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Quick Facts

Birthday: September 27, 1998

Nationality: American

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Libra

Also Known As: MadisenRoseBeauty1

Born in: California

Famous as: YouTuber

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #796 Beauty Vloggers #153 Fashion Vloggers #76 Social Media Stars #68
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Maddi Bragg is a rising YouTuber, who has created a name in the lifestyle and beauty segments of social media. With over a million subscribers and two happening channels, Miss Bragg sure has all the rights to brag about her blooming ‘YouTube’ career! Kick starting into the ‘YouTube’ space in the year 2011, Maddi quickly made her way into the hearts of her few fans, especially those who religiously followed beauty tutorials. Now the 18-year-old has grown into a phenomenal YouTuber and offers more than just makeup tutorials- product hauls, challenge videos and even vlogs about intense topics! Not just on ‘YouTube’, Maddi’s fame is even glorified on other portals like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ where she has managed to gain over a million followers! If you’re looking for beauty related hacks or even just random source of motivation then tune into Madisenrosebeauty1 and binge away!

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • Maddi’s love for all things glamour and fashion is the back story to how her ‘YouTube’ channel Madisenrosebeauty1 was born. At just 13 years of age, Miss Maddie set out to create her own beauty content on social media, not ever imagining the kind of success she’d one day witness. From doing a basic step-by-step makeup tutorial to now slaying different kinds of edgy outfits and upping her makeup tutorial game, little Maddie’s channel has definitely seen a rise in the growth-graph! Now almost 5 years since the debut of Madisenrosebeauty1, the channel is brimming with videos like monthly shopping hauls, challenge videos and more cool stuff! Now a channel with over a million subscribers and over 88 million views, Madisenrosebeauty1 sure has proved just why it deserves to stay in the spotlight! Even though this young social media star is a shy and soft spoken person in real life, her on-screen presence screams out a whole different persona. Maddie’s Q&A and videos about different facts about herself proves just how much she loves to share her life with her fans. Bragg’s love for connecting with her audience was taken a notch higher when she started a second ‘YouTube’ channel called Maddie Bragg Vlogs, where she is seen in her more authentic persona. From intense vlogs like being involved in a car accident to videos like getting different nose piercings, Maddi is a total boss when it comes to bringing quality content to the plate. This slightly new channel is now home to over 302,000 and counting subscribers and going by the looks of it, it’s most certainly on its way to make great waves!
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What Makes Maddie Bragg So Special
  • Maddi has found favor in the eyes of her fans by being one of the most genuine social media celebrities. She has always made her viewers feel like family by being her most raw and transparent self, and by filling them on everything that’s happening in her life. Apart from her classy take on lifestyle and frequent giveaways, Maddi is also loved for her constant vibrant vibes that spreads like wildfire every time she steps in front of the camera.
Beyond Fame
  • Maddi Bragg is never one to shy away from disclosing any kind of special milestones in her life. And just like that, Bragg let her audience in on her relationship with her boyfriend and electronic music director Jacob Taff, in a video called ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’. It is pretty evident from her videos that the two are extremely devoted to each other, and their on screen chemistry is quite enviable.
Behind The Curtains
  • Maddi Bragg was born in September 27, 1997 in Southern California. She has two siblings—an older sister and an older step-brother. Apart from her ‘YouTube’ career, Maddi is also passionate about photography and spends most of her non-working hours clicking away photos. Her incredible success on ‘YouTube’ has given her opportunities to work for big brands like ‘Cover Girl’ and ‘Nordstrom’. She has also collaborated with ‘Wildflower’ to design her own quirky and trendy phone cases.
  • Maddi loves to sing, cook, and bake apart from creating content for ‘YouTube’.
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