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Levi Morales is the son of American YouTube vlogger couple, Oscar Morales and Kyra Sivertson. Let's take a look at his family, age, birthday, etc.

Levi Morales
Quick Facts

Birthday: October 18, 2015

Nationality: American

Age: 4 Years

Sun Sign: Libra

Also Known As: Levi Teague Morales

Born in: Montana

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Oscar Morales

mother: Kyra Sivertson

siblings: Alaya Renee Morales

U.S. State: Montana

Popularity Index
Vloggers #532 YouTubers #576
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Levi Morales is the son of American YouTube vlogger couple, Oscar Morales and Kyra Sivertson. Levis, nicknamed as ‘Bug,’ is the second youngest member of his family vlog channel, ‘OKbaby.’ Born in 2015, Levi registered his presence right from the moment his mother conceived him. His parents kept their viewers updated on everything related to Levi. His parents even launched a merchandise line under the name of their vlog channel, where they sell cute items with Levi’s name. The family channel, ‘OKbaby,’ has over a million subscribers.

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Levi Morales
The YouTube Story
  • Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales are a young couple vlogger and own a YouTube channel titled ‘OKbaby.’ They became parents for the first time when Kyra conceived Levi. She was just nineteen then! The teen-couple vlogger did start vlogging before Levi happened to them, but made it their full-time job after a few moths Levi was born. Oscar and Kyra are now a regular vlogger and upload a new video every Tuesday and Thursday. They have covered and celebrated every moment of Levi’s arrival. From Kyra’s first sonography to gender detection to her C-section, Oscar has captured every single moment of his son. Levi’s name reveal video was also quite unique. Kyra and Oscar very creatively used scrabble letter cubes to reveal the name of their first bundle of joy. Levi was diagnosed with Jaundice after a few days of his birth. The infant had an excess of bilirubin in his blood which caused little blood clots throughout his body. That could prove dangerous and life-threatening if a clot developed in his brain. To prevent Levi from any brain damage, the doctors put him under a purple light to help break down the bilirubin which was later removed from his body through urination. Levi had a grand welcome back at his home.
  • A year later, the vlogger couple welcomed their second child, a baby girl this time. In one of their vlogs, they captured Levi’s reaction on seeing his sister getting all the love and care that he was getting before. He was jealous of the newborn and looked sad in the video.
  • Levi’s second birthday was celebrated at his grandparent’s place, in Los Angeles. His parents threw a grand party on that occasion. They kept the tractor theme for the party and dressed Levi as a tractor driver.
  • In 2016, Oscar and Kyra created a separate channel under Levi’s name, but there too they post vlogs from their channel. The channel is yet to be picked up by the viewers.
  • For more of Levi’s cuteness, one can check OKbaby’s official Instagram feed where his numerous pictures have captivated more than 360 thousand followers. Levi’s parents have launched a merchandise line, which they sell on the website, ‘The Loyalist.’ The website has a wide range of merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, caps etc. with ‘OKbaby’ family’s name written on them.
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Personal Life
  • Levi was born on October 18, 2015, in Montana, United States. His full name is Levi Teague Morales and was nicknamed as ‘Bug.’ He has a sister Alaya Renee Morales, who was born a year later his birth. She looks like Levi. She is nicknamed ‘Little Bug.’

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Last Updated : April 07, 2018

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