Liam Silk Bio

(American Influencer and TikTok Star)

Birthday: March 13, 2004 (Pisces)

Born In: United States

Liam Silk is an American social media influencer, model and actor best known for his TikTok profile @liamsilk with 3.4 million followers and 195.6 million likes. He has decent following on Instagram as well, and regularly posts pictures and videos on his profile with the handle @realliamsilk. He also uploads vlogs on his YouTube channel and has set up a website. On TikTok, he did duets with Terintino (@terinjoseph), Caroline Carr (@yeahimcaroline), Mia Rodriguez (@mmiiaax), Maverick Baker (@maverickbaker), and Adam Dillon (@adamkindacool), among others. He collaborated with Haley Sharpe (@yodelinghaley), who is credited for creating the original 'Say So' viral dance, and the two danced together to the beats of the hit Doja Cat song. He gave a shout out to Johnathan Lynch (@thisaintjay) in a TikTok video for his support, which has received more than a million likes. He wanted to become an actor since he was very young, and after signing with the talent agency Vertex Management Group in 2019, he left a message on his website telling his fans to check out his upcoming IMDB profile as he prepared to break into the acting industry.

Quick Facts

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Rise to Stardom
Liam Silk began using TikTok just like most other teenagers: to have a few laughs with his friends. He told Staff Writer Anna Woodward of his school's student news site in March 2019 that his rise to fame on the platform "actually started between my friends as a joke, because everyone was making fun of it." He initially created the handle @willyum0313 in January 2019 and as his first post, made a video following the 'Pretty Boy Swag' trend that was sweeping over the platform at the time, in which the user donned a certain look and compared it with a lookalike among celebrities or from popular media.
As rapper Soulja Boy’s song 'Pretty Boy Swag' played in the background, he reorganized his hairstyle before cutting to an image of popular cartoon character 'Ben Ten', and captioned the post "#basicwhiteboy". He immediately got noticed on the platform, and gained further popularity after one of his videos, showing him lip-syncing to a clip by popular YouTuber Brandon Rogers, earned over 200k likes. He began to take things seriously after he gained 75 thousand followers, as well as over one million combined likes on his videos, within a period of about one month. He later changed his TikTok handle to @liamsilk and started regularly posting funny videos inspired by his day-to-day interactions with friends and acquaintances. He hit 1 million followers on the platform by June 30, 2019, following which he also made a celebratory post on his Instagram thanking his fans. While not the most popular video anymore, his first TikTok video is still his most favorite one because "it shows how I grew from there". His became active on Instagram in April 2019, and in November, created his eponymous YouTube channel, on which he has posted a few vlogs so far. While his YouTube channel is still growing, he has ready amassed a sizeable fan following on Instagram.
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Family & Personal Life
Liam Silk was born on March 13, 2004, in Tampa, Florida, United States. He has three siblings: two brothers and a sister. Liam is a student at Robinson high School in Tampa, Florida, and is scheduled to graduate in 2022. As a freshman, he mentioned in an interview that soon after he gained fame on TikTok, he noticed a change in the way his peers perceived him, as people would be more cautious about their choice of words while talking to him. He also added that time spent on various social media platforms didn't affect his studies as he always prioritized school, while making videos on his free time or when he wanted to procrastinate. Both his parents briefly appeared in his first YouTube video 'Turning into bootleg Bob Ross', in which he vlogged about making himself look like the famed painter.

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