Lana Rose Bio

(Internet Celebrity and Instagram Star)

Birthday: September 21, 1989 (Virgo)

Born In: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lana Rose is a social-media influencer from Dubai. She has emerged as one of the most-envied social-media stars, because of the luxurious lifestyle that she flaunts through her vlogs. She is also known as the older sister of the owner of the popular 'YouTube' channel ‘Mo Vlogs.’ Lana is a fashion and beauty enthusiast and often posts related videos on her 'YouTube' channel. She is also a skilled oil-painting artist and has displayed her talent a number of times in her vlogs. Her lavish lifestyle has not only earned her fame but has also made her a subject of criticism in many instances. Though Lana is a known personality, she has kept her true identity pretty much a secret.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Parisa Beiraghdary

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females


siblings: Mo Vlogs

City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Social-Media Fame
Lana commenced her social-media career back in 2013. She began with 'Instagram,' and a few months later, she created her 'YouTube' channel. The channel is primarily a vlogging space, where Lana shares her lifestyle and day-to-day events. She also posts makeup tutorials. She now gets sponsorship from a number of high-end cosmetics brands. She has worked with many eminent people, such as Huda Kattan, the creator of the popular cosmetic brand ‘Huda Beauty.’ Her vlogs mostly showcase her fashion sense and lavish lifestyle, including her fleet of cars. The channel has now accumulated more than 990 thousand subscribers.
Lana owns two 'Instagram' accounts. Of these, one is exclusively dedicated to fashion and beauty. The number of followers on one of the accounts has crossed a million.
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Lana has been the subject of both praises and criticism. She became the center of controversy when she received a sparkling white 'Lamborghini Huracán as a birthday gift from her brother. Lana made a separate video to show the super expensive gift. Lana later got the car wrapped in bright purple color and flaunted it on her vlogs. Her haters criticized her by saying that she shows off on social media. The purchase of the car, too, brought her a lot of criticism. According to a post by her brother, the car was actually purchased by Lana’s ex-fiancé. This post revealed Lana’s relationship status, too. Lana’s brother, Mohamed Beiraghdary, is extremely popular on social media. Many of his fans say that Lana simply cashes in on her brother’s popularity. According to them, Lana has done nothing to gain such fame and her popularity is a result of 'Mo Vlogs' and not because of her own talent.
Personal Life
Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989, in Dubai, UAE. She is the elder sister of 'Mo Vlogs.' Some sources suggest that Lana’s real name is Parisa. There is some confusion regarding her birthday, too. Rumors suggest that she was born in the month of October. Lana belongs to Iranian descent.
Lana’s love for oil painting is pretty much evident from her vlogs. She has a separate room in her house that is exclusively dedicated to her passion. She creates all her masterpieces in this room. She once painted one of her grandmother's favorite oil paintings. She was successful in creating a piece that resembled the original painting.
Lana has mostly got her mother, brother, and her best friend to appear in her videos. Not much is known about her father.
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