Kevin Abstract Biography

(Rapper Famous For His Debut Album 'MTV1987')

Birthday: July 16, 1996 (Cancer)

Born In: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Clifford Ian Simpson, popularly known by his stage name, “Kevin Abstract,” is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, digital media artist, and director. He is the founding member of the band ‘Brockhampton’ that rose from the ashes of an old 30-member band called ‘Alice Since Forever’ (2012–2014). The new band was founded with fellow rappers whom Abstract met on the Kanye West fan forum ‘KanyeToThe.’ Abstract debuted in 2014, with the album ‘MTV1987,’ which received a number of positive reviews from major music blogs such as Billboard’ and ‘Complex’ and several magazine publications. His next major release was in November 2016 and was titled ‘American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.’ His most recent venture is ‘Arizona Baby,’ released in 2018 in three separate parts. Since he has struggled with his identity of being gay, Abstract’s music loosely documents the life of an artist who has weathered bruises and is committed to giving people the hope of finding their own voice. His music is inspired by those of Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and ‘Pink Floyd.’
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Clifford Ian Simpson

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

African American Singers Rappers

Height: 5'4" (163 cm), 5'4" Males

Grouping of People: Gay

City: Corpus Christi, Texas

U.S. State: Texas, African-American From Texas

Childhood & Early Life
Kevin Abstract was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, on July 16, 1996. His childhood was unpleasant, as he never met his father. Similarly, he was not close to his mother and was unaware of his mother’s profession.
He produced his first music when he was only 11 and ran away from home when he was 15. He initially stayed at a friend’s house for a year before moving to Georgia to live with his sister.
In Georgia, Abstract managed to come out of his isolation when his music was appreciated by his schoolmates. He gradually began to post songs online. The response boosted his self-esteem, and he continued to post more of his music projects.
While in high school in Georgia, Abstract met friends through the rap discussion board ‘KanyeToThe,’ with whom he started ‘Brockhampton.’
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Music Career
From 2009 to 2013, Kevin Abstract had a number of releases, such as ‘KevinLovesYou’ (2009), ‘The Schoolbus Chronicles’ (2010), ‘Pink Elephants’ (2011), ‘BeyondOurDreams’ (2011), ‘Imagination’ (2011), ‘The ASF EP’ (2013), and ‘Kevin Abstract EP’ (2013).
In 2014, Abstract released his debut studio album, ‘MTV1987,’ in which he explored the insecurities and ravages of his high-school years in Georgia. The two most popular singles from the album were ‘Save’ and ‘Drugs.’ The album received positive reviews from major music blogs such as ‘Billboard.’ The same year, Abstract released the music video titled ‘Hell/Heroina,’ which was made from a crowdsourced fund of $3,000.
In 2015, Abstract began working on his second album, ‘Death of a Supermodel,’ but the project was later scrapped. However, the same year, he came up with another album, ‘They Shoot Horses,’ as part of the ‘Death of a Supermodel’ trilogy. In November, the first single of the album, ‘Echo,’ was released along with a music video. The same year, he released another mixtape, ‘Kilmer.’
In 2016, Abstract and his band, ‘Brockhampton,’ released their next album, ‘American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.’ Rising from the ashes of an old band named ‘Alice Since Forever,’ ‘Brockhampton’ was a collection of rappers, producers, designers, and engineers. The band, under the leadership of Abstract, has released hit singles such as ‘Bet I’ and ‘Hero’ (2015); their first collective mixtape, ‘All-American Trash’ (2016); three albums, ‘Saturation,’ ‘Saturation II,’ and ‘Saturation III’ (2017); and a fourth album, ‘Iridescence’ (2018).
In 2019, Abstract released his third studio album, ‘Arizona Baby,’ in three separate parts. The same year, he released a new single titled ‘Big Wheels.’ The first part of ‘Arizona Baby’ was released in April 2019, along with a music video for ‘Georgia.’ The same month, the second part of the album was released with the song ‘Ghettobaby.’
Major Works
Kevin Abstract’s most successful album to date has been ‘Arizona Baby.’ His 90-second opener ‘Big Wheels’ was an instant hit. Of all his lyrics, which are usually marked with unabashed references to sex and gloriously lewd content, this song was the most explicit. Another song from the album, ‘Baby Boy,’ documents the rapper’s struggle in shaking off an unpleasant episode where he ended up outside an ex’s hotel. The song is poignant, as it ends with a repeated plea for reconciliation, ultimately surrendering to an uncertain fate. The album is a brilliant mix of intense vulnerability and chest-puffing defiance.
Major Influences
Abstract has been influenced by many eminent music artists. For his first album, ‘MTV1987,’ he was inspired by the music of Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, and Kid Cudi. The music of ‘Brockhampton’ is inspired by stalwarts such as Kanye West, ‘Pink Floyd,’ Childish Gambino, and rapper Tyler, the Creator.
Family &Personal Life
In 2016, Abstract came out as gay. His music documents his life and his struggles through his sexuality. He wants to inspire his fans who are still in need of a voice.
Currently, he lives in Los Angeles with his 12-member band ‘Brockhampton.’
Abstract does not drink or smoke. He is apparently a recluse, and his manager once sent groceries through a delivery service just to make him eat.
In the absence of a father during his childhood, Abstract considered actor Will Smith to be a father figure. He believed that since Smith rapped, he, too, should rap.
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