Barbie and Ken dolls. Growing up, she wants to be like Nicki Minaj, her idol. Here’s wishing this young star the very best in all her endeavors!
  • Started rapping since the age of 2

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