Matthew Lush Bio

(American YouTuber Known for His YouTube Channels ‘Lush’ and ‘GayGod’)

Birthday: July 1, 1988 (Cancer)

Born In: New York, United States

Matthew Lush is one of the most loved and popular YouTubers, and his channels ‘Lush’ and ‘GayGod’ have been the talk of the town for quite some time now! With over a million subs and counting, there is no room for doubt that his channels are taking the flight up to the mount of all fame! Shedding light on the kind of struggles the gay community mostly goes through, and sometimes even taking the over-the-board route by sharing rather provocative videos, Lush’s channels are definitely a no-borer. From once dancing in his underpants for views, to now collaborating with major YouTubers, he sure has come a long way and is no less of an inspiration to the masses! And if that sounded like a blasphemous statement, go on and experience his channels first hand and get yourself hooked to his amazingness! Soon enough, you’re going to be one of the million who can’t get enough of all his eccentricities!

Quick Facts

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Height: 6'0" (183 cm), 6'0" Males

U.S. State: New Yorkers

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Matthew Lush is known and loved for his channels Lush and GayGod, where he is seen in his most raw and unabashed self. Even though Lush is the icon of all things insane and hilarious, his journey into finding this stage was a rather rocky one, filled with anguish and trauma. Growing up, his gay and vegan lifestyle attracted a lot of hate especially from his mother and friends. The downtrodden Matthew eventually started looking for a friend over the internet, and to his relief, found an online-chat friend that lived across the state. During this time, Matthew fell in love with his first boyfriend and then created a ‘MySpace’ page just to post and share pictures of this new-found romance with the unknown internet clan. Before things could pick up pace, his page found a boom of followers that loaded him with appreciation and love, many of them even hailing him as ‘Gay God.’ With an idea that struck him like a bolt, Lush changed his ‘MySpace’ name to GayGod. Soon after moving in with a friend, he started a YouTube channel and uploaded eccentric videos that shot him to the 7th Most subscribed channel at that time.

Matthew then moved to LA, after which his life took the most amazing turn, and he was surrounded by people who only showered him with love. Now gaining popularity as one of the biggest pro-LGBT YouTubers, his channel ‘GayGod’ now stands at one million and counting subscribers. A channel that is no less than uber-cool and may probably even come off as provocative, ‘GayGod’ is surely on its way to become the best one-of-a-kind pro-gay YouTube channel out there. It usually revolves around vlogs or videos of him lip-syncing to peppy songs and is also popular for uploads like ‘Coming Out’, ‘Death Threats’ and ‘For the Pervs.’ His channel ‘Lush’, which has over 980,000 subs, is an outlet for Matthew’s wild thoughts like ‘I’m in love with a straight guy’, and ‘Why I’m giving up on drinking’. No doubt these channels are making their way into the hearts of a wider number of fans by the passing day, and Lush’s infectious zest for life will one day be the internet’s anthem!
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What Makes Matthew Lush So Special
Coming out of the closet was not a special event in Matthew’s life especially, not with his mother or friends. Almost made to feel like the scum of the earth, Matthew thought the best way out would be to take his life. But since life has its way of turning things around, he survived and took to social media to find a friend. Knowing and experiencing this kind of trauma first-hand, Matthew has always been the greatest supporter of anyone who has had it tough in life. Never once will you find this young man ever letting negativity get through to him and will never find him advocating anything but sheer grit and love. Matthew has found favor in his fans’ eyes by never giving up or shutting down when he reaches a scary precipice in his life. Hitting life’s rock bottoms sure does make one stronger! Just tune into Matthew’s channel and you’ll know just how special he is and he will also make you feel your very best!
Beyond Fame
Matthew Lush is never one to keep his personal life on the hush-hush. In fact, ever since he started a relationship with Nick Laws, his channel was brimming with PDA-overloaded videos and vlogs that didn’t hide any bit of their blooming romance. The couple unfortunately called their relationship off, and Lush even shared a rather emotional video ‘Thoughts of committing suicide’, where he is seen overcome with a ton of emotions. Post a few months, Lush is seen in his ever-vibrant self again, and rumor has it that he is currently in a relationship with Chandler Murphy.
Behind The Curtains
Matthew Lush was born on the 1 July, 1988, in Long Island, USA. After his dad was sent behind bars for some unfortunate felony, his mom took on two jobs—as a cook and as a bus driver—to support him and his three siblings. Lush is openly gay and is one of the most popular gay YouTubers of this generation with his enthusiastic pro-gay videos and his no-nonsense attitude!

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