Baby Erin Biography

(American Rapper)

Birthday: July 19, 2005 (Cancer)

Born In: New Orleans, Louisiana

It doesn’t take much to chase your dreams, just the sheer willingness to stand out from the ordinary and the courage to fight the odds. And though the equation of living the dream life might seem simple, not many make it that far, due to the lack of dedication and strong will.
Unlike those who give up in the midst of failures, there are some who don’t stop believing in themselves. And one such prodigy is miss Baby Erin, who has already etched her name in the hearts of millions of fans. Her rap music videos that have gone viral on ‘YouTube’ and her impeccable on-screen presence, make her the most deserving contender for the title ‘Princess of Bounce’. Her upbeat, peppy songs are a treat to the ear. Many viewers of her videos are apparently smitten by her vibrant personality and excellence. How is it possible to be so charming and extremely dandy at just 11 we wonder?!
The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Baby Erin’s love for rap music started at a very young age, and just like any aspiring artist, she dreamed of making it big as a rapper. Thanks to social media platforms, little Erin didn’t have to wait long for fame to come her way. Her talent was soon discovered by one of the biggest TV producers, John Robert who believed that this young lady could one day make a big name in the rap music industry. Baby Erin later teamed up with the record label ‘Flipset Music Group’, which claims to have polished her talents and played a pivotal role in her rise to fame.
At just 7, this upcoming artist from New Orleans made waves with her music video ‘Basketball’, produced by ‘Flipset Music’. This work of Erin’s went viral on ‘YouTube’, garnering over 1 million views and catapulting the child to fame overnight. Owing it all to the success of her first music video hit, Baby Erin went on to rap and perform in her second music video, ‘School House Rock’. This music video went on to receive a whopping 8 million views on ‘YouTube’. At just 9, Baby Erin had already set her foundations by working with music producers, who share the same dream and passion as her. Needless to say, the spotlight has been favoring Baby Erin really well, helping her widen her horizons and achieve greater heights.
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What Makes the Person So Special
If you’ve seen Baby Erin’s hit music videos, you would know that there is not one ounce of timidity when she’s doing what she’s best at: Rap and perform. Dancing and rapping like a champ, little Erin seems most comfortable when she’s in front of the camera which proves that this is exactly what she was born to do!
What makes her truly special is the fact that all this fame coming her way hasn’t altered her innocent personality. You can’t miss out on her shy and charming self, especially in her interviews, a side to Baby Erin that might leave you baffled. Her ability to rap incredibly well on-screen and her simplicity behind the cameras, is what makes Erin stand out.
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Beyond Fame
Princess of Bounce is also quite famous for her rap music ‘Bubble gum remix’ which was also a hit on ‘YouTube’. In this single, Erin collaborated with the legend of Bounce music, Peacachoo.
Behind The Curtains
Baby Erin was born in New Orleans, USA on 19th July 2005. There isn’t much that we know about her family, except that her dad used to be a rapper too. Baby Erin’s fame has made her a popular student in school, and also one of the famous faces of her community. Can we blame her for enjoying all the attention coming her way? Baby Erin’s aim is to inspire her peers to live their dreams and be nothing less than what they’re meant to be. Very inspiring, little Erin!
Her talent to rap and perform was discovered at the age of 7.

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