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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: July 5, 1999 (Cancer)

Born In: London, England

Katherine SSG is an internet sensation who gained popularity as one of the ‘Seven Super Girls’. She is a prominent member of the YouTube channel ‘SevenSuperGirls’, which is the largest under 18 all-girl collaborative channel on YouTube. ‘SevenSuperGirls’ is part of the SAKS group of channels that were started by a group of parents in 2008 with the channel ‘SevenAwesomeKids’. Katherine has been in two SAKS channels. She joined the channel ‘SevenFuntasticGirls’ in 2011 and was later moved to the channel ‘SevenSuperGirls’. She was then joined by her sister Rachael to host the channel together. The two girls have so far made over 300 videos for the channel and have gained over 74 million views on their videos. The channel has nearly 6 million subscribers already. Katherine also has a vlogging channel of her own, named ‘katherineshow1’ where she used to upload videos even before she got into the SAKS group. Other than their personal videos, the two girls also often feature on combined videos of all the Super Girls. The Super Girls also travel to various places to host ‘Meet and Greet’ shows for their fans.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In July

Nick Name: Katherine, Katherine SSG

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Females


siblings: Grace, Rachael, Tommy

Born Country: England

City: London, England

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
Katherine has had an interest in filming and editing as a child. She has been making videos since she was only 9 years old. She created the channel "katherineshow1" in August 2010 to post vlogging videos, challenges, tips and tutorial videos, and more. She auditioned for both SevenAwesomeKids and SevenFuntasticGirls, but failed to gain a spot in the former. She was selected for the channel SevenFuntasticGirls in 2011, and was given the Wednesday spot. She started making videos for the channel every week and soon became one of the most popular girls on the channel. As a result of her growing popularity, she was soon moved to the channel SevenSuperGirls where she got the Friday spot to publish her videos. Her videos often featured her younger sister Rachael, who later became a permanent member of the channel and started co-hosting the videos with Katherine.
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What Makes Katherine So Special
To know what makes Katherine special, you only need to know that the producers of the channel SevenSuperGirls have changed the terms of being on their channel a couple times to keep her on the show. After Katherine turned 16, she had to leave the channel for being too old to host the show. Her sister Rachael began to host the show alone after her departure. However, she was so popular on the show that the producers of the show decided to remove the age limit so that Katherine can return to the show. Rachael later invited her older sister back on the show and they currently appear on the show together once again. That, however, is not the only time they bent the rules for her. Her sister Rachael initially made only guest appearances on the channel. Seeing how much energy the dynamic duo brings to the show, Katherine was allowed to have her sister as a permanent member of her show, despite the fact that this actually takes the number of girls on SevenSuperGirls to eight.
Beyond Fame
Katherine is now a huge part of the SevenSuperGirls channel, but very few know that she has had collaborated on other YouTube channels as well, even though for a limited time. She had a channel named "J&K2BFFVideos" with one of her friends Jaclyn. She also created a number of channels with her friend Jasmine, including "Jksters". However, as she became busy with her videos for SSG, she had little time to make videos for the other channels she owned, including her personal channel "katherineshow1". Katherine is currently studying in school and is in her senior year. She says that she is not yet ready to graduate from school and figure out what to do with her life. She is a fan of the Hollywood actress Jenifer Lawrence and loves to watch her funny interviews. Her favorite band is One Direction. According to her, 90% of her favorite music is probably from that boy band. She learnt gymnastics as a child, but realized that she was too tall and not very flexible. She loves dogs and has a pet dog named Teddy.
Behind The Curtains
Katherine was born on July 5, 1999 in London, England where her father had to move for his job. She spent the first three years of her life there, after which their family moved back to USA. She has three siblings; an older brother Tommy and two younger sisters Rachael and Grace. The question that she gets asked most by her fans is if she has a boyfriend. She cleared that in a Q&A video mentioning that she doesn't have a boyfriend, probably because she is "super awkward".
Both Katherine and her sister Rachael were in the same gymnastics class once.

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